What's So Funny About Mossadomites® and Bornagain Chumps?

They’re ludicrous if you look at them objectively, but also kind of scary, like homicidal maniacs with Bibles. Nothing has ever happened for the corporate world order without the help of dangerous schizophrenics, of course. I’m going to try my best to convince you to think of the corporate world order as the main problem, and their religious, rabid killers as merely symptomatic.

I call that group’s agenda, ‘The Only Jihad.’ When do you think the Palestinian Holocaust will surpass the more celebrated one in alleged numbers? Can we count the decade-long, unmentioned slaughter in Iraq, then several years of open warfare on that populace, since that bloody campaign is obviously being waged on behalf of the Zionists, with considerable material and immoral support from the grinning, stupid bible beaters in the US who are the chelas (voluntary slaves) of CIA televangelists?

The Downfall of the Corporate Jihad:

I’m going to try my best to show the craziness of bornagain chumpism and it’s ugly twin, Zionism, in some current perspective.

Lately, perhaps due to the general loss of confidence, even among Ashkenazzi (Aryan) Israelis, in the State of Israel’s ongoing Palestinian Holocaust, which might directly relate to even the American Pajama People’s loss of interest in the general mayhem that’s being waged in God’s and ‘democracy’s’ names on the civilian populations of Iraq and Afghanistan, the formerly cohesive state of the massive corporate/military extortion/bribery cartel that’s been aimed at the US Congress, academia and media in America in the interest in the overtly fascist State of Israel is finally unravelling.

We don’t need to subscribe to any charismatic writers or celebrities to see this pattern, of course, but we do need to keep our ears and eyes open a little bit to see the evident signs.

Any student of disinformation understands how the CIA’s and MI6’s writers can twist facts around and ignore other essential facts to create false impressions and they’ll even target the agencies’ own assets, sometimes, and even promote the agencies’ enemies a bit in order to appear to be on the cutting edge of ‘investigative journalism.’ Folks who don’t want to look at this simple truth are committing themselves to a perpetual cycle of confusion, angst, then ennui because the media, including professional internet promotions, favor all of the professional liars, none of whom have earned reputations for themselves on a personal level; they’re all promoted by high-profile websites and publishers, just like the stable of charismatic Theosophy gurus are, rather (or were ).

Even the search engines, encyclopedias and other reference material are corporate (agency) assets and those uniformly direct attention away from substantive material and people in an efficient and consistent way.

The current, orchestrated outrage against ‘the Jews’ is a case in point.

Any ethnic minority on the planet is a potential scapegoat but ‘the Jews’ are still a favorite one of the corporate world order. They’ve only been targetting Islam for a few decades in the media, after all, and that massive effort is failing and even backfiring. In order for any skilled writer or celebrity to convince you that ‘the Jews’ are generally conspirators and predators has to build on your assumption that the Jewish religion is homogenous, like Roman Catholicism or the Southern Baptists. Even those religious groups are deeply splintered, of course. I’ve known a lot of Catholics who consider the Pope to be a criminal, for instance.

I know Jews who are fundamentally opposed to Zionism and I know about entire groups of Jews who even deny the State of Israel’s claimed right to exist. There are now even Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews who campaign together in Israel for peace, harmony and even intermarriage.

Most people, including most Jews, are Pajama People: they’re committed to ignoring simple realities such as the necessity to abandon pathological prejudices and to refuse to kill or exploit other people in the name of religion. It’s no worse when a militant Jew does that than if a beer-bellied, wife-beating Southern Baptist mason pedophile does it, of course.

I’m trying to present this in a way that isn’t debatable. I’m pretty confident that I haven’t lost you, so far. If the world weren’t so amusing I’m sure that all thinking, observant people would go insane in the face of such grand-scale corporate agendae.

Disinformants and hateful alleged research journalists conveniently ignore the history and origins of Zionism and if they can get you to also do that, they’ve put a ring in your nose; especially if you’ve already got some deepseated prejudice or fear of people who are not part of your own ethnic group or nation. Reading the work of hatemongers is mostly a waste of time, I think, since most of them plagiarize, then bastardize information from the same books that you can find on your own. People who broadcast hate don’t have personal integrity, so they’re steeply inclined to plagiarism in addition to their other antisocial traits.

Anyone who has done some reading of documented conspiracy literature or even of institutionalized (academic/media) history likely understands that the British Parliament, in 1844, declared that Jews were permitted to migrate and settle in Palestine, which is the geographical area that’s now known as the State of Israel–a little strip of land on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, between Egypt and Lebanon. In those days, Palestine was a tiny part of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire. It wasn’t a favorite part, either. The Sultan exiled people to Palestine, sort of like how the Czars sent people to Siberia. The corporate world orders didn’t successfully weaken the Turkish government until 1908 and didn’t finally throw it down until the end of World War I. Turkey had sided with Germany and Austria because the Germans had built a railroad to Istanbul and were helping Turkey industrialize. WWI stopped Germany from extending the railroad and prosperity all the way to Baghdad so that London (the corporate world order) could exploit the region unhindered. This is very important to consider when we look at their continuing Jihad against Islam.

Diverse communities of Jews were already in Palestine in large numbers in 1844 and any Jew who felt inclined to move there in the centuries before that, did so. Thousands of Jews who fled the Inquisition in Spain went safely to Anatolia, Turkey, then eventually to Palestine. The Spanish language is spoken in Israel in a form that hasn’t been heard, otherwise, since the 1400s.

It wasn’t until later that nations developed immigration policies. Governments just didn’t have the infrastructure for that untiul the middle of the 1800s. I think passports got adopted after photography became popular and accessible. If a gratuitous Gestapo agency like the Transportation Safety Administration suddenly showed up in port facilities they’d probably have been slaughtered in those earlier days Do you think any Jews needed Britain’s permission to move to Palestine before the end of World War I, when Britain took over Palestine?

Muhammad was so explicit about banning religious persecution that Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Zoroastrians lived in relative safety throughout the lands where Islam predominated, from the Seventh Century until the present. It’s interesting to contrast that with the policies of Roman Catholicism, which were characterized by wholesale slaughter of non-Catholic populations, also the systematic persecution (ghettos) and periodic slaughter of Jews. The Protestant state religions took up that banner, too. Even Americans, up through the fascist period, which I think has mostly ended by now, sometimes violently persecuted Jews. I think a faithful illustration of the WWII era’s anti-Jew sentiment in America is the movie, FOCUS.

Even institutionalized historians and Hollywood show how the British rather prevented Jewish migrations to Israel after 1919, especially during Hitler’s reign. I guess British alleged ‘laws’ don’t mean much at all–which makes them just like the US Congress’ grisly and arbitrary creations. The Brits even sank a ship carrying displaced European Jews from Cyprus to Israel. It’s sad to consider that they were liberated from concentration camps only to be murdered by the British. The present-day Mossadomites®, who still make up the top of the dungheap in Israel’s fascist government, got started in the 1930s by terrorizing the British as well as Arabs and other Palestinians, many of whom are of Eastern European and Armenian heritage. A lot of Palestinians are Christians, by the way.

As is accounted in THE HITLER BOOK, the Mufti (Boss Religious Muslim) of Jerusalem, a blue-eyed, fair haired Palestinian of Croatian or Bosnian heritage, made such a fine impression on Hitler during a state visit in the mid-19330s that the latter freak sponsored the formation of a Muslim battalion of SS in Coratia. If Hitler’s head wasn’t up his arsch he’s have known that the majority of Muslims in that part of the world are Semitic, so they are blood relatives of the original Jews. Funny.

LaRouche was railroaded into prison during BushSr’s reign under the auspices of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, who concurrently used the US media to bless the federal slaughter of all those innocent families outside of Waco, Texas. ADL was headed by Meyer Lansky’s daughter at the time. You probably know who Meyer Lansky was and some of the capital crimes he got away with as a CIA cohort. Another Jewish Mafia family, the Bronfmans, who are based in Canada, boast a lot of knighthoods on behalf of the Queen of England, whom LaRouche calls, ‘The Whore of Babylon.’ Good thing she’s so wealthy because it’s hard for me to imagine her making a living on her back. As the sometime titular head of the corporate world order she’s far more culpable than any ‘Jews’ could ever hope to be. I say, ‘sometime,’ because the Chinese bought the whole thing a few years ago, so the Whore of Babylon lost that lucrative non-working job.

I think most of the ‘lobbyists’ in Washington, certainly including some Jews, are in that little core group of corporate mafia and their job is clearly to funnel shiploads of cash to israel. One of the top-of-the-dungheap Wall Street guys who scammed rich but stupid Pajama People out of billions of dollars was evidently also working for corporate Israel. He’s the one who got caught–we can probably assume that there are a hundred like him who aren’t being caught. You can bet he won’t actually be punished, by the way.

The lobbyists and the Wall Street bandits are trumpeted by the broadcasters of hatred as evidence of little fascist Israel’s unimaginable power and influence; then these haters play the trump card, which is ‘All the Top Media People are Jews!’ By now, the xenophobes are lighting their torches and looking for some Jews to string up. They want us all to go back to the good old days; the Middle Ages

The really bizarre part of this is that the people in America, fundamentalist Christians, who have historically hated Jews (Roman Catholics traditionally hated them the most but have been a relative minority) are now generally the most ardent supporters and promoters of the current Jihad against Islam. Some clever CIA writers and preachers, after WWII and the creation of the CIA and US Air Force, convinced millions of pajama-clad bornagain chumps that ‘God Wants Israel to Prevail.’ That’s obviously why televangelists were created and promoted. Notice that these are typically as reprehensible as the alleged Muslim terrorists are, by the way. I think depravity in various forms is the hallmark of all of the CIA’s high profile assets, so in that way, their Jewish, Christian and Muslim chaos-mongers are ‘equal.’

Some of the very reputable and prolific Jewish writers whom LaRouche sponsored and published did a lot of digging in the public record and corporate archives and showed us that the origin of the State of Israel is masonic; not religious at all. Other good, reputable research journalists, including Eustace Mullins and Gary Allen, have corroborated this from other angles. The masonic plot to establish Israel as a base of influence for the corporate world order was carried out by the same people who soon also instigated the US Civil War on behalf of London and B’nai Brith grew out of that effort at the time.

I mentioned the US Air Force because the CIA and the USAF work closely together and are seamlessly tied to the old London corporate network and their creature, the State of Israel. The US and Brit Air forces bombed Iraq back to the stone age in the year before the cakewalk that was described as an invasion. They bombed Iraq more intermittently for a whole decade before that, mainly destroying crops with napalm.

I think that if some altruistic Israelis will commit to gifting on the scale of Jesus Torres, Georg Ritschl, Gerhard Huber, Steve Baron, Rushidie Kayiwa, Don Bradley and a few others the Palestinian Holocaust, which has been termed ‘Israel’s Fight for Survival,’ will end quite soon and the corporate world order will have yet another nail in its coffin lid.

I’ve known more Muslims than Jews and I spent years reading everything I could find about the culture and history of Islam. I was more shocked than most Westerners when Khomeini was railroaded into control of Persia and even more astonished to see each Muslim country become suddenly dominated by religious fundamentalists. Somehow, MI6 and the CIA scammed the Pajama People in those countries into assuming that this was inevitable. Just like in the US, the PJ folks in that part of the world just go along with anything they’re told in the media. Persia and Iraq were then driven to engage in trench warfare with each other for 8 years, reducing them both to third world status. The US and London supplied war materiel to both sides, of course. I read that Hillary Clinton’s job, in those days, was to lawyer the paperwork so that weapons sold to Iraq by the Bush family (her employer) were described to the US State Department as agricultural equipment. Imagine what she can do for them now, as Secretary of State

I know about a ‘matching game’ that can help anyone overcome irrational prejudices. If you show me a bad trait of some ethnic or religious group I’ll show you a good trait, etc. It’s therapeutic. Prejudice eats at you inside, after all.

One of my Arab Muslim friends told me that when he first arrived from Jordan he was deeply prejudiced against Jews, though he’d never personally known one. His first job was in a restaurant, where an American Jew, a coworker, took him under his wing. He really liked this American and gradually lost his prejudice.

What I’m struggling to do is to show some background to the current London/Israel-fronted corporate jihad against humanity. These corporate farts obviously want an excuse to start a nuclear war and they just won’t let go of this ‘terrrorism’ bone. A lot of clever writers try to convince us that ‘The Jews’ are responsible for this. I know I already said this but when there is a deep-seated prejudice involved in a discussion some repetition is necessary:

In the world of Islam, which the corporate world order claims is conducting the real jihad, you won’t find two mullahs who will work together to achieve the same goal. The profession of religious clergy, generally, attracts people who are compelled to manipulate and exploit others, after all, and Islam is not as homogenous as Roman Catholicism or the other big Christian denominations, so Muslim clergymen have historically been even more unruly and self-aggrandizing. Before the Westernization of the Middle East, in fact, a clergyman’s turban literally grew in proportion to his influence.

You might know that Jewish clergymen are the least likely to incite this sort of violence because Jews, generally, don’t revere their clergy as much as Christians and Muslims tend to do, unless a rabbi has genuinely earned a lot of respect. The most orthodox Jews don’t even recognize the State of Israel and those are the ones whom the media wrongly claim are inciting mayhem in Israel.

While mullahs are often capable of inciting mob violence, as has been seen in Persia in their bloody wholesale persecution of Baha’is for over 150 years, they’re utterly incapable of forming the sort of cabal that is capable of carrying out international terrorism. The latter requires some self-sacrifice in the interest of the larger group. The spook agencies’ employees have that quality or something like it, and they recruit a few nominal Muslims who have no character (controllable) and who have a strong drive to harm people, which is what passes for a unifying principle in all of the $#!+bird agencies. You might have noticed from the media bios of some of these agency terrorists that they don’t practice their religion and are usually alcoholics. Drinking is strictly forbidden in Islam.

Plenty of reputable authors, by now, have documented the creation and employment of Al Qaeda by the CIA and MI6 for use as a general purpose mercenary force in their various campaigns around the world. Al Qaeda were mercenaries in Albania shortly before they allegedly flew those jets into the World Trade Centter. The $#!+bird agencies have got a lot of ‘terrrorist’ groups like that, including some fundamentalist Christian and Zionist ones, no doubt. the Red Brigade is an MI6 creature, as are the bomb throwers among the Green Party advocates (including Bader Meinhoff) throughout Europe. A lot of them simply transferred over from East Germany and the KGB after the unification of Germany. Kissinger ordered some KGB thugs to kill LaRouche after the publication of DOPE, INC., and that was during the alleged Cold War. LaRouche got away with just a beating, that time. The Anti Defamation League of B’nai Brith operates that way, too–or did before enough public attention was eventually directed to them after their very successful bloody campaign against the Waco women and children. None of the world order’s terrorist organizations can survive public scrutiny.

The Pro-Israel ‘lobbyists’ in Washington, who have controlled much or most of the US Congress with bribes and extortion since the 1940s, are also finally withering under the spotlight, now, concurrent with the exposure of their cohorts on Wall Street who are bleeding unwitting, greedy, wealthy chumps with pyramid schemes and sending the proceeds to Israel. Before the Israle excuse, most US Congressmen were controlled with bribes and extortion directly from London, of course. London evidently got the US back within a generation or so of Washington’s military victory.

Conspiracy researchers who focus attention on Jews who participate in these criminal cabals are just promoting bigotry and are directing attention away from the worse criminals: the London-based corporate mavens who create bloody chaos in the world in order to steal more of its resources and enslave more Pajama People. As Eustace Mullins has been fond of pointing out, these top criminals are predominantly Episcopalians (Anglicans) and Unitarians, with just a smattering of nominal Catholics and Jews. I say, ‘nominal,’ because at that level people are as cynically hypocritical about religion as a televangelist/mason is. I doubt Nathan Rothschild even got married in a shul, for instance, or ever sat shiva for anyone.

I wonder whether the increasing clamor for the heads of ‘Jews’ among some conspiracy researchers isn’t just a ploy to slow down the demise of this old, cancer-ridden European cabal. There seems to be two dynamics at work in their current loss of influence: rising, general human awareness and the new dominance of China, who evidently bought the corporate world order a few years ago and are obviously calling most of the shots, now. You won’t know that unless you ignore the headlines and read the back pages of the newspapers, instead.

Did you notice that these strident Jew-haters on the internet are also the ones who had promised us most passionately that we’d have been in a global depression before now? Who benefits from artificially-induced depressions except the real jihadists? Typically, the old world order has played both sides against the middle, which is why they farm out their own trained terrorists to commit mass murder in countries like Israel, Europe and America.

A massive Depression was created in the late 1800s in order to set up the conditions for World War I (the next stage of the consolidation of corporate power and centralization) and a similar, even more severe depression was created by the same families after 1929 for the sake of an even larger global conflict, which resulted in even more power and influence for the London-based corporate families.

The evident failure of the same London-based family network to create a present depression as an excuse to draft millions of rosy-cheeked American chumps to wipe out several Muslim countries can probably be accounted for by seeing China’s key role in lending their own fiat money to the US and European banking cabals in a series of unimaginably costly bailouts in recent months. I think these old families are being kept on a very long leash by China, now. They’re still dangerous but it also means that their power to harm humanity is declining. The Chinese government is no better but they’re constrained to do whatever is necessary to increase the prosperity of Chinese people. They probably know that economic freedom leads to political freedom but they’re powerless to stop it.

Bornagain chumps are historically bigotted against people of color as well as against all Jews. They wiped out most of the American Indians in the 1800s, twisted a few Bible verses as an excuse to believe that Blacks were inferior to them and they generally treated Jews like pariahs: ‘Christ killers.’ I think they were so easily capable of this because cultism, which is what most clergy-dominated religion becomes after awhile, attracts weak-minded people who are committed to not developing their own characters or consciences. They’re told that they’re ‘already forgiven’ for future ‘sins,’ after all, so the more ambitious ‘believers’ intentionally commit every imaginable sin after they’ve ‘been saved.’ Dirty clergy are directly responsible for manipulating these chumps’ inherent arrogance and ignorance. Until now, most people have been afraid to confront this surreal issue, strange to tell.

After WWII the new CIA soon created a whole lot of bornagain chump churches that became the televangelist movement in the 1950s. Many of the huge ‘non-denominational’ ones are also baby farms and fronts for the CIA’s heroin/cocaine trade by now, which is something they have in common with many of the newer, corporate-sponsored ayatollah’s in Persia.

Televangelists’ job description is to guide untold millions of senseless bornagain chumps to support whatever policy the CIA and US State Department find expedient. The televangelists directly linked up with the Israeli Zionists many years ago, for instance. Strange bedfellows? Maybe not: A Colorado Springs non-denomination preacher with a Joker-style grin was evidently employed by the US Air Force Academy in an aggressive plan to ‘save’ most of the student body a few years ago. I say, ‘employed,’ because this jerk had full access to the facility and was completely unhindered by the staff. Imagine an Air Force full of young bomber pilots who believe that obliterating Muslim cities earns them a place in heaven beside Jesus. When that agenda was exposed by some female journalism students from Yale it fell apart at the seams and then some of the Jewish cadets’ voices were finally heard, too.

The only funny part of this unholy expedient union is that some of the more cultish Zionists believe that the Messiah is going to come, soon, and make them the unchallenged bosses of humanity. The bornagain chumps interpret the same Bible verses in support of their belief that the Messiah is going to soon come and make everyone Christian, including their Zionist partners. I don’t think it’s possible to subscribe to any of the corporate world order’s cults without being schizophrenic, which might be why some Pajama People flip flop between the newage (Theosophy) cults (including the openly Satanic ones) and the bornagain chump churches.

I don’t have a clue if you resonate with my thoughts about this but I think it was therapeutic (for me) to post them, at least

If anyone here feels inclined to Jew-bash please extend the courtesy of also providing the background material that shows the underlying culpability of the decidedly non-Jewish corporate world order that created and sponsors militant Zionism, okay? Let’s rather just pickle all those red herrings (instead of thrusting them in our readers’ faces) and eat them on matzoh.


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