What's Wrong With Religion?

What’s Wrong With Religion?

In the West, most people are programmed to either hate religion or to swallow clergy-fabricated ideologies and become superstitious slaves, obviously. This is a good example of the ancient What To Think Network’s version of ‘freedom of choice.’ ;

I can empathize a little with the religion-haters, actually, because at least that’s a sign of passion, however misdirected it might be. Most people choose institutional slavery over intellectual freedom and it’s hard for me to generate empathy for voluntary slaves, no matter how pious they might be. Both atheism (especially Theosophy, which used to label its protocols, ‘irrationalism,’ back before the end of WWII, when it was still openly promoting Lucifer) and blind faith are irrational.

‘An hour’s reflection is better than seventy years of pious worship,’ as the old Persian saying goes. Reflection implies rationality and the world odor is primarily opposed to you and I exercising simple, rational reflection. Otherwise they wouldn’t spend so much of their pirated resources on the What To Think Network and all their other noisy distractions.

More harm has been done to innocent people in the name of religion than on account of any other motivation, too, so why would any rational person look kindly at religion in general?

And that’s not even factoring in the institutional misogyny that the old clergy-based religious institutions represent so insidiously and aggressively. You probably realize that none of the Prophets, except perhaps Moses, made specific allowances for setting up a priesthood, by the way. Muhammad, on his death bed and in front of plenty of witnesses, appointed his nephew, Ali, to be leader of the faithful after His death but Abu Bakr, who was one of those witnesses, successfully scammed most of ‘the faithful’ into voting for him, instead. Muhammad had more to explicitly say about the PJ folks than anyone else in history, perhaps, until Dr Reich came along.

Having said that, I’m probably straining your credulity by claiming that without the Prophets’ influence on the course of history humanity would be much worse off than we are now and these corporate parasites who have ruled the world by default would have entirely free reign to exploit and slaughter us. Actually, I think that until one can get past the programmed prejudice against religion’s Founders, one might not be prepared to assimilate some of the newer developments that a few people are starting to identify regarding the active presence of benevolent, ancient races and species who are probably going to become visible to everyone sooner than later for some mutual benefit. As far as we can tell, these wonderful people have decided that humanity are worth associating with sooner than later. Apparently the global catastrophes that religious fundamentalists are pining for just aren’t going to happen because enough people have chosen the high road and are now healing the planet instead of waiting to ‘duck and cover.’

One thing humanity is now required to sacrifice, in order to step into an era of peace, freedom (read: personal accountability), unity and prosperity, is blind allegiance to governments and clergy. The way it’s coming about is more delicious than any science fiction writer could cook up, too.

For example, if someone had told you, ten years ago, that by now you’d be able to clear the smog from your city, clean up the sky and balance the weather you’d probably have thought it sounded pretty crazy but if you’re reading this, you’ve likely already done all that with simple orgonite. The few volunteers in the American and German forum member list who go after world-class predators each week in our efforts to prevent NationalSocialist terrorism in the world, have taken this a step further, which is why the ‘Muslim Threat’ scam isn’t working for the world odor.

Where did this widespread prejudice of the West’s intelligentsia against religion and even against God come from if not from the same groups of people who are also supporting the perverted religious institutions? By now you probably understand that this is how corporate, parasitic tyrants have always operated. You bet they’re corporate! All the Big Name dictators throughout human history ruled at the behest of a consortium of top-of-the-dungheap moneylenders and landlords, after all–the parasitic aristocracy whom official historians studiously ignore.

Theosophy and communism were developed by these London-based families around the same time, for instance, that the same families were sponsoring the ‘missionizing’ of half the world and otherwise undermining the older cultures to ensure their slave status and to be able to steal all their natural resources. Here’s a more contemporary example: John Foster Dulles, an Illuminist whose family had a history in espionage for London, ran New York Theological Seminary as a CIA agent pool dedicated to missionizing South Korea after WWII, hence Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his curiously prominent position in American journalism. I hope you can clearly see that at the Dulles’ brothers’ (Alan, previously OSS mover/shaker and SS liaison in Switzerland during WWII, midwifed the CIA) level there’s no ideological distinction between ‘capitalism’ and ‘communism.’ It’s all about the corporate world odor’s interest in centralizing political and economic power, of course.

Theosophy is the foundation of the newage movement, of course, and of all the related cults, which also takes in most of the silly UFO groups by now. If you pay closer attention to the ideological babble of channelers this is pretty obvious, even when all of that occasionally comes kind of close to the truth.

Maybe the world odor has been so intent on undermining all the religions (through infiltration and then by the sponsored clergy’s introduction of irrational, hodge-podge ideologies) because essential religion, which is to say the spiritual, empowering, creative core of the Prophets’ teachings, has been the only source of effective opposition to corporate, parasitic agendae such as usury, slavery, racism, misogyny and genocide. I‘m sure the ultimate coup for the corporate parasites is to get PJ people to slaughter innocents in the very names of the Prophets who exemplified compassion, tolerance and mercy.

If you want to understand why Christianity’s ideology is mostly not from Christ’s teachings, look at the corporate families who controlled Rome and Byzantium and appointed the Caesars during the time that Christian ideology was crafted there. Sure, the media in those days made plenty of noise about ‘democracy,’ just like the What To Think Network still does, but the world odor’s form of democracy is just opinion polls manipulated by bread and circuses, as usual. Ask their stupid gladiators in Iraq and their dope-fogged old hippies (‘All you need is love?’) who cynically dole out measly welfare checks for Big Government about that.

By World War II the corrupted, corrupting clergy had done such a good job of scamming people that the US and British flight crews who firebombed Dresden and Hamburg hardly gave a thought to the millions of women and children they were slaughtering, though they knew that these two cities were not strategic targets but were mainly residential areas and refugee havens. I’m sure they also knew that firebombing killed everyone in the bomb shelters by suffocation, too. To their credit, a few of the American fellows who nuked the Japanese, right after that, eventually expressed remorse.

I don’t know if the US Navy Seals who planted the nuke in the harbor at Kobe, Japan, in 1994 felt remorse, nor the US Navy guys who planted that H-bomb on the seabed that generated the tsunami, three years ago. I don’t know, either, about the Navy people who detonated the Navy’s first nuclear bomb at Port Chicago, California in 1943, blowing up thousands of black American sailors at that ammo dump. Documentation about the latter came out in 1993 or so, when someone found the documentation in an ammunition box that he bought at a yard sale in New Mexico. Edward Teller, himself, leaned on that guy to ’recant’ his testimony pretty soon after that. Do you remember? It was on the more reputable talk shows for a bit. I don’t think Art Bell gave it a mention unless he invited the guy to recant on his show.

The more reputable talk shows didn’t last very long, either. Talk radio’s heyday was in the few years just prior to the internet’s debut and that brief, shining period seems, to me, to have been a preparation stage for genuine, mass global communication and grassroot intelligence sharing, which is what the internet is all about, not E-Bay and porn.

Most of the more modern killers are probably Mkids, after all, raised by day care providers instead of parents, but most of those guys in the 1940s were churchgoing family men, still operating on the schizoid programming of clergy-infested religion. Atheism posing as spirituality (the cynical, Theosophical ‘I Am God!’ scam, for instance) hadn’t become popular, yet. That manufactured ‘religion’ took an entire century to germinate and spread to the point where it could be openly promoted after World War II.

Clergy had so distorted Christ’s teachings in America and other European colonies by the early 1800s that white people generally thought it was a good, sanctioned idea to slaughter even peace loving Indians (especially the women and children, apparently) and to conduct widespread biological warfare on the survivors. A lot of the slaughter was conducted by constitutionally-mandated militias, by the way. It wasn’t until the mid-1990s that the real intent of lawful militias (to protect ourselves against government tyranny) was finally realized, and then only by a few people. Enough people, though, apparently , just like there are enough gifters to fix the planet’s pirated, sickened energy matrix with the able, timely help of dolphins and whales.

Even slavery and genocide needed to be justified to these pious, schizophrenic PJ folks, so in the 1600s, some clergy in England invented the notion that the non-white races are subhuman. Another London-payrolled clergyman in the 1600s, Thomas Malthus (employee of the British East India Company, the ‘government‘ of most of England‘s spreading empire in those days), introduced the notion that the earth’s resources would soon be ‘used up,’ and that myth later became the basis of yet another widespread, atheistic, schizophrenic cult: corporate-sponsored environmentalism.

That fake, petroleum cartel financed, ’grassroot’ movement, which suddenly appeared in the mid-1970s, fully formed like a cloned adult, was the flip side of the anti-war movement. That’s to say that nearly all of the anti-war activists, at the close of the Vietnam Managed Conflict, flipped over and became instant environmentalists. The original intent of Malthus’ myth was to justify the forced starvation of India’s population soon after Britain got control of India in the early 1700s. Indian farmers were forced to grow poppies instead of food or other useful crops. The corporation needed plenty of opium to undermine China, after all, and they were willing to spend a few million Indian lives to pull it off.

The environmentalist movement thus eventually grew directly out of the old dope cartel. The perpetually altruistic English populace were told that India had just ‘used up their resources and were now starving.’ No kidding. Aren’t you glad we’re not that stupid, now? That conscientious German, Queen Victoria, got so mad when she figured all this out that she banned slavery and dissolved the British East India Company. I don’t know if she realized that corporations are not attached to names and that the same old corporate families just shifted things around a bit and carried on business as usual. She trusted Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, after all.

It’s kind of cute how environmentalists sort of meld with commies and newagers, don’t you think? Some of the Greenies in Europe are notoriously violent and those are from the older communist terrorist fold, for instance–a bunch of bomb tossers and baby killers–and are not troubled by the lofty but irrational, mystical ideals that some of their political bedmates. espouse

‘The Gaia Hypothesis,‘ which seems to motivate the ‘sweeter’ environmentalists, is just another tired Theosophical attempt to establish nature worship as a global religion. It sounds pretty good unless you dig a little deeper and can see that it‘s mainly a pretty justification for Malthusian genocide. I think all of the proselytizing cultists are CIA/MI6-programmed assets and if I’m right, it’s going to be quite a show when the depth and extent of Monarch and Tavistock programming gets fully documented in coming days.

Orgonite, even though it obviously fixes the environmental problems they incessantly whine about, gets no mention in official environmentalist literature (published by the Rockefellers and Mellons–go figure) but a lot of these ideologues do a little gifting in secret. When they were teens, they hid their dope from their parents and, now, they hide their interest in orgonite from each other.

In 1995, I think Phil Schneider was the only person on the planet who broke secrecy oaths and started telling people about how the world odor operates but maybe, pretty soon, lots of people at his level will start doing it. We might include former CIA director Colby but he was slaughtered within weeks of spilling the beans about what the CIA is doing to children and Phil lectured for about a year. Ted Gunderson gathered his evidence of government-sponsored pedophelia and kidnapping privately, after he’d left the FBI. He told Carol and I that he’d never heard of anything like this when he was a cop. He retired in 1979, if memory serves, and the FBI weren’t privy to CIA, NSA and MI6 filthiness, yet. They sure are culpable now, though!

I wish Franklin Press were still operating. It was shut down when the world odor threw Lyndon LaRouche in the slammer after a quickie kangaroo court trial. I bought most of my Franklin Press books from LaRouche groupies at an airport, a survival expo and, later, at one of their meetings. That was all a few years before LaRouche was ‘silenced.’ This might be a case where personality charisma got in the way of disseminating good information, by the way: the groupies were unwilling to express any independent thoughts and they bought into LaRouche’s archaic political paradigm to the exclusion of every other progressive development. Some of the authors whom he published, though, including his accomplished German wife, Helga Zepp, and several Jewish researchers, were solid, rational journalists who constructed a very accurate representation of who the world odor are and how they operate. Some of the German authors even exposed the current global agenda of the SS, which operated independently of Hitler’s Reich and whom we in the chatroom call ’Vryal‘–the old secret society that has that huge underground base in Antarctica and brought aliens and alien tech to the world odor after WWII.

There was no paper trail for groups like Vryal, Sion and a few other oldies but baddies, though Dan Brown made a good effort to make Sion look like good guys a couple of decades after the Rennes le Chateaux findings had become widespread enough. The new alliance (Vryal and the more public bits of the world odor) was apparently supposed to represent the ‘home stretch’ toward the world odor’s longed for achievement of genocide and global, Biblical calamity before the close of the twentieth century, but all that got derailed in the late 1980s by rising human awareness, apparently. The most visible manifestation of that sudden boost in awareness was the Russian people’s coordinated, grassroot effort to peacefully undermine the Soviet government, though maybe that all started in Poland a little earlier. I think orgonite, the magic bullet, wouldn’t be as effective, today, if the world odor were as strong as they were in their NationalSocialist/commie heyday. In fact, you and I would probably just have been summarily suicided if we tried any of this ten or twenty years ago.

It was in the mid 1600s, of course, that the world odor had expeditiously set up shop in London, their current logistics center. When Constantinople fell to the Turks in the late 1500s, Venice had become too hot for them on account of the closer proximity of a population of religionists, the Muslims, who loathed usurers. Constantinople had been the Christian bulwark to protect the Venetian traders and usurers from the Turks and when Constantinople finally fell, the Turks spread their influence all the way to Austria and even to the opposite shore of the Gulf of Venice. Phoenicia had similarly become too hot for those old usurious families in the BC era when another religion, Judaism, had taken a similar, nearby stand against usury so they eventually relocated and bankrolled the Romans, who killed yet another Warrior whose effective, populist stand against usury and tyranny made them very uncomfortable.

So those moneyed old families moved to Amsterdam from Venice in the late 1500s to plan their parasitic conquest of England, which was then the most defensible country in Europe and had the best sailors and shipbuilders for empire building. It’s lately come out that Columbus was sent by these families to initiate the subjugation of the Americas. There were plenty of good maps around in those days, so of course only the PJ folks really thought one could sail off the edge of the world.

When I lived in the Kingdom of Tonga in the 1980s I had a lot of time to read and plenty of interesting books available, since there was no censorship, there. That’s where I found my first documented conspiracy book (banned in the US in those days), also several books written to defend and promote freemasonry. I read it all with detachment and before long I could see how similarly the world odor promotes their own fake religions (masonry, theosophy, communism, environmentalism, fundamentalism, ad nauseum) along with their corrupted versions of genuine religions. I even found a British pamphlet promoting the International Red Cross Society and it featured Benjamin Crème’s portrait of ‘Count St. Germain,’ stating that he was the founder of the Red Cross in the 1500s.

How creepy is that? If you live in America, you were taught in school that a nice Civil War army nurse, Clara Barton founded the Red Cross, whose logo is the Swiss flag with the two colors reversed. My step dad joined the masons right after he married my mom, then he eventually started working for the Red Cross and had apparently been a CIA asset since the late 1940s, when he was a cop and a Army Reserve military policeman.

Since Switzerland is officially a Catholic country you can imagine, from that alone, that the Masonic organization, the Red Cross, has never been separate from the Vatican except nominally. Both institutions are part of the bedrock of the world odor, of course.

When Vice President Aaron Burr assassinated Alexander Hamilton, Jefferson instantly appointed a Swiss banker, Gallatin, to replace Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton was actively opposed to The City and Gallatin was part of The City. Both Gallatin and Burr had married into The City’s ( code for the world odor’s logistic center, London ) chief espionage/banking families. Burr had married the widow of the fallen, aristocrat British chief of espionage in America during the American Revolution. Washington wouldn’t let Burr into his headquarters tent in those days. Can you see why sly Bill Clinton idolizes Jefferson?

When I got back to the US in 1985 I listened daily, at work, to a Christian radio talk station that featured a few genuine conspiracy research journalists, along with the requisite stable of fakers and self-righteous superstition-mongers. I ordered books from the real authors and you can probably relate to how alone I felt in those days. It was another seven or eight years before I found more than one or two people who were willing to discuss this stuff rationally. Born again chumps were happy about the information only because they thought it meant Jesus was about to ‘snatch them up.’ I’m not kidding.

The first overt attempts by the US Government to terrorize the white PJ folks into begging for martial law fell flat in the mid 1990s, which was the same time that the internet became a civilian medium. The martial law ploy, which had countless thousands of Russian ‘UN Peacekeeping’ troops waiting in the wings, not only fell flat but generated the present militia movement, which was the first real threat to tyranny in the US since the Founding Fathers established a nearly identical grassroot network in the mid 1700s. Jesse Jackson even sponsored a nationwide pep rally that got all the warring dope gangs together in Kansas City in those days. The CIA was apparently planning to recruit these guys, give them black federal police uniforms and turn them loose to disarm all the white people. I wonder if McNamara figured out how many blacks would be sacrificed to pull this off. He engineered the firebombings in WWII, also the Vietnam Managed Conflict. I don’t know whether the feds were able to convince these killers that it’s more profitable to rape and pillage BEFORE burning

The funny part is that the US Gov’t’s liars tried to blame the militiamen, themselves, for the destruction of the Murrah Federal Building, one year after the mass-murder in Waco incited many thousands of men and women to arm themselves in preparation for martial law.

I think I’m one of the few people on the official terrorist list who isn’t willing to bring down this murderous government with violence, actually. I like being called a terrorist by the real terrorists but I kind of miss being called by the stupid FBI trolls, ’Idaho’s Number One Terrorist.’ That was more flattering; even romantic.

Things have only gotten worse for the world odor’s puppet regime in America ever since then, of course, and now lots of people are openly discussing the conspiratorial, criminal nature of Big Govermment’s and Big Religion’s history, propaganda and politics. The incestuous Borgias openly turned the Vatican into a brothel and satanic ritual site, for instance, during the period when they were murdering ‘heretics’ then naming them saints. Nobody names a girl ‘Lucretia’ on account of them, which tells us that enough of that family’s history, at least, is part of public awareness that even the Vatican can’t hide from it.

Just like happened in Russia in the late 1980s, talking about tyranny rationally and publicly is the first big step toward dismantling it. Unlike Russia in the 1980s, though, the world odor is no longer covering all the bases ;

Most of these newly awakening folks who see chemtrails and have even started noticing the death towers are too intellectually lazy to get documented details about the world odor from books, so they spend a lot of time listening to the disinformation radio shows and, especially, they spend time on disinformation websites and reading saccharine, CIA-channeled drivel. I think the Russians were hungrier than their Western counterparts are.

Even though the Gulag population in America is several times bigger than the Russian version was, even in Papa Stalin’s day, the main success of parasitic tyranny in America has been accomplished by getting the PJ folks to police each other and to even convince each other that people in prison, especially if they’re not white, obviously deserve to be there, otherwise they wouldn’t be in prison. Can you see the humor in that? I know it’s creepy but the joke is on the white PJ folks who eagerly swallow all those baited hooks because the institutional enforcement of racism is so soothing to them… If you’ire white, you probably don’t know that the FBI and other police agencies bully outspoken, conscientious blacks into silence about stuff like this through open extortion and especially by planting dope in their cars and then disappearing them into the Gulag.

I’ve risked getting a reputation for a curmudgeon by exhorting people, in email and posts, to abandon trashy disinfo sites and sickeningly sweet, ball-and-chain ideologies and to start informing and empowering ourselves with real, unadulterated information, instead.

The reason I do that is because getting entirely clear of clever, insidious liars is a prerequisite for developing our individual discernment to a practical level. You wouldn’t accept lies from your mate, so why would you accept them from your alleged government and clergy and from the hidden-government representatives who sell lies in the media?

There is no ‘group discernment,’ of course because examining reality is a very, very alone process. Sharing what we observe and discover is the natural outgrowth of personal inspection, of course. I think that people who make pilgrimages to disinfo sites still think that others can tell them what’s real and what isn’t

One has to be genuinely informed in order to be effective at undoing tyranny‘s clever knots. One knows, for sure, when he or she is ready to put aside the titillation of subscribing to doomsaying, misleading ideologies and personality charisma when one feels sickened by these websites (and the subliminal frequencies they bathe you in, through your computer) instead of being pleasantly stimulated. The sites , just like the neighborhood cult church, are designed to enthrall visitors with empty, vague promises. They operate on the human spirit just like drugs and alcohol do on the body. To a very healthy, vital body drugs, alcohol, etc., immediately cause symptoms of sickness rather than euphoria but to a polluted body these substances feel terrific and generate addictions. Disinformation operates the same way on the human spirit, please consider.

I’m not campaigning ‘against disinformation;’ rather, I’m campaigning to get you to consider that the beauty, unraveling mystery and awesome scope of what we’ve all begun to discover through our concerted efforts to heal our world is a lot more interesting and ‘nourishing’ than anything these clever liars and saccharine imitators or their masters can conceive.

You no doubt believe, without question, that it’s good not to lie, not to kill innocents, not to exploit anyone and to play fair. I doubt that you were born with that conviction because feral children, who are as ’pristine’ as they come, don’t have any of those convictions, nor do children who were not nurtured and specifically taught these things in the home. There are countless millions of Mkids, for instance who were raised by disinterested day care providers and also programmed by the CIA. I bet you wouldn’t turn your back on them. When China’s infrastructure collapsed for awhile in the late 1950s due to the influence of parasites an entire generation of children who were born in those years grew up without a semblence of moral guidance and that generation is still largely made up of predators. Soon after communism was established in China, small children were taken from parents and raised by the State, of course, and at least the State found it prudent to teach those kids not to be predators. Those relatively feral kids who came into the world during the commies’ hard times in China would probably blend right into Southern California’s ‘culture.’ <!-- s --><img src="http://dev2.ethericwarriors.co……&quot; alt="" title="Cool" /><!-- s -->

You could hunt for a long time for sources other than religion for inspiring the more refined human practices and beliefs but you won’t find any because human philosophy, on its own, simply can’t come up with ideas like that. Even though the colleges are still promoting opium addicts like Nietsche as paradigms of wisdom any rational person quickly sees that these tiring philosophers only ever excelled at stroking their own egos. The philosophers and teachers, like Plato and Socrates, who promoted these higher standards but were not particularly religious borrowed their more liberating concepts from current, vital religions, rather. All of the religions, at their core, very specifically promote these and related concepts and guidelines for human behavior and each of those are based on the teachings of individuals who exemplified all of that effectively and in a very public way, usually at the cost of their own lives.

Whenever any of us are able to exemplify even one of the teachings of these Individuals it‘s on account of our following a historic example, after being prompted to do so by our own conscience. Conscience is another evidence of the creative force of the more substantive teachings. Most people don’t have a conscience and don’t want one, of course, because developing a conscience carries a lot of responsibility and makes us especially accountable for our choices.

At this point, if what I’m saying makes sense to you but you still hate the notion of a Creator, maybe it’s time for your own hour of reflection. The human ego is necessary to our development but it’s sort of like fire in the way it can be destructive when not kept under control.

Theosophy and the related mind control protocols have a lot to say about high ideals and exemplary behavior but it doesn’t inspire that behavior in anyone, as you may also have noticed. I think whatever looks good in Theosophy and the related cults has filtered down from Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism . ‘Regurgitated‘ might be more accurate than ‘filtered,’ of course, since manmade religious have no spirit of their own, unless we will agree that parasitism is a form of spirituality.

Unitarian beliefs predate Theosophy and several of the world odor’s top parasitic families are Unitarians. I’ve never felt that this is a threatening or even pernicious ideology, since there is no specific ideology connected to that church but I attended several services in the late 1980s in Saco, Maine, mostly because we had been unable to meet anyone in that odd little town for our entire first year there but also because I was curious and the Unitarians like to converse. One of them told me, ‘The only time Jesus gets a mention in the Unitarian Church is when the janitor drops a full bucket.’ I think I met my first professed witch in that place, though she wasn’t very talkative, other than to say that she was from Salem. A popular Unitarian joke: A Unitarian came to signpost indicating two paths, ‘Knowledge of God,’ and ‘Talking about God.’ Which one do you think he chose?

The Universalists had more spunk and conviction but that church was eventually swallowed by the Unitarians and digested (burp). A discerning person pays more attention to how one operates than to what one says. I stopped visiting that church after they told me I was considered a member

The complete absence of spirit in the current, entirely fake religions like Theosophy might be a fairly new phenomenon, though. The Cathars followed a similarly synthetic religion, based on an amalgam of Christianity and Manichaeism that came (from Persia?) to Southern France through Bulgaria in the eleventh century or so.but there was obviously enough of the self-sacrificing spirit of the Founders of those religions in their lives that they all earned a reputation for integrity, refinement, generosity, kindness, equality of sexes, intelligence, healing and other high spiritual standards. They were all eventually slaughtered at the behest of the Vatican, of course, but they sure made a good mark on history. Some of their teachings were actually kind of infantile by today‘s standards, including a form of dualism that caused them to think of the world and even their own bodies and sex as essentially nasty , but who’s perfect? It was the quality of their lives and their generosity of spirit that counted, not mere beliefs.

A more modern, inspired exemplar was Father Damian, who ran the leper colony in Hawaii at the expense of having a pleasant life. He considered the wellbeing of lepers to be more important than his own well being. Spirituality is all about the force of example; it’s not at all about ideology or beliefs. It’s sure not about empty eloquence.

I’ve done my best to keep ideologies out of Etheric Warriors’ makeup because every single ideology, whether it’s valid or not, is a potential source of division right now (also induces ’organization’) and the work we’re all doing generates the sort of spiritual life that is historically demonstrated by self-sacrificing souls. A nice aspect of doing this work, of course, is that very few of us have been called on to make severe personal sacrifices, even though we’re effectively taking the world odor apart and materially helping to usher in conditions for genuine prosperity, freedom and unity for the human race.

Did you know that all of the Prophets promised that this would happen around this time? While the disinformants, including noisy, frothy-mouthed clergymen, are only focusing on doom saying and even hoping for the allegedly imminent enslavement/genocide of humanity, any resolute gifter has witnessed orgonite’s ability to revolutionize the fortunes of entire cities and even nations, such that the What To Think Network is no longer able to terrorize the PJ folks in well-gifted regions to fall into the paranoia/terror traps that snared our parents’ ruinous generation in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

In real terms, the world odor has already fallen and all we’re waiting for is the little dust cloud that will signal their final, unceremonious demise sometime in the future. It will be obvious that success and failure has always been a matter of energy dynamics, not politics or ideologies. You can literally see the energy shifting over to the positive side where you live if you’ve been gifting.

The really progressive developments are never accompanied by PJ folks’ fanfare or a Hollywood soundtrack, as you probably noticed. Our children don‘t have the same programmed prejudices that we had, for instance, and the entire world (except for Russians and Chinese, of course) can talk to each other online but these miraculous developments hardly get mentioned. I think you’ll find that just mentioning this to people will have a positive effect on their hearts, even if they don’t agree with you in the moment.

I was kind of surprised to learn, recently, that very few people remember how fax machines undermined commuinism in Russia in the late 1980s, which led to the domino-style collapse of all the other communist regimes in Europe. Everyone in Russia who had the cash and was tired of tyranny bought a fax machine to be able to start talking to each other outside the purview of surveillance in those days. Under communism there was almost as much direct surveillance of the population as there is in America and Europe, right now but in the latter case the world odor is afraid to just round us all up and suicide us or ’treat’ us for mental illness, as they did in Russia and Eastern Europe in those days. See how powerful consultation is? What’s stopping you from openly discussing stuff like this online and even posting about it?

The internet is performing that anti-tyranny function on a global scale, now, even though most of the PJ folks only use the internet to get to porn sites and E-Bay. I think the CIA and other sewer rat agencies runs all the porn sites because they‘re past masters at keeping weak-charactered people distracted with inappropriate sex. They own and operate all the commercial transaction sites, of course, in order to track our under-the-table livlihoods.

The world odor, including the US Government, was very heavily vested in keeping communism alive and well in those countries, of course. They put Gorbachev (murderous former KGB head) in charge of Russia‘s gov‘t in order to give communism a ‘friendly face.’ Killer Kissinger and other corporate/political parasites in the West were heavily vested in Yugoslavian industry, including the factories that made those cheap little cars, but in spite of the world odor’s best/worst efforts, enough people in those countries simply let it be known that they were sick of communism, so it went away. It didn’t go away when they tried it in the 1950s and 1960s, of course, because the PJ folks in Eastern Europe were still in love with Big Brother in those days. The fact that they were cleverly fooled into believing that their activism was finished, after the fall of communism, doesn’t take away from their accomplishment.

In America, NationalSocialism will perhaps finally take its next giant step toward oblivion when one state secedes because most of the rest will eagerly follow suit. Maybe the Kalifornia Reich, alone, will remain loyal to Washington, DC’s corporate regime. Those grinning, benighted folks didn’t even notice when most of the smog went away forever in LA, five years ago, so I doubt they‘re present enough to feel comfortable with the absence of parasitic tyranny. Poor, foolish mall goose steppers!

I might not be able to inspire you to even take a casual, unprejudiced glance at the unifying essence of religions but the reason I’m trying to do that is because it seems to me that dumping the hatred/prejudice programming against religion is a prerequisite for appreciating the current agenda of The Operators, all of whom seem to exemplify the teachings brought to humanity by the Prophets throughout the ages. If you’re in touch with them through your instinctive promptings and your physical observations you know that we have to get pretty detached and genuinely loving in order to access the information they’re constantly sending us. The veil between our world and theirs is steadily dissolving, in fact.

The most visible manifestation of the world odor for the newly awakening are the harmless but graphic chemtrail remnants and the death towers. Thanks to these overtly deployed and very costly weapon systems, lots and lots of PJ folks have started to wake up and at least are seeking answers on the popular disinfo sites, since they’re still intellectually lazy, after all. Most people will remain passive and lazy, no matter what information they might receive and maybe it’s up to you and I to demonstrate some intellectual honesty and some attainable standards regarding the measurable effects of gifting and boosting. I think that if you wait for the PJ folks to catch up before you commit to genuine activism, you‘ll die waiting because they’ll always be at least a few steps behind the real activists. I think they hate to do anything alone—vestigal herd instinct; kind of like having a short tail.

I’m sure that if we don’t give this lively forum our best effort the fakers will not only manage to eventually knock even the most diligent seeker off track but will probably be featured by the What To Think Network at our expense (studiously ignoring the genuine activists in favor of egotistical poseurs would be a behavior modification ploy–very old trick; look at Jesse Jackson, for instance) as soon as the world odor is finally forced to mention what we’ve all been doing for the past few years.

You can bet your roots, Toots, that the world odor has already made extensive plans to ‘own’ this progressive, grassroot, unorganized movement, then, by promoting a few fakers who have less exemplary forum efforts and are easy to manipulate through their egos. Given the world odor’s track record for the past twenty years or so, though, they’ll probably fail with this, too.

My wife tells me that three is a powerful number, symbolized by a triangle. We discovered that at least three people are required to do any good in the chatroom, assuming that at least one is a psychic., for example. Discernment, while examining data, depends on avoiding three things: belief, prejudice and denial. A corollary: disinformation sites have at least one of the following three characteristics: ideology, personality charisma or titillation. When it’s got all three of those one has to be pretty numb and even addicted to keep returning to the site <!-- s --><img src="http://dev2.ethericwarriors.co……&quot; alt="" title="Cool" /><!-- s -->

You probably heard that ‘hope springs eternal,’ but maybe you haven’t heard that denial does, too, which is what energizes the What To Think Network and clergy.

The most visible, accessible manifestations of our currently victorious efforts, aside from newly pristine blue skies, disappearance of smog and plenty of gentle rain, are the Sylphs and cetaceans. Just about anyone can see Sylphs in the skies over areas that have been sufficiently gifted and just about anyone can take orgonite to the sea and encounter dolphins or whales up close by now.

If I were simply campaigning against the clever liars and the small army of poseurs in the wake of this network, you could rightly call me a curmudgeon, especially if I named any of them, which I rarely do. Since I’m obviously rather exhorting you to step up out of all that misleading muck and go earn some of your own certitude and confirmations by tossing orgonite intelligently, as so many of us around the world are doing, I doubt any poison mongers will be able to make that label stick to me.

Sure, we never get a mention on the What To Think Network and even the disinfo purveyors won’t mention us, ever since Rense tried his best (and failed–it backfired on the WTTN, actually) to discredit this movement on his radio show and website, five years ago. What reputable gifters have in our favor are consistent, dramatic results in the atmosphere and in society around the world, though, as recorded for posterity on this and a few other vital websites, here and abroad. We really are setting the standards in this unorganized movement and that’s not a small achievement. Thanks, everyone here and on the European orgonite forums, for striving for intellectual honesty and for demonstrating how science and spirituality are inseparable.

To the more vigorous discerner, of course, a few of us are validated by how hard the sewer rat agencies have tried to infiltrate the unorganized network and by how they’ve committed a string of not-too-subtle murder attempts over the years. Count, too, the sewer rat agencies’ successful efforts, over the past three years, to destroy ethericwarriors.com. Thank God for archiving!