When is less- more?

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By 1842 Samuel Hahnemann had completed the sixth edition to Orgonon of Medicine. The founder of Homeopathic Medicine at 86 years of age with an active practice in Paris still found time to revise and polish his monumental work. With breadth of perspective he allowed for even electro-magnetic healing as he wrote: “ The dynamic force of mineral magnets, electricity, and galvanism act no less powerfully than the properly so-called medicines which neutralize disease by taking them through the mouth…” The proper medicines to which he refers are homeopathics not the crude poisonous drugs of allopathics. ============================================================================================================

With similar broad-mindedness I suggest we recognize the efficacy and appropriateness of homeopathic remedies, and begin to employ them as an additional tool for healing. The old saw “ If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” applies to Allopathic Medicine, but need not be a label for us.

Homeopathy is energy medicine. It is produced by a series of dilutions and succussions (shakings) until no physical property of the remedy exists, but rather the vibration or subtle force remains. This vibration when taken into the field of the body stimulates a reaction, and the response by the physical body then cures the disease.

To produce a remedy from a fresh plant do this:

Mix in equal amounts the squeezed juice of the plant and 30% alcohol. (When I can’t get food grade ethanol I use Vodka and dilute it to 30%) In this process you are stopping any degradation or purification of the plant material. Stopper the solution and allow it to stand for a day and a night. Then filter it or carefully pour off the clear upper portion leaving the dregs. This product is called the mother tincture.

The mother tincture is next diluted into a 15% alcohol solution. The diluting solution is created from alcohol and water as above but this time the target is a 15% solution.

Using 1 ml of mother tincture ( or 1 teaspoon or 1 jigger) put into 9 ml ( or 9 teaspoons or 9 jiggers) of the diluting 15% alcohol solution.

The following is most important as it is the potentizing step. This step is what Hahnemann called releasing the “spirit-like qualities” of the plant. This dilution which we can call D2 is put (or made) in a small capped glass bottle or vial, it is struck rhythmically against the heel of the hand for 2.5 minutes.

A student of Rudolf Steiner, Lilly Kolisko, did a systematic study to find the optimum length of time to achieve maximum dynamism. Her work 40 years later was verified by Theodore Schwenk. That time is 2 and one half minutes.

One ml of the potentized D2 is further diluted into 9 parts of the diluting 15% alcohol and that is rhythmically succussed (stuck) against the hand for two and one half minutes. It is labeled D3 and can be referred to as a 3X homeopathic remedy.

The D3 solution once potentized is diluted in a similar manner as above to obtain a D4 or 4X remedy. Repeating the steps gets succeeding high potencies. Effective potencies are 3X, 6X,12X,30X.

If you would familiarize yourself more regarding Homeopathy I suggest this site:


At this location you can purchase remedies and use an online remedy finder. The computer lends itself remarkably well to making a determination of the proper remedy.

The more symptoms which fit the action of the remedy the better the results. Computerization of the Materia Medica and Repertory avoids the page turning and computations which have been a tedious part of good prescribing.

I hope this thumbnail view of Homeopathy is helpful. I feel that having recourse to a zapper is primary, but there are instances when the use of remedies can cure resistant conditions. Having another tool in your bag can’t hurt.



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