Why Does 'Globalism' Scare People So Much?

Don Croft
01 Dec 2008 14:27
Subject: Why Does ‘Globalism’ Scare People So Much?
Since my teen years-- late 1966, specifically, I’ve been guided by a vision of world peace and prosperity. It wasnt’ for another twenty years that I finally read documented evidence of the existence and parasitic purpose of this corporate world order and for those two decades I assumed that the world would have to go through calamaties and holocausts to get to the peaceful and prosperous stage. I always assumed that parasitic corporate $#!+birds were pulling all the strings but I never knew who they were until I got my first good conspiracy book in 1985, in Tonga. The book was on the ‘censored’ list in the US at the time, as were just about all worthwhile books about the conspiracy. The internet later blew away the CIA’s and FBI’s ability to censor empowering information in America, thank God.

In fact, it wasn’t until four years ago that I finally realized that teh calamities adn holocausts may have already been averted. More recently, it became clear to me, mainly through the work of our pschic associates in teh chat sessions, that there have only been three governments that are intent on causing all these calamities and holocausts: the US, UK and Israel.

This came into focus for many of us when it became evident that China had taken over the world’s economy and had thus removed the gonads of the City of London trolls who own those three governments.

That said, I’ve always seen specific social conditions as more calamitous than wars, pogroms or famines. A notable Persian philosopher and activist, Abbas Effendi, who had been imprisoned by the Turks but was released from Akka, Palestine in 1908 and then travelled through Egypt, Europe and North America, named three false gods in the years right after the first world war: nationalism, racism and communism. Look at what was done in the name of these gods during the twentieth century.

Note that these false gods have mainly been discarded by now; a sign of spiritual progress for our species.

The Chicken Littles are still bleating about the dangers of ‘globalism,’ though, and the queer part is that they have nothing constructive to offer in the form of alternatives. The globalization of the economy, transportation networks, communication and even education are accomplished facts and English has become the default lingua franca for all this. I really hope some other auxiliary language will be adopted or invented because, let’s face it, English is kind of confusing and frustrating.

The golden opportunity that Chinese domination of the marketplace and global politics presents is that they’ve apparently got firm control over the Armaggedonmongers in Washington, London and Tel Aviv, apparently because the survival of the Peking regime is so dependent on the good wishes of a billion Chinese whose lives and prospects have been steadily improving for the past couple of decades, thanks to their North American and European cash cows.

This is apparently why China’s regime can’t allow World War Three to take place. We don’t see China as a problem, other than their bloody adventure in Zimbabwe, because sooner than later, a few thousand enterprising Chinese will start busting the death towers and erasing the chemtrails throughout China, as people have been doing throughout the rest of the world, and that will initiate a cavalcade of etheric progress that will include the Chinese waking up and discarding tyranny.

Two hundred years ago, national defense was a real concern for any country because of the imperialism of London, mainly, and of several other subsidiary regimes that had joined with the nascent corporate world order: Holland, France and Belgium. Other countries joined in the next century or so. When Peking bought up all the fake debt, four years ago, all bets were off for Armageddon but, as you can see, the US, UK and Israel are still practically getting hernias in their efforts to ignite a global nuclear conflagration. We spend time, two days a week, in group efforts to destablize this cabal and there are apparently lots of other people doing what we’re doing, or something similar.

The internet is probably the strongest evidence that global peace and prosperity are imminent because the three terrorist governments that I mentioned have been unable to regulate or sabotage it, in spite of the NSA’s Golden Boy, Bill Gates,’ facilitating commerce.

The Chinese internet has been a hard nut to crack, perhaps partly because they use another code language besides HTML, and partly that a billion Chinese still assume that Big Brother knows best and his overbearing surveillance of their internet is okay. John Burchell may have initiated a crack in this formidable dam with his illustrated web instructions for making orgonite in Mandarin and Cantonese. As you may know, Chinese government hackers have managed to stop this website from getting onto the internet, there. They’ll eventually fail to prevent its dissemination throughout China, of course.

Another potential historic development for this unorganized network (global gifting revolution) is our connection with Nikolay in Russia. Though there are apparently a lot of gifters and cloudbusters throughout Russia, he’s the first resident Russian to get in touch with any of us about his gifting efforts. Carol and I are quite confident about this.

Russia and China are the only countries that have armies large enough to conquer and occupy another nation and they’re close allies. They’re also far less inclined than the US, UK and Israel are to conquer and occupy other countries Wink and Russia may have gotten a lesson in pragmatism from their continuing failure to conquer and occupy little Chechnya. Maybe everyone but the PJ folks already knows that international conflict is an obsolete notion. The PJ folks’ silence and myopia are all that enable the US, UK and Israeli regime to keep waging the fake War on Terror. This war on humanity, waged by the three terrorist states (US/UK/Israel) lacks the dynamic of the identical but more convincing Cold War scam.

I don’t know how many people are prepared to move past the CIA/MI6/Mossadomite®-sponsored, irrational Chicken Littles and look at inevitable, positive globalization more rationally. John Burchell in Hong Kong, who is in the forefront of ‘etheric globalization,’ sent me the following note, which felt so encouraging and confirming to me that I want to share it, here:

Don I really appreciate you taking the time for these responses they have helped me immensely. I also appreciate that gifters are a wide array of people with a wide array of perspectives. Your ability to relate to this wide array and to keep the focus on gifting is to be commended. This tapestry of people is awesome.

I gift for all the reasons you mentioned and part of that is feeling the elementals happiness when I do it and also renewing a personal connection with Creation that I feel is getting more pronounced with each experience. I must admit that my original motivation to gift and with orgonite was to counteract chemtrail spraying…so essentially my motivation was to stand up to tyranny. I didn’t have a clue how orgonite worked and still don’t…but see it working and so I’m inspired. The closest metaphor I can find for orgonite is with the soft skill martial artists who reflect aggressive energy back at the tyrant in a non-violent manner (yet I’m sure the tyrant who receives his crap returned as love reflected back to him may find it somewhat uncomfortable). The beauty of orgonite is that you don’t need to train for years in kung fu, qi gong etc…simply put some resin, metal and crystals together and find the most DOR infested places to put it.
All the best…

hk john

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