Why I Don't Sell Into The USA

03 Nov 2008 14:19
Subject: Why I Don’t Sell Into The USA

Now and again folks email and ask why I don’t sell to the USA but will everywhere else.

One such email came this weekend, from a lady in New Mexico and when I tried to reply, twice, the response bounced back twice from COMCAST relating that they saw my email as spam! So I thought to post up my reasons.

Some years ago, when I began making personal Orgonite, the pieces I drew inspiration from were Don Bradleys ‘Record Keeper’ HHg’s amongst others. To my surprise, Laozu really liked some of my pieces, which motivated me to start making more and more. After about a year, I kind of fell into selling pieces as people around me had been asking for them when I described what I did in my spare time etc.

At the same time as making DB inspired pieces, I also made quite alot of coiled pieces, but these were invariably inferior to the Gemstone tipped pieces, which is why I only offer coiled generators as part of the packs I sell, and not individually (as folks tend to be drawn to something that their minds interpret as more ‘mystical’ looking, even though I do state that the Gem Generators are generally far superior in energy signature, such is our nature).

Anyway, when I decided to register a domain and give people the opportunity to buy some of my work, it felt right to get in touch with Don Bradley, and say I was going to be selling Orgonite, but that I would not sell to US based folks (at the time DB only sold into the US), as a mark of respect, especially as Don often struggles to make ends meet.

So please understand, my decision is based on respect for another and not to somehow discriminate against a nation!

So if you have been looking at my work and thinking you would like some, why not check out UWANTSUN instead. Sorry I cannot help, but my word has been given.



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