Wiki who?...pedia!

I was doing a search in John’s and Lazou’s and other links on Don an among the pages it returned, it came one from wikipedia in english (last time I think someone said it was in french). There is just a line:

Don Croft has invented a simple, modified cloudbuster that he claims converts dead orgone in the atmosphere into positive orgone in order to dispel chemtrailsDon

Just if you guys wanna check it out……helm_Reich

I wonder who owns Wikipedia"

Myself added the topic “orgone” in Wikipedia and is working to get “orgonite” on it, which is not editable at the moment. Everyone is free to add and chance topics in wikipedia and everybody can change it.

Orgonite and Don were up there but got deleted by an allopath


I wouldn’t worry too much about Wikipedia, if you google orgonite or Don you get good sites on the first page.

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