Wilhelm Reich Books

02 Apr 2008 13:06
Subject: Wilhelm Reich Books
Through a chance encounter I stumbled upon an article on my inbox which had Wilhelm Reich in the title.
The article itself was not that interesting but feel free to check it here
Then I was about to send an email to ask the author of the article how could I get my hands on Reich books – since I was under the impression that they were very hard to come by – when it occured to me to check a nice little bookseller from Belgium (proxis.be) for his books when for my surprise they had 22!! books by Reich (6 of them also in French).
Next I check Waterstones which is a well known UK bookseller with a branch in Amsterdam and they had 15 titles available (though more expensive than in Proxis).
Next I think “Amazon?” – they too are selling Reich and have his books aplenty, old and new…

Whatever ban was on his books should be considered lifted by now Wink

I’m probably starting with the “Bion Experiments” and see how it goes but would appreciate any recommendations Very Happy


02 Apr 2008 14:48
Subject: Re: Wilhelm Reich Books
“Cosmic Superimposition” , “The Murder of Christ” , “Listen Little Man” , “Contact with Space” are really good. My Grandmother is a phsychiatrist and my mom is a psyco-analist. I found out recently that my Grandma had been an early Riechian and my mom had also been very interested in Reich durring her university years. They both lost interest over the years as they considered Riech had become a little crazy. I raided my mom’s library and found 5 old first edition books by Reich, she vagely remembered she had, it was a bit surreal for me jeje.

03 Apr 2008 09:42
Subject: Re: Wilhelm Reich Books
Hi Carlos, I think that starting with “The discovery of the orgone” is a good idea because it explains how Dr. Reich discovered orgone energy, going from the orgasm theory, through the bions experiments, to practical experimentation with cancer patients. From that text you can also understant the dynamics of orgonite, the role of metals and organic materials and how they react to or influence orgone energy.
I am in the process of translating this book, to make it available in spanish.

06 Apr 2008 07:59
Subject: Re: Wilhelm Reich Books
Thank you both for the suggestions Smile
Somehow I’m still too prude Embarassed to easily pick a book titled “the discovery of orgasm” (Volume 1 of the discovery of orgone) but Javiera’s description quickly convinced me and I’m about to order it.
Good luck with the translation, Javiera – it’s a big book!


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