Will Balanced orgone energy make you healthier?

(louisonder) #1

This year I will be 48 years old. Some weeks I average 40 to 50 miles gifting on foot. Why? Because I feel great all the time and get to see so many things that I will never be able to see if I contain my activities to the rat race. Gifting orgonite is great to do with your family or by yourself. This photo of me was taken by one of my grand kids today.


Notice the cobra on my right arm. This tatoo was done in 1979 Atlanta, Georgia about 20 years before I ever heard of reptilians. How ironic.

What’s my message to the illuminati?

Who’s your daddy?

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(Anonymous) #2

I went to your website and it’s looks great.

I think you’re on the right track with equating youth with healthy orgone fields.


(Anonymous) #3

Go Daddy!

Dennis …