Will This Push Down the First Secession Domino?

I got this email from Ty, today:

*Feel free to forward to Jeff for some positive news possibilities as this leads to some massive exposure of the establishment ;)

Hey Don, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but a massive pedophile scandal has been breaking in the last week. #pizzagate and now today #twittergate, mass suspensions are trying to cover it up but it appears to be going mainstream.

A lot of this was due to /r/The_Donald on reddit being one of reddit’s largest communities, and the exposure happening there. There is now also a seperate pizzagate subreddit for a massive co-operative citizen journalism investigation going on.


#pizzagate: Massive Washington DC Pedophile ring operating out of comet ping pong pizza parlour and surrounding pizza places/others. Undeniable funding and visitation connection to the clintons, soros, tons of high level politicians etc.

#twittergate Twitter Outed for hosting and protecting thousands of child porn accounts on its website


Here’s hoping that this is the nail in the coffin.


I mentioned to him that the same massive pedophile ring was exposed in the mid-90s, partly due to the earlier work of Ted Gunderson, then the publication of The Franklin Coverup (tied the elder Bush to the ring), which I think was aided by retired CIA Director Colby, since he was brutally murdered shortly after it was published and after it became known that Casey had supplied crucial information to the private investigators. I think Colby was one of the last patriots in the fed gov’t. He started his career, right out of law school, as an OSS agent in 1942 and spent most of the war behind the lines in Europe performing sabotage and supporting partisan activities. While he was CIA director during the Vietnam debacle I have the impression that he still believed he was doing the right thing. Gunderson told Carol and I that he didn’t know about the plutocracy until some time after he’d retired from the FBI in the late 70s and that discovering the existence of pedophiles in the fed gov’t shocked him awake. He found them while hunting for a missing kid as a private detective. You may remember the national scandal in which a lot of day care centers were shut down in the mid-80s. He’s the one who initiated that by tying a day care center in California to the national pedophile ring. That was before the internet, so the government connection to these day care centers was not disclosed publicly. That’s also part of the CIA’s Monarch Program, by the way.

The author of the book lined up a whole lot of testimony of victims of that ring who had grown to adulthood. I remember that at least one of them fingered Joe Biden Wink and most of the top names in national politics were also identified by victims.

When Nelson Rockefeller died at age 71 it was claimed he had a heart attack. Witnesses had reported seeing farm animals entering the private lift to his penthouse in Manhattan, though, and I think on that night a goat was led into that elevator. If the widespread practice of pedophilia by ‘elected leaders’ fails to initiate the first state secession maybe there’s also a bestiality ring and maybe that exposure could finally generate the proper level of global outrage to fix the problem of parasitic tyranny Cool

edit - Don after started reading some stuff on those links I found this film of a guy that collected the many evidence of social media contributors linked with the pizzagate, as the followers and followed. (During the viewing the computer audio froze, and the computer froze. Maybe has got to do with the author name. I suggest maybe viewers it out and maybe boost this.)

One clip in the film it is about the controversial John Bidet proposition to puberty age girl. I have a comment fot that, first is that the woman behind the girl turnes her head during the moment that the words are wispered, (I dk if she’s related to the girl). When mr Bidet has finished with the kiss on the girl, the woman is still giving the smiling face for the camera, but the instant mr Bidet looks at the woman she lowerd the head quikly and the face becames serious, then again in a instant she comes back to the smile. Observe the energy how is moving via the sound, this was a ritual that they wanted to go on show. Correct mr Bidet and occult allies?

One important evidece in this film is the tax refound of George Rosso he donated money to the Pizza Parlour.

Btw thanks for this post, I have to review something on whale.to website beacuse regarding the Dutraux scandal one person was working for Open Borders of George Rosso.

But whale.to search enagine does not list all the content of the website only the root, you have to find stuff inside in other ways. Unless this website has been sabotaged.

The damage control on this one is massive. They even got some English football/soccer celebrities to bring back another kind of pizzagate from 12 years ago, when some players were involved in a brawl, just so they could skew google search results. There are also various publications (propaganda outlets) doing stories where they “debunk” the findings of the citizen journalists without actually addressing the subject of systemic child abuse and trafficking.

The discussion has now been censored from reddit (which will only get them more attention - thanks for being dorks, new world order). They moved to https://voat.co/v/pizzagate

Carlos, follow the money trail, I think there is some coincidences happening. The British pedophile photographer Davild Hamilton has died in Paris, the same date of Castro, 26th November, 330th day of the year.

Here is a link about him came up in the search with duckduckgo.

Another coincidence part of the damage control is pushing the pedophile agenda to general public, using of subliminal. I started noticing a TV Ad where there are girls of an age of about 8 years old dressed in black that are learning classic ballet, then a baldhead man disapproving mimicking that they should look what he is doing. He is dressed in black, rolls down a screen from the ceiling and on the screen there are dance poses made by adult women, of sexy type, like boot shaking etc, the drawings are black. At that point I paused the TV with the remote, so I cant give you the name of the TV ad, I think it is a subliminal ad which is not going to run for long, nontheless I imagine other ads will continue to insert messages for the public in this way.

I don’t know if you have watched the documentary, I think Frost should have give more emphasis to evidence linked to money, the Hawaii fianancial company that sells very expensive computer hard drives, also how comes George Grosso needs to lower his taxes bill and be a philantropist with the spinning pizzas of DC?

Maybe off subject but is part of the cult I think is a good documetary made about the music producer Clive Davis, one point I disagree, is that when Witheny puts the hands on her face is the shock for realising that they purchased the copies in order to go her to the top, but the other emotion is the desperation of the caged victim, she has been knowing of felt for sometimes about her fatal hour has come.

The documentary interesting hypotesis is about the way the gasket of sacrificed person belonging the cult are ment to be carried, on shoulders of men with hand in the fist hand sign. It shows that Jimi Hendrix didn’tt have that because he was not of the cult. The other intesesting clip is Chapelle and Ophra interview where she must make a hand sign to signal members of the cult that Chapelle discourse is off and not looking at him while he is talking. There is other interesting stuff including Kobhain and people close to him. Eventually in some of the clips is possible to hear the scary voice of Clive Davis and look into his pretty eyes.


Thanks Silvio, I’ve been following the progress over at https://voat.co/v/pizzagate and they generally seem to be doing a good job. More information comes up over time, including some first person testimonies by victims. By the way, all the old discussions had already been backed up in multiple places and are readily available so whatever was accomplished by their being kicked out from reddit was just gaining more attention 8-)
There is a predictable ongoing attempt at distabilizing them from within but for the moment the citizen reporters seem to be smart and educated and they often smell the rats when their poisoning influence is less sutble. Divisive threads are being shot down too 8-) Interventions by moderators are logged and plain for all to see and they give their reasons, which seem fair so far. This level of accountability puts many governments to shame.

I’m not participating in that forum, at least for now, but Silvio if you have something to contribute in terms of clues etc, I think it would be welcome there. They are compiling quite the body of evidence, even though most of it is inadmissable in today’s corrupt courts. There is also a number of what I would call “hay” threads and posts, stuff which I don’t think is very consequent but that is natural when you have a forum which is open for all.

I don’t know what will become of this whole thing but at the very least it seems a positive development to me when people are freely discussing the links between pedophilia, satanism and our so-called “rulers”. I’m using the currently fanshionable word “satanism” but that is only one of the many variations from the same babylonian(?) death cult.

Normal, healthy people get righteously angry when kids are molested and these revelations might be important for tearing down the new (old) world order.

And thanks, over the on battle place are emerging the new resources for the internet. There is a website that seems great for uploading images, even albums, without hindrances.

This below is a compilation of posters of bands that have been at the pizza.