Wondered about the helicopters

(psychiatrist) #1

Hi y’all,

I’ve allways wondered about the helicopters. I don’t find them very frightnening. As they are confirmations, they are a sign of good work being done. The last one today comes after some intensive work on a kid in the hospital. Strange. Admittedly, this is not very dangerous for the ‘NWO’, or maybe they are afraid that it is going to do more than just help a little bit. Time will tell.

After the last visit last week, I noticed being worked upon the next day behind my desk at work. I could do a battle in real-time but had to quit early because of some appointment. Afterwards, I noticed some cords (?), or anyway stuff I could work on in my etheric body that had not been there before this attack. Very nice to be able to help yourself immediately, by the way. In the evening I took the time to attack my attacker (and Satish’s too) more heavily, and in the morning I woke up because of some dream (me and some orgonite friends in a battle against helicopters), and concluded it was probably another attack in progress.

Now I can’t deny a certain excitement does take place (I haven’t seen THAT many either, yet), and am wondering wether that is the reason they come to us. Several times after a helicopter visit, I got attacked. Maybe the excitement shows our (my) weak spots in my energy system, which by psychic peekers then can ‘hack into’. Also it seems to me that the moment my smile starts to fade away (comes spontanuously when choppers show up) because I get bored or -yes- intimidated, the intimidation stops, as if they then have ‘material’ to work with.

Will keep you informed how the kid will do (he had some grave problems last week, that did not return yet, at least). I’ve been failry new to all this, and only now find the time/interest to start to work intensively on the kids.


(Don Croft) #2

Doc, it’s possible that the kid is a Monarch asset or has the potential to expose that agenda. Carol feels that mental hospitals are filled with people who simply lack the information and support to put their psychic experiences in proper perspective or perhaps lack the desire to have those experiences. I frankly don’t want them and would perhaps be overwhelmed if i were subjected to them, which is why I’m amazed by people who can sustain all of that.

There are millions of Monarch and Tavistock mind controlled assets out walking around and even in institutions like that one. I hope you’ll read Al Bielek’s material about his role in the early MK Ultra program in order to get an overview of how these vast programs operate because I think you’ll be encountering these unfortunates a lot. The programs’ dissociative programming starts with systematic sexual and other trauma inflicted on toddlers and young children, many of whom are killed or driven insane in the early months. The mere knowledge of the existence of such large scale programs taxes many people’s sanity.

Helicopters abruptly stopped flying over us four years ago, right after I published directions for shooting them down (humanely with a bow and arrow and a roll of surveyor tape, so I suspect the intimidators are, themselves, quite easily intimidated. We kept a powerful crossbow around but never bothered to set it up to shoot a stream of surveyor tape to catch in the rotors. I bet that if anyone brought down one of these it wouldn’t get reported by the What To Think Network. DB brought down a few predatory aircraft–one or two of those fiery events were apparently witnessed by Ryan McGinty two summers ago–by interfering with their machinery the way Carol sometimes manipulates traffic lights. He took a cue from her, in fact, and modified the technique.

We routinely blast the crew and passengers of any chopper that comes within our hearing, just in case. It doesn’t harm anyone to receive that energy.

A couple of months ago a chopper made a dozen slow passes over our property at a low altitude and I was out there, pointing our small cloudbuster at it (my incessant blasting wasn’t having an effect) when Carol, who looked into the heads of our visitors, finally came out and said, ‘They’re just photographing the commercial property next door for the developer.’ I bet those guys thought I was a real goofball

Another innocuous chopper which was apparently used to pick up cash from a Mormon ‘social center’ every week used to give us a very wide berth, though we were in its flight path to that big, windowless building and once, when Kelly and I were standing outside I demonstrated my then-new blasting technique on the chopper for Kelly’s benefit and the thing instantly dropped down behind the nearest hill and approached the Mormon building the rest of the way (a mile and a half or so) below treetop level–literally out of sight

In your and Satish’s case I think the choppers are showing up for intimidation and perhaps to beam you guys with underwhelming, beardenesque electronic weaponry. As you say, the timing confirms it. Since your blasting isn’t apparently making that stop I’m curious to know what the psychics can tell us about them next Sunday. I think we can find an easy way to stop that harrassment.