World Can't Wait - LA

The World Can’t Wait demonstration in LA was very disappointing. Not many people, just the hard-cores. Young hard-cores. I was one of the oldest farts there.

A large group brought fake, flag draped coffins. When the Channel 11 Fox TV crew showed-up they recieved a twenty-minute chorus of about two-hundred or more people, chanting, no, screaming, F*** Y***!!! Over and over. That’s when I got bored and wandered off.

There were no arrests that I saw, although there was a LOT of cops standing around, riding motorcycles, driving patrol cars and I saw some officers on horseback. They seemed to have been told to hang-back unless it got too weird. It didn’t get weird enough for me.

I gotta think people are too scared to come out for these things anymore, after that draconian bill they just passed. Another reason I believe that, is because my sales have gone flat since then. I have ONE sale this month. Thanks Brian! I usually get at least one or two sales a day, sometimes more. This is pretty ominous. Used-up most of my savings on month-end bills.

I was very disappointed at the low turnout. I also have some questions regarding the authenticity of whomever put this on, or should I say, didn’t put this on. I noticed most everyone there wore black. I found-out after the fact, that the event organizers requested people to wear black and I remember reading somewhere that that’s done to help the feds identify protestors. At the World Can’t Wait in another town, the people were asked to wear red.

Right now I’m pretty disappointed in my fellow Americans and I’m wondering if fake-fear will run me out of business.

It’s all fake, you know.

I got two orders, thanks Mark and Roy!!! That’s an excellent start…(hint hint…)

I got this in an email and I think it’s germaine to this discussion:

Top Ten Things The NWO Forgot When Planning World Takeover


10 – There are more than a million of us for each one of you, and we don’t really like you very much- because you keep trying to kill us.

9 – We know how desperate you are to <em>appear</em> like you are actually still in control of the situation.

8 – Despite many years of effort on your part to stamp us out, we are ahem still here, and growing exponentially.

7 – We can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your multi- million-dollar

that a ten year old kid can build.

6 – Your system is not sustainable. We sometimes enjoy watching the contortions you go through trying to keep it up and running, but lately we are getting hungry and that makes our BS detectors more active.

5 – Everything you have depends entirely on us, since you guys usually can’t even locate the ‘on’ switch. So, even if you push ‘the button,’ WE still have to push SEVERAL THOUSAND MORE buttons in order for anything to happen. Most likely, when you tell us to ‘look sharp,’ we will just crack a beer and fart.

4 – In order for people to be good zombies, they have to be fully aware of what you are doing, in order to successfully pretend they don’t know.

Number 3 – Punishment loses its effectiveness with overuse, and you are WAAAY past the point of overuse.

2 – Nobody actually believes clouds are long straight lines that come out of airplanes.

1 – There is a God. (see universe for reference.)

S incerely, Citizen of the World.

Andy, what you’re describing has confirmed for me that this was all contrived. The best evidencde, early on, is that nobody had even heard of this until just a week before.

I wasn’t privy to how the anti World Trade Organizations protests were initiated but I suspect that a whole lot of internet traffic preceded it for more than a week. The ‘F$#@ Y*&’ antics indicate the usual agents provocateur rabble, designed to discredit genuine, lawful dissenters, as also happened at the SEattle rally in 99.

Of course, public protest is simply rebellion; it’s never proactive in a creative sense but gifting is and this forum is.

The top ten document is encouraging but non-specific. The other document you showed me, which delineates precisely why martial law can’t be enforced, is much more useful, in my opinion.

Now that the entire federal government is using the US Constitution for toilet paper it’s only a matter of time until a genuine groundswell of determined opposition rises up and if we can all do our jobs adequately, it will be a non-violent process and, as STevo jokes, the feds will all just file quitely into those millions of jail cells they created for you and me <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” />

We’ll go to bat for you in the Sunday SmackDown, partner. This has always gotten you clear of the $#!+house rats before and it will this time, too; then you’ll start prospering again. You’re not the only one who’s getting his business interfered with, by the way.