Dear Don Croft
Thanks for your prompt reply.As far as we know, Mr.John zhou want to apply for the following names:
And Internet Brand "worldwithoutparasites ".
You would know domain name takes open registration, this is international domain name registration principle. So Mr.John zhou has right to register it.
If you think his registration will confuse your clients and harm your profits, we can send an application document to you and help you protect these domains within our approving period. This is a better way to prevent domain name dispute. If you think his application will not affect your company, you can give up, we will finish his registration. Hope get your decision as soon as possible so that we can handle the next step

Best regards

Your Sincerely Joy xu


This gal offered me the courtesy of challenging Mr Zhou’s use of my domain name. I first asked her to ask him to contact me so I could determine if what he was promoting was in line with our stuff but he evidently declined, then I got the above note.

I thought on it a little bit, then told Ms Xu that I won’t contest it because he’ll just end up advertising for us, after all, no matter what he’s selling. I’ll ask the psychics to peek at the fellow for me, though.

This is a week after I ordered parts for (finally) very inexpensive, basic zappers to be made in Uganda for wholesale distribution in the West and also for distribution in Africa. Dr Paul Batiibwe (posts on EW as DrP) will be ably running that show and I’ll promote his zappers to our distributors, will also sell them on our site. The ‘cn’ after the site name indicates that it’s based in China, in case you didn’t know. I hope someone will make and distribute inexpensive zappers there because it will probably then spread through the world

My own parts supplier, Mark, in Philadelphia, whom I’ve been dealing with for eleven years, has been selling a fifteen dollar zapper on for a year or so but this one is cumbersome and Mark is still personally inclined to Hulda Clark’s irrational paradigm. These newer ones will look just like my old basic zapper, which was slightly larger than a nine-volt battery and has a couple of coins for electrodes, glued onto the botttom of the box–easily worn under clothing. Andy uses those boxes and the circuit to power his Succor Punches and Powerwands, which he sells on

I think Doc B is going to use little brass coins, which will be kind of cool for our customers. He’s also got the background and savvy to do some substantive research with these. Plenty of prestige, too. I hope to blow the fake science that surrounds electromedicine in the West right out of the water, finally. That debilitating technobabble bull$#!+ has done more to slow down the dissemination of this powerful, empowering litttle device than the previous US Gov’t pogrom of zapper makers did. We survived that one by taking our biz on the road for a year in 2000–the jackboots don’t prefer to go after moving targets.

I bet you never considered that most white-coated scientists are more superstitious than they are ‘scientific.’ Think of meaningless technobabble in terms of a Latin mass, which makes no sense to anyone but the priest, is based on bloodlusting Mithraism, rather than Christ’s own teachings, but causes everyone else to genuflect.

It was a rude awakening for me, years ago, to discover that most of the very educated people I encountered, after I got into the healing trade, were irrational/superstitious. Of course, rational academics, scienntists and physicians constantly get into big trouble and are also usually not hired by corporations (read: the global corporation) or gov’t-funded institutions.

Doc Batiiibwe runs a hospital and prefers to use proven alternative medical and healing technology, so he actually helps people get well, there. I know that because I was priveleged to spend some time with him and I saw it happening. The slimy World Health Organization hates his guts, of course


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