Wow, Huffpost didn't moderate my post! LoL

Wow, something must have glitched in Huffington Post’s Blog Moderation Code and my post was published immediately without review. Last week the ‘refused’ to publish (after being held for moderation) a similar post of mine.

Here’s the direct link to my post:


Here’s the link to the main article:

Here’s the text in case they catch on and delete it (and I’ll be surprised if they don’t), lol:

[quote:29wi7wea]Abolish the Federal Reserve. Reinstate a Sovereign Currency. Throw out the International Vulture, Satanist, Banking Families. Return to actually building things of value rather than spinning money….

Well, we can dream. And Kennedy tried to do this with executive order 11110 and look where that got him…

However, if this does not occur, then watch for beginning of a REAL secession movement by the States. After all, probably more than half the States in the ‘Union’ will be forced to declare bankruptcy in the next several months as a result of the vacuuming of the economy by the miscreant banking families. Of course, we could have a false flag emergency, or a fake (swine/bird/man, military pathogen/flu) epidemic leading to martial law… Or another ‘911’, lol. Anything to distract the Sheeple….

Take the ‘Red Pill’, people!

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