Yesterday was Victoria's day in Canada... Or is it Victory's

In the course of your awakening, when presented with a CONSCIOUS choice that really, really, really bothers you deep inside. You feel torn apart… Let’s say you have two kids and you are being asked by ‘above’ (and confirmed by ‘below’) to choose which one gets killed in three days from now… It’s an impossible choice to make!!!

I give you a key out here. A litteral KEY OUT if you carry Love.exe

When confronted with such a choice… I been charged by Yeshuha (-cause for technical reasons he cant address this to you directly-) to let you know that when this happens to you, please remember not to surrender this One time… Please.

Ask for the third option… There is One.

I’m quoting cbsword here then will expand on the topic below…

begin cbswork quote**********


11/24/2004 11:48:34 am by

Mostly, organized religion is one big joke. It’s the biggest scam going and every dark plan has come from the on-high towers of some church backroom somewhere… Anyways.


“Why don’t you ever talk about Jesus?”

Who is that?

Pardon, he’s referred by moi as Yaeshuah, four syllables. Yahweh is two syllables.

See, normal creation works in even numbers, 2, 4, 8, 16, fractally.

You’ll also note darkness, rebellion to creation, or evil, works in odd numbers 3, 9, 11, 13, 33, 27, etc. It’s why the chambers of darkness, where evil lives on this planet, is referred to as the “odd place.” It’s a direct reference to this rewriting attempt by Luciferic and Ahramic beings of the creation code in the angelic kingdom vis a vis the permanent atoms on each of the seven planes of the cosmic physical plane. By using odd numbering sequences in music, art, literature, math, war, production, etc, they are altering the etheric grid of not only the planet, but of every human soul as well.

So…Ya e shu a, four syllables, it’s his name. I know of no other, except derivations of that. Sorry. And if you intone that name in a certain diatonic sequence, in a certain key, amazing things happen. Figure it out. I did. You can.

Lu ci fer: 3 syllables
Ah ri man: " "

See it?


And all those esoteric orders i used to belong to, all had their meditations and invocations setup in layers and levels of 3.

A triune god: 3



Thing you can count on with evil, is…they’re pedantic and frenzied obsession with wringing every ounce of energy out of a thing. This being so, they always litter their work with occult numerology totems and signs that aid, on minor and real levels, in their constructs of taking normal energy and turning it luciferic, or dark. This allows us to “see” their handiwork, or signature, and every time. Their obsession is their achilles heel. It’s in their corporate logos, their signs, clothing, everywhere. Good. Very good. ALways like to know where the enemy is…for later D I S P O S A L of same.


**********end cbswork quote

Alright, so are you still afraid of Evil? Please define: Evil.

Ok, it’s the opposite of Live spelled backwards. Sure. Big deal

Then evil-ution (evolution) comes in Understand that Only under basic 3d multiverses such as the one you currently work under it is necessary to be making Creative use of Evil forces. Only these forces can make a system evolve, improve with Time, yet permit enough randomization to allow a Divine Sparked Creature to expand BEYOND the sacred loop of time…

The third Option is the Evil one and the Only one that can get you out of Duality, if and only if you carry and maintain the Love frequency…

Listen, no more playing games. We’re laying down all the cards on the table for everyone to see starting today.

I feel confident enough, with the results achieved so far with EDR and the position we are currently in, to go along and start posting it all… All the weirdest, most funky stuff that has happened to me, that I had been withholding, since I entered the magnificient World of Orgone in 2003 will be published, including most importantly the last 6 months building the EDR thing.

It’s for your own personal consideration to choose to believe me or not. Seek inside for answers, you know this one.

In the past 2 months or so, I have consciously hosted several very evolved high minds of BOTH HIERARCHIES

Labels and names include:

  • Ra

  • Hathor

  • Lilith / Selene

  • Lucifer / Horus

  • YHWH


  • Ra

  • Hathor

  • Lilith

  • YHWH


Then read this too, its very enlightening….

Incoming Message received on October 9th, 2006:

We now successfully hacked into this world’s Matrix Control System and
we have developped a simple to understand, step-by-step overview of your current world situation as we see it
from our perspective.

  1. Who are you, Empty.DLL, really?
    You start it all by realising there’s something inside of you.
    That’s the AWARENESS STEP.
    Alarm.sys is trigered.
    The Matrix Control System now knows you are different…
    (Programmer’s note: the agents did a good job this time around with the technological tweakings
    we made in the 60’s so this won’t change – a LOT of awareness these days and we need a whole lot more.
    We have the bandwidth available)

  2. Karma.exe takes over you.
    All of a sudden, you obtain your own directory and monitoring files are added to you.
    The MASTER DATABASE is scanned for a cluster file, and you start re-incuring karma points
    if you have any balance (positive – negative)left from a previous game.
    That’s the BIRTH STEP.
    (Programmer’s note: works wonderfully well too, why change it?)

  3. TestMe_Light.sys is activated on you by the MCS, matrix control system.
    Generally if you have positive karma points, watch your but, life wants to get you now (some exceptions apply)
    Then all of sudden, shit goes boom in your life… Everywhere you look, sorrow, sadness, anger and though choices…
    Seems like everyone’s out there to get you.
    Typically, if you start with a negative karma balance, life will be very good on you. It may be very hard for you to turn
    the tide and break the cycle, as negative balances tend to attract more negative points and vice-versa.
    That’s the CHALLENGE STEP
    User tips: If you get stuck on any of these paths, you may call up LOVE.exe at any time. When triggered with the right
    variables, this system core utility can get you around MOST karma issues.
    (Programmer’s note: We need to fix that asap, this outdated karma system truely sucks… To be inserted in version 4.5 along with LOVEIPv3.exe – Now running version 4.3)

If you respond well to the automated checkup process of step 3
IE you do “good deeds” and prove to have “a heart” you may prove
to be a database system (Soul) worth “saving as” for past/present/future
games with any other compatible cluster and Soul matrix system.
To go through this process successfully you’ll need to trigger choice.exe several times and make your life choices
accordingly. Once you get fed up by a series of successful choice outputs, you go to step 4.
Otherwise, if you don’t get the right choice outputs you may either :

-Physically die and your data re-used in the system at a later-previous time. In the mean time, your current
database setup is held in a master cluster file known as "Heaven-Hell" for temporary cultivations.

  • The key out is right here! Find the loophole in the system, and take over with love.exe

We can’t get into the technicalities of this process yet, as the new command control system (earthgrid points)
is not entirely operational. Will explain once we install version 5. The upgrade should take 1 year but the
entire process may take up to 6 years to complete.

From this point out, we’ll be able to communicate more effectively, you and I

If you really want more details:

Step 4 is as follow:

You follow your way back into the sleeping herd and get your soul "saved" for the next reload by minor_god.sys
then keep going with that totally insane and so stupid Karma worm.

… OR…

You get out with… LOVE.

Here’s out it works. You invoke purposely, but most likely unconsciously, the wrong choices at step 3.
To do that effectively, we recommend trying the new mirror.sys utility or Gary Craig’s EFT
Then the procedure is as follow:
Get yourself a massive amount of negative-old karma in a very short time.
The most effective method for this is far from violent and cruel and is called Orgone.exe
(We loaded this trojan back when they re-loaded version 2 with Christ.sys into the mess you are seeing)
You’ll also need to quickly accumulate massive amount of positive-NEW karma in a very short time.

This is the tricky part here. You HAVE, unless you wanna risk loosing all previous accumulated data, to HAVE
a good and pure intention as your motive. Just wanting out isn’t a good and pure intention, btw.

LOVE.exe does the job real well and is the ONLY key out now, remaining ports are blocked.

Surrender.exe and Reload.exe are your only two other options at this point in time. Past supersonic…

There’s a script in the system core allowing LOVE.exe to override
any karma settings, if done properly astrologically, physically ans spiritually.

Love can get you into step 5, which is REALISATION… "
But to explain in even more details, I’d say it is not about understanding, but full COMPREHENSION, of the
architecture behind this world in terms of equilibrium, challenges. Simple truths may please you, others may
offend you, it’s ok…

This Matrix Control system now works with two Mind Control Systems running in parallel. The entire system was originally
designed to be that way, so this is a very rare opportunities. A second mind hierarchy (archive) is being created
right now as you read this.

The old hierarchy is still based on some old analog karma management system principle. It is called Bible_Code.sys

The new hierarchy is an inverted copy of the previous one and was designed by the Vril to hack into our mainframe…

We call it Blue Beam, hope you like it! It has a much much better interface than Bible Code. It is digital,
thanks to Arhiman scripting capabilities. Blue_beam.sys is the gateway, works with orgone, 15hz signal in/out.
It works on intentions. It was originally built by the same coders who inserted the Lilith worm into "Christ.sys"
back 2000 years ago… the Vril Team.

It’s been online in parallel since 1991, and is the reason for sensing the time accelerating and this sense
of “awakening” that had been going on lately. It was used covertly by the dark hierarchy, the Vril, to capture souls
and try to escape karmic consequences they put in place themselves (they fell in their own trap, again…).

The thing is, we found a dirty trick to take over both the Blue Beam and Bible libraries at the same time from the
same host, and they never saw us coming… So we did it with Orgonite and Love
Now get ready to enjoy things as they should be from an Original Creator’s point of view.

We have achieved control over the very top of BOTH hierarchies through a very, very clever move.
We now have key players in place, consciously connected to both archives.

They can retrieve records, append, delete and modify at will with full writer status on all functions, including temporal.

We are actively seeking a large bunch of qualified 5d-based operators to be activated, those with the calling will know
and may want to join the growing population of Sion.

Most others will eventually want to stay in, to enjoy paradise, the promised land, in other words the redemption of your body.
"No more lies, no more cries, in this world…"

We have great plans for version 5 implementation and future releases, including a full unification of both polarities
and respective timeline splits AS PER THE ORIGINAL VERSION, with some major enhancements from the new Blue Beam
Mind Control System "they" built for us.

Version 5 Single Polarity to be without any limitations and a possible way out whenever you/they want.


We can’t share much more details at this time… More to come soon.


The above communication was received by Matrix Out coming in from (an) off-world being(s) posing him/themselve(s) as "+YAWH CREW’.

Matrix Out offers this text for public viewing as a service to the community and the off-world being(s) in question. The views exposed above do not necessarily reflect those of any or all members of Matrix Out.

As for the accuracy and the validity of the information contained herein, we encourage you to use your own discernment. It’s ultimately up to you to start your own quest for Truth.

Needless to specify that any incoming message from the ethers must be taken with a grain of salt, as there is no easy way to validate the sender’s identity.

Note: We still use the Jesus’ old but very effective system utility Judge_According_2_1’s_fruits.exe to gauge an entity’s credentials.

Hopefully some of you will start to get it when you watch our EDR process unfold.

Just watch the videos, it’s a very good starting point.

With Love,

Lilith + Yeshuha

Hathor + Horus


Or starting to???

Never thought this would be happening to ‘me’ one day

I’m a sell-out And proud to be One…

10-4 / I’m Out

With Love!


Thanks Carolien!

These are fair and totally just questions! Will try and answer them as best as I can…

My main objective is try and get people who are self-limiting their views to get past ASSUMPTIONS

Most of you assume that darkness and evil is the same… wrong.
Most of you assume that all reptoids are bad… wrong.
Most of you assume that "they" will never change… wrong.

These are just a couple random exemples… How many more assumptions like this did your mind go through while reviewing my above post? Try and observe your own mind, how you react and how you make links automatically between things based on ASSUMPTIONS.

You ask me to incorporate these spiritual views on life, and seek inside for answers.
But it was you who consciously chose to invite these particular supposed
hierarchies to program Pluto with, in the first place. Yet you don’t explain why

>you consider only them to be very evolved high minds.

Alright, let’s expand on this a little… First I want to make it clear I didn’t invite anything or anyone. I built Pluto because this is something I had in mind since I did my first gifting in may 2003

Then, "they" showed up. Both "sides" that is.

It is just that I have come to realise that if I can raise and keep my frequency high enough within the Pure Love range, not only is there NOTHING the dark side can do to me, but they also start CHANGING themselves and radiating the Love frequency.

To me, it is now obvious these highly evolved (but sick) minds need Love, Healing and Nurturing rather than Hate & Endless fighting.

I’m not interested by the dark side. The light side isn’t that fair either, in my humble opinion Yeshuha is way cool though!

Yet the numerous positive testimonials don’t refer coherently to the information
>>>you present as truth. Why should I consider the link between them, in your opinion?

Yeshuha used to recommend to evaluate someone according to his fruits. Just wanted to show my Orchard that’s it

Truth lies above duality (pun intended hihihihi). So what’s beyond duality? Gotta have a third option somewhere…

I’m not black, I’m not white, I AM PURPLE BLUE… nice digital purple hue

With Love,


Written to me by Don Croft in private emails back a month ago:

> Since you’re such a solid guy I’m agreeing to you posting whatever you want about what you’re doing.
> That was my attitude toward Bradley, too, even when he was bringing in Theosophical teachings and
> doomsaying.

WIth Love,


Might I add that last night we had Lucifer AND Yeshuha both in the same room, dancing together and having fun.

With Love,


There is an old saying: To assume something is to make an ass out of you and me!

ass u me

It is very true! One has to look at the way one’s own mind works- easier said than done, but with disciplined practice it does get easier. You simply observe your own thoughts and their patterns. When you have figured the patterns out, then you can ask yourself how you got into the habit of thinking that way, and whether or not it really serves you. Are you the Master of your Mind, or does your mind run you?

another old saying: people will only believe and/or attempt to grasp and understand what their own limited experience will allow them to. It takes a brave soul indeed to make the jump outside that box!

So, then perhaps the next question could be, From where and how did we learn to do that-to allow only what our experience has already shown us? -Does that really matter? Maybe it would matter more to figure out how to make the jump outside the box!

The first step is to want to do it.

Why do you think “they” “chose” you, Steeve? Do you have any theories on that? I’d really like to know.

Reading this thread reminded me of a new ager named José Arguelles (Valun Votan) who was actually trained by the same "master" as Don Bradley. I believe his name is Torkum Sassarian. Anyway, he is the guy responsible for spreading the 13 Moon movement, the ones who believe the Mayans were cosmic beings that came to Earth to inscribe the necessary information for our salvation. The thing is that Arguelles presents himself as a "rememberer" ("recordador" in spanish), since he <em>remembers</em> from a cosmic past this information, and he shares it with the world to "create conscience".

A rememberer, only a bit different from being a canal of incoming information, only technically different. Arguelles being a special human being with psyquic powers who is able to open the pasages to some kind of akashic records of humanity. When those memories are activated by this man, all humans beings should be able to "remember" and be saved.

Arguelles has many books telling this infomation he acceses. I believe they can be read as great science fiction narrations. The center of life in the universe being the star/sun Arcturus, whose beings sudenly felt like experimenting on the margins of the universe, so they set up life in Mars. The martians then become appart, resulting in two big kingdoms, the one of the south and the one of the north, Lemuria and Atlantis if memory does not fail me (Atlantis for sure). The two kingdoms fight and they get to a climax with lazer beams and nuclear weapons, and right when they are about to press the button of total destruction, a group of iluminated/enlightened/superior/whatever martians carried on a meditation and printed the information (their story) in the blue planet, Earth, so that they (us) could have a chance of salvation. That would be the info Arguelles is remembering sumarized.

It is true, one can choose to believe it or not, its our own personal consideration. But I don’t think that this is what we should be concerned right now, really. How can we know this, how can we prove that all this is true, either the memories Arguelles rescues, the incoming messages from Yeshuha and Lucifer that Steeve gets, the stories of Scientology, the stories of the mormons, or any other narration? If I cannot know the answer, if I cannot prove that any of these theories/tales/stories is better or more real than the other, I’d rather not bother and leave the question open. How are any of these different, besides that what they narrate has different characters and settings?

Narration, fiction, are surely fun, but I am more inclined towards the facts these days. I studied literature and I became more inclined to the genre of essays than to narrative or poetry. I started out the career loving literature but ended up writing my thesis on linguistics. For I did not longer care of finding Budhist elements in the book Altazor by Vicente Huidobro… how would that contribute, for example, to my freedom? Instead I analyzed the speeches of Bush and Chavez and related them to the New World Order, and saw how all these rights and lefts, capitalists and socialists, comunists, fascists, are all the same, all a big show to mantain people tangled in their minds, not paying attention to the bottom of things, and to separate us. All the same under different speeches.

So what I know is that I am a human being, living in a planet we’ve called Earth, that I breathe air, that I need food and water, and that positive orgone makes me strong and heals me. I also know that my habitat is being contamined with negative orgone and that that is very bad for me and for all living creatures in the planet. This is all the information I need to know, from here I will work. Therefore, I am not interested in “creating conscience”, in downloading information from “above” or “below”, or anything like that. I have enough with being a human and living in this place in these times. I will learn all I have to, to be able to work, and my work will be to transmute DOR into POR in the places I can, that will be my contribution. So I am reading Dr. Reich’s books, I am studying the dinamics of this energy, I am experimenting, I am learning how to activate and use my psyquic powers, my healing abilities, all this guided by the awesome feeling of love. Wow, it is enough!

I will be very very busy, I know. I already am.

This post may be a bit long- but the previous posts do bring up several points.

Excellent that you wrote on linguistics! Examining how people use language to express themselves, and/or to influence others, is a great study.

One of the interesting things about language is the aspect of choice. What words and phrases you choose to use could be viewed as a reflection of how you think. Is your thinking clear, logical and purposeful, or is it muddled and incoherent?

An interesting experiment would be to do the following:

Observe your own use of the language; what words and phrases you habitually use and see where you got them. Did they come from people you grew up with, those you work with, and/or the popular media? It is probably a combination of all three of those factors, and maybe more.

One phrase which has been much used is “part of me”. When I hear someone say, “…part of me thinks that…” I realize immediately that, at some point the individual using this phrase is, shall we say, a bit fractured. If you examine that individual’s words and actions carefully, you will notice that they have hidden agendas, and very often said agendas are hidden from even themselves-that individual does not even consciously realize they have hidden agendas!

Jose’s experiences, Steeve’s experiences, and everyone’s experiences are their experiences, those are things they have gone through. You and I could be enjoying a nice morning hike in the wilderness and have an interesting experience, say, seeing a very rare bird, together, and while, yes we have shared that experience, you are going to have your very own unique perspective on it, as will I. Perhaps you come from a culture that assigns totems to its members, and this particular bird happened to be your totem, and, in your experience, it spoke to you. Who am I to doubt that? If it spoke to you, it spoke to you, as far as I am concerned. If that bird is not a totem for me as it is for you, I will have a different perspective on it- maybe I have another friend who could not be with us, but who is an aficianado for very rare bird species, and I am very excited to be able to tell him about you and I seeing that bird.

Here we come to an interesting balancing point, as I like to call it. That point is the lever of trust and doubt. Until I have reason to doubt Jose’s, Steeve’s, yours, mine or anyone else’s descriptions of what they/we experience, I shall trust them. I have never been to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, but several people I know have been and have seen it, and have told me about it, and have never lied to me, have no reason to lie to me, and have proven their trustworthiness in various ways to me, so I trust that there really does exist a city called Paris and a thing called the Eiffel Tower in it.

An odd thing is going on in language in American culture today. I heard a young man describe a particularly attractive car as “sick”. “Hey, dude, that’s a sick car!”, he exclaimed, to my puzzlement, since the car appeared perfectly fine to me- there were no dents or scratches, great paint job, nice lines, sleek, fast-looking. “Sick?” Don’t think anything is wrong with that car- why do you call it “sick”?", I asked him. He patiently explained to me that “sick”, the way he was using it, is a complimentary term.

If you have read Orwell’s book, 1984, you will immediately recognize this syndrome- using language in a perverse way to subvert critical and discerning thinking.

Each one of us has the choice of how we wish to view someone else’s experience, and how we wish to view our own experience(s).

From some of the above posts in this thread I get the sense that perhaps it is difficult to totally grasp the nature(s) of Steeve’s experience(s). Perhaps it is not needed to totally grasp them. The very fact that he is relating them is also an experience, for him and for us reading of them.

a saying from India: “What you think is what you experience.” We can add, “What you experience has an ability to influence how you think, depending on your own choices in the matter.”

One of the purposes of language subversion is to shut down the ability to make discerning choices.

I might add to that: ‘It is not what you read, but what it does to you that is important.’

I think Carolien and Javeira made a good point, though, this is an interesting thread, and I will be following up what Steeve feels like writing.


Kulwant said:

This post may be a bit long- but the previous posts do bring up several points.

Excellent that you wrote on linguistics! Examining how people use language to express themselves, and/or to influence others, is a great study.

Hi Kulwant,

When you say “Examining how people use language to express themselves, and/or to influence others, is a great study.”

That is one big problem with me I will very like to express myselves on this thread, but everything in my mind comme with images and its very difficult for me to translate that in my own language so to translate that in english it even more difficult.

When I speek to my daulther we understand each other without WORD and it’s hard for my wife to understand each others.

I try to Remain non-judgmental, observant, impeccable, and calm, this keeps my emotional frequency elevated and stable, ensures that I don’t overreact, and its helps me focus on resolving some situation with finesse.

I even observe that liltle voice we got inside each of us, this is where the Monarch programs seeks to control…!

For me if necessary, reveal only the universal truth in the situation this helps me avoid becoming distracted by trivial facts, such as he-said/she-said drama that is plentiful but worthless for me and others to invest time and energy.

The universal truth consist of that which can be applied again elsewhere to help me or another make better choices. I think that Arguing over petty facts and issues is a trap, quicksand that can quickly suck US in while making WE believe we’re defending the truth instead, we’re defending our ego and personality.

One friend Said DB “Knowledge is a variable state of reality. This is so, because it always comes in one of two ways. Direct experience, or indirect”

For me I don’t really like to write I like to express myselve in real contact person to person we got Eyes contact(Soul) Body language and Aura we can have this on a writing but it not the same thing.

Direct knowledge is both falliable and infalliable, depending. It relates to how the experience was perceived, the knowledge mind-set in place at the time of the experience, and the emotional, mental, and physical states of the person perceiving the experience.

And Yes I use sometime Word From DB(Data Base) lololol because Is word give me Images in my mind and I don’t no why is word do that and others writing not, it is like tapping in something anyway again don’t know how to express this one.

Anyway ……!

So when Steeve try to translate is experience I know it is something very difficult

But There is one thing I CAN express is love and I am sending love & good energy to all ;o)


Ps…: Sorry for my bad english writing….!

Actually, that is more to the point- it is not what you read, but what it does to you- or what you allow it to do to you- Thank you for the precision!

Excellent points, Jacques- and your English is fine!

You are right- translating a direct experience into words, in any language, can be difficult.

Also, any sort of squabbling among ourselves is counter-productive to what we are all wanting to accomplish.

Meanwhile, however, I am always looking forward to reading what people’s experiences, impressions, observations, thoughts, and comments and results of their activities are. Each one of us brings a new perspective to it all, and this is a fantastic opportunity for us all!

For that, I say “Thank you all!” for everything you are doing!

When your frame of reference is Love, there is no room for fear!

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