Young CB - On March 20th of 2003 I made my first CB

On March 20th of 2003 I made my first CB and published (mostly twice a day) observations on the old Cloud-Busters forum. After about four months, somewhat of a stable state was reached, and so I pretty much suspended observation. Although the forum of original publication no longer exists, the records have been saved and are available here in John’s (otherwise) excellent Whale website.

It lacks about three months of the CB being three years old, and when talking with McGinty several weeks ago, it seemed about time to resume observations, at least until the existing status quo became apparent – for several reasons:

  1. there have been speculations that the quartz crystals placed in the bottoms of the pipes need to be replaced over time, and it seems that sufficient time has elapsed to determine if that is necessary in this particular TB;

  2. due to the formation of a canopy of positive qi over the region somewhat over a year ago, and the addition of other CBs in the area, the contextual qi has changed sufficiently that it conceivably might affect the working of the original one here in town.

My first CB was made strictly according to Don Croft’s instructions as published at the time: no frills, coils, and no extra seventh center pipe. After a week or so I did remove it from its bucket and bury it in the ground, next to a small pine, but such that there were no branches directly over the pipes. Sometime later, after reading a published observation of “cbswork”, I placed an HHG with a lemurian crystal on the base between the pipes. This was again the simplified HHG “a la Croft”, with only one crystal and no coils.

The CB is still in the same place, although the pine tree has grown so that the branches now somewhat overhang the pipes. I made my (renewed) first observations tonight. Times given will be in Pacific Daylight Time.

12/27/2005 8 PM Positive qi was flowing into the base from the earth along an S-curve, with the CB in the center of the S. Negative qi was swirling into the CB from overhead, the source of the DOR being somewhere off to the SW.

Transformation into positive qi occured at about a foot and a half above the ground, and the POR swirled straight upwards in the center area between the pipes.

There was a happy feeling elemental at the transformation point.

There were two twenty or thirty foot tall devas hanging around: one just to the south and one just to the west, about ten feet or so from the CB. They also seemed happy.

Although I felt significant changes (from two and a half years ago) in the qi of the surrounding ground, since it was dark, I will wait to describe them until I have a chance to observe during daylight and thereby be better able to identity location of the qi with objects in the landscape.

12/28/2005 8AM Negative qi was flowing away from the base along four straight lines, about right angles to one another in the ground. Negative qi was swirling into the CB from overhead: this time the source was off to the SE, which is the direction in which lies the nuclear reactor on campus. Positive qi swirled up from the point of transformation.

The entities were about where they were yesterday. The elemental, while still positive, was not so quite as much this morning.

In the light this morning I noticed something forgotten: that last spring I had replaced the HHG with a TB containing a crystal charged with CB-water.

When reporting back in 2003, I would describe the effects of the orgonite on the ground, and how far out the positivity would extend from day to day. Now the ground is positive wherever one looks, although this seems somewhat to be a “surface coat”, and the old negative lines and sources are still palpable below the surface. For instance the old source of negative qi near one of the water towers in Moscow is still emitting negative qi, but it is not collecting in the sky above it, as it did formerly.

The positive qi, which was described last year as entering the upper tips of the trees and working its way slowly down the trunks into the ground, is now flowing from above down the trunks into the ground. It seems to be moving pretty much straight down through each tree, without a spin…… until it enters the ground. Then it seems to spin, counterclockwise when viewed from above, down deep into the ground below the tree. So it increasingly begins to appear that there is a cycle occuring, wherein the positive qi moves from deep in the earth, in vortices, into the heavens – whence it returns through the trees into the ground, and then swirls back down, perhaps to its original source.

12/29/2005 1:30AM Pretty much as in the last report, with these differences: negative qi was flowing into the CB along the four straight lines, and the elemental at the transformation point was a bit more positive.

12/29/2005 12:10PM The flow of negative qi into the CB from above is still coming from the direction of the nuclear reactor. The qi flowing in through the earth is along an S-curve again. The entities feel much as they did early this morning.

Most of the pine and fir trees in the area have a single stem, and this single stem is the path of entry of the positive qi from the heavens into the ground through those trees.

There are some deciduous trees in the area, including some smaller plum trees, on which there are a number of branches, no one dominating over the others. In these trees the positive qi seemingly enters just one of the branches on each tree. What POR is in the other branches comes from below, where they attach to the trunk or a larger branch. The one branch into which the qi enters from above seems usually to be the tallest or the most nearly vertical.

12/30/2005 9:30AM DOR is still coming in from above from the reactor. POR flows out along the four straight lines into the earth.

12/31/2005 The CB this morning is in its resting or “breathing” stage. There is no DOR coming in from above. There is DOR coming into and leaving the base of the CB through the ground, along an S-curve. This happens in a cycle of about 8 or 9 seconds. For about 4 seconds the negative qi moves away from the CB along both directions of the “S”, and then for about four seconds it moves back in. This completes a cycle, and then the cycle begins again.

There is little or no POR going up into the sky from the transformation point, but all three resident entities seem to be happy.