Laozu Kelly, a gifted energy sensitive who advanced our understanding of orgone and orgonite

Laozu is a gifted energy sensitive, who can feel and visualise etheric energy known as orgone or chi.

He posted amazing daily observations of energy flowing in and out of (and through) an orgonite cloudbuster from 20th March 2003 to 31st January 2004, and made a small update in December 2005.

These observations have helped advance our understanding of subtle etheric energy, and how orgonite and cloudbusters interact with it.

He became fascinated with orgone’s interaction with orgonite, and as well as making postings on a variety of forums, had the foresight to keep his observations saved, and published initially via his website, and then via a comprehensive 274 page book, found here: Introduction.pdf (5.8 MB) - source.

This thread contains the most relevant information from Laozu, but if you are interested in his background, the free book linked to above is well worth the read.

You can also find @laozu’s old posts from the Etheric Warriors forum, right here by viewing his profile.

His main thread was “Heaven and Earth”, which includes observations in addition to what is included in this thread.

Don had this to say regarding Laozu’s work:

Kelly, I can’t express how grateful I am that you’re putting all of this together in one place–I’m especially grateful that it’s on EW.

Your work represents a unique development in this movement, as I’ve said since our first outing together, three years ago, and what you’ve been accomplishing is so big that we’re only now starting to see what it’s about. Today, when re-reading your adventures I was struck by the significance of the appearance of the Sylphs, nearly planet-wide, with the restoriation of the orgone canopy in our atmosphere. Where you live (and we lived) this happened through your and our systematic efforts but you’re the first to ‘map’ the process.

It may be that nobody will show up who has your gift, which may mean that you’ll be travelling all over the world to fine tune some of the problem areas where ordinary gifting hasn’t established a healthy orgone canopy.

Also, this report represents the most systematic exploration of the effects of relatively small amounts of orgonite, intelligently/intuitively placed in the environment. Your accomplishment in a single day in and over Hiroshima, last year, is a case in point.

I get glimpses, now and then, of the significance of your contribution. With hindsight, I witnessed the formation of massive Sylph clouds ahead of me for five hundred miles through West Texas one day while tossing out a simple towerbuster every three miles along the route. The exhilration that happens when one sees and connects with a Sylph is unmistakable and that day, three years ago (right before I met you, in fact) was the grandest Sylph connection for me, yet. I didn’t even know about Sylph clouds, then, so didn’t have a name for the experience. Maybe that has something to do with the irrevelance of scale in initiatory spiritual experiences: our deep, personal connection to aspects of the broader universe. It seems obvious to me that this feeling is what keeps you going in this broad effort.

I’ve sent countless people to Ryan’s site to see what Sylphs look like and now this thread has your own excellent photos, thanks. By now, not many folks are confusing the demonic-looking fakes (good blasting targets!) for Sylph clouds any more.

There’s enough solid data in this thread, so far, to fill volumes so I’m hoping that you’ll start writing books before long. I know that you spent an awful lot of time compiling these concise reports and it’s a safe bet that EW will be around for the duration, at least.

Really, this movement is so big, by now, that it has a life of its own. I’m hoping to keep EW as a standard that others can measure their own board efforts against and you just boosted EW up a few notches, my friend.



Laozu also detailed his observation of using relatively large magnets to stimulate Qi/orgone movement through the body, in order to help with pain and other ailments.



It was while visiting Taiwan in 1983 that I first read of the etheric connection between heaven and earth. According to tradition, there were places where sheng qi would pour into the earth from the sky. Men and other (sometimes non-corporeal) entities, who sought spiritual development, would sometimes search out these places and sit quietly there (in meditation) for the purpose of achieving more rapid advancement.

At the time, I considered this no more than hearsay. During that year I had opportunity to see a number of Buddhist and Taoist temples on the island, and had observed that often they were situated over positive lines of qi in the earth. This was so frequently the case, that I acquired the habit of looking for lines of qi in the earth whenever I came upon a new temple.

In late August and early September of 2001 I met with some Chinese friends to visit various of the Taoist and Buddhist holy mountains of China. One of the Taoist mountains we visited was Hengshan, in Shanxi Province. At one place there, we came upon a temple (xuan gong si in Mandarin) which had been constructed on the side of a steep slope. One wall rested on the ground, and the opposite on wooden poles. As our vehicle approached, I automatically checked for qi lines about the place, but found none. Since there was level ground not far away, it seemed surprising that the builders had gone to the trouble of constructing it on the sleep slope, almost a cliff. After parking, while walking over to the entrance of the place, I noticed that sheng qi was coming down from the sky di- rectly through the roof. We were told that there had been a temple in that location from time immemorial, and that it had not been used solely by one group: Taoists, Buddhists, and Confucianists had all used the place at one time or another. We walked through it, and I found that the place where the sheng qi entered the ground was near the back wall, and that that particular place had been used especially for quiet sitting. In fact there was a depression in the rock there for that purpose.

Another mountain we visited on that trip was near the Shaolin temple. This is in the Songshan range in Henan Province. Tradition has it that in the early 6th century, the Buddhist sage Da Mo visited the temple, and found a place on a mountain nearby where he sat quietly for 9 years. That particular temple is known for its martial arts, and it is said that Da Mo was the one who taught the monks the system which made the place famous. In any case, the spot where Da Mo is said to have meditated is still known, and many pilgrims climb up that mountain yearly to see it. We hiked up as well, and I was surprised to find, as at the temple on Hengshan, that sheng qi streamed out of the sky down into the meditation spot.

It was in March of 2003 that I first read on the internet of some of Don and Carol Croft’s orgonite inventions, inspired by the work of Wilhelm Reich. Following Don’s published plans, I built a CB .

It was a surprise to read that the Crofts lived only ten miles away, so I emailed Don (who was on a trip on the East Coast at the time), asking if we could meet. He said “sure, but most of the `action’ involving CB 's was taking place on Stuart Jackson’s cloud buster forum”. So I registered and began posting daily observations of how qi in the area was interacting with my CB . It was frequently the case that sha qi was coming down from the sky (and in from the earth) into the CB and sheng qi was sent back up into the sky: a transformation was taking place. As a result of these observations, I became “hooked” on studying and working with these phenomena.

In the summer of 2003 these observations led to the discovery of what I have come to call vortices , though this is a specialized use of the word, and different people use the term for different phenomena. What I have since come to view as the typical vortex of this type occurs on the earth’s surface, often at a place of high altitude relative to the surrounding area, where qi from below ground rises up and concentrates. This qi characteristically contacts the surface at several points, and if TBs are placed at those points, sheng qi comes up through the surface and swirls upward in the the shape of an inverted cone. The first clear example I came upon of such was at Steptoe Butte, and I published the events connected with the “opening” of that vortex on the cloud-buster forum. Several other vortices were opened that summer and fall, but it wasn’t until the next summer (2004) that I began to bring some method into the process, and to get a better idea of its significance.

Some of these things were published on Stuart Jackson’s cloudbuster forum, and some on Mark Davey’s EFF forum in England during 2004, but both of these forums have since been discontinued. When the Etheric Warriors forum came into being, I began publishing observations there, but the severe hacking of Etheric Warriors in the late fall of 2005 resulted in all of that material being relegated to the archives. Subsequently I posted “Heaven and Earth” material on Sensei’s Warrior Matrix forum and Georg Ritschl’s German language Cloud-buster forum. So what I purpose to do here is to collect much of this information together, in a comprehensible body, exposing the state of my understanding of, and experience with, the passage of qi between heaven and earth. This is still a work in progress, and material is continually added as it becomes available.

According to context, measurements will be sometimes reported in the English system, and at other times in the metric system: for those readers unfamiliar with some of these units, I note that a yard is just over 9/10 of a meter, a foot is about 30 and 1/2 centimeters, a mile is about 1.6 kilometers, and an acre is about 1/4 of a hectare.



Qi is pronounced “chi”, as in the word “cheat”. There is no exact English equivalent. In the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary it is defined as “The physical life-force postulated by certain Chinese philosophers; the material principle”. It is actually more than this, in that it lies behind dead as well as living material objects, and even is characteristic of non-material creatures, such as ghosts and angels. It has been equated with the “ether” of certain Western philosophies, and with Wilhelm Reich’s “orgone”. In China it enters into most areas of traditional culture, including for example medicine, martial arts, calligraphy, religion, and feng shui (or geomancy).

It is not merely “postulated” as in the Oxford definition, but can be felt by some, seen by others, and heard by still others. It can be separated into many different categories according to its qualities, but perhaps the most general and simple distinction is effected when qi is classified as being either sheng qi or sha qi . Sheng is the Mandarin word for “giving birth” or “alive”: sha is the Mandarin word for “to kill”. So sheng qi qi is “positive” qi, in that it is pleasant and healthy to be around, and sha qi qi is “negative” qi, in that it is unhealthy and unpleasant to be around. The terms POR and DOR , are sometimes used for sheng qi and sha qi, respectively: those terms derive from Reich’s terms “positive orgone” and “negative orgone”.

Qi will follow flowing water, and it is the opinion of some (including the author), that it is just this qi to which the “water witch” or “Dowser” reacts when his forked stick or dowsing rod(s) involuntarily move.

Qi of a common nature will often congregate in a straight or curved line, and some times it will flow along that line in one or the other direction. When sheng qi is in the line, I will call it a sheng line , and when sha qi is in the line, a sha line.


Qi Transformers

More than a half century ago Wilhelm Reich built what he called an “orgone accumulator” to store and concentrate qi or “orgone.” This consisted of a container constructed from alternating layers of organic and non-organic materials. Reich used the accumulator to create a device to ameliorate the weather by drawing away sha qi , and he named this device a “cloudbuster.” More recently, Don and Carol Croft, adapting an invention of Karl Welz, constructed what is now known as a “CB”, an ingenious device which draws in sha qi from its surroundings, transforms it into sheng qi , and sends the sheng qi directly up into the sky above. The advantage of the Crofts’ device is that one does not require a sha qi dump, since the sha qi is not accumulated, but transformed.

In a CB the alternating layers of organic and inorganic material are replaced by a matrix of fiberglass resin (organic) and curved metal (inorganic). What induces the attraction and transformation of sha qi into sheng qi are six quartz crystals at the bottom of six copper pipes. A CB is pictured in the photo below, where the resin-metal matrix and crystals are enclosed the the white bucket:

Typically the metal consists either of shavings or round pellets.

A much simplified and smaller version of a CB is a TB. The TB is about the size of a muffin and contains a quartz crystal enclosed in a resin and curved metal matrix.

There are other related devices such as “HHg’s” and “earthpipes” built on the same principle of a resin-metal matrix, but the most common orgonite device used today is the TB.



By 2002 I had pretty much retired from building, and had time to look into the internet, which for a number of years friends and acquaintances had increasingly been telling me about. By chance, in the spring of 2003, I came across an article about Don and Carol Croft, and some of their “orgonite”’ inventions. The term “orgonite”’ was new to me, as was the term “orgone”, from which it had been adapted.
Dr. Wilhelm Reich, formerly a noted and controversial psychoanalyst in Vienna, after immigrating to the US in the early forties, discovered what he thought was a new “force”, which he called “orgone” He found that it comes in two forms: positive orgone (or POR) and deadly orgone (or DOR). Reich claimed that by in
influencing the orgone in the sky or clouds, the weather could be altered. Furthermore, he built orgone containers which by concentrating orgone, were said to have cured various diseases of people who had placed themselves within the containers containing the orgone. In the early fifties the FDA accused
him of medical quackery and were instrumental in obtaining a court injunction against mailing orgone apparatus across state lines. Perhaps inadvertently, the injunction was violated, which violation led to Reich’s incarceration, the destruction of his orgone apparatuses, and the burning of most of his books on the subject. Reich died in Federal prison, and for a time his work apparently was largely neglected.
Several decades ago his ideas were taken up again by various people. One of them was Don Croft, who invented an apparatus which he called a “cloudbuster”, after one of Reich’s apparatuses of half a century earlier. Croft’s cloudbuster depended on Reich’s orgone to function, but differed essentially from Reich’s apparatus of the same name. One thing that attracted my eye to the article was that this man Croft was then living in Moscow, Idaho, less than ten miles from my home in Pullman, Washington.
That article described in detail the constituent parts of Croft’s cloudbuster, and how to assemble them. The whole thing seemed rather bizarre to me, but this ``orgone’’ reminded me somewhat of qi. The ingredients were simple: 6 quartz crystals, fiberglass resin, metal shavings, 6 six-foot long lengths of 1-inch copper pipe and a couple small pieces of plywood to stabilize the pipes. Some of these I already had, and the rest was available in the local hardware store. So I built one | just to see what I would see (if anything).
The results, from an etheric point of view, were amazing. They were not uniform however, so I decided to keep a log of what I observed in that respect, and I have added them as an appendix here. This motivated me to contact Don (by email). He was out of town at the time, but responded telling me that I should check out Stuart Jackson’s cloud buster forum if I wanted to share what I was learning and to find out others’ experiences. This forum was then in its heyday, and although it was incident to most of the problems to which free forums are subject, was quite lively and informative. Georg Ritschl, Mark Davey and Sensei
from those days, all later started their own forums.
The basic cloud-buster, and the one I first made, consists of six vertical copper pipes spaced uniformly in a circle, and placed in a cylinder of orgonite, with a quartz crystal at the base of each of the pipes. I buried my first one in the ground, because this gave it better contact with the qi which flows through the ground: a simplified diagram (only four pipes show) is as follows:

Fig. 8: Basic Diagram of a Cloudbuster with Four of the Six Pipes Showing With the Base Placed in the Earth

When it is working at full strength (under the right conditions), it pulls DOR in from the ground and from the sky. As it comes from the sky, this DOR swirls down in the shape of a vortex. At the narrowest point of the vortex it transforms into POR, which then swirls directly up into the sky, in a cylinder, as it were. In the crude Figure (9) I have colored the shape of the downward vortex purple, the downward swirling DOR black, and the upward swirling POR red. The DOR being drawn in from the ground, colored pink in the figure, also transforms into POR.

Fig. 9: Qi Movement About Fully Operating Cloudbuster

The imaginary surface (drawn purple) closely resembles what mathematicians call a circular hyperboloid. A circular hyperboloid is the locus of points formed by an infinite number of slanted lines.

Fig. 10: Lines on a Circular Hyperpoloid

As illustrated above, there are two types of lines in the hyperboloid: one type slanted clockwise up - and the other slanted counter-clockwise up. This suggests that one try building a CB with the pipes slanted in such a way that the pipes lie completely on the circular hyperboloid on which the DOR travels (the part colored purple in Figure (9)). I tried it both ways, and found that the CB worked worse when the the pipes were slanted counter-clockwise up, and better when they were slanted clockwise up. This seems to mean that it
works best when the pipes are most in line with the path of the DOR. In Figure (11) below is shown the pipes for such a “torsion” Cloudbuster before the the resin is poured into the bucket containing metal shavings.

Fig. 11: Simplified Torsion Cloudbuster In Construction

Of course at the base of each of the pipes is placed a quartz crystal with the pointed end upwards, before it is put into use.
In such a torsion cloud buster, the place where the DOR transforms into POR is at the narrowest part of the structure. If one wants the upward POR spiral to have as small a diameter as possible (laser like), it helps to place a seventh pipe in the middle of the other six. This seventh pipe must be vertical, or nearly so, and its bottom end must be slightly above the transformation point. In Figure (12) is a finished torsion cloudbuster, complete with seventh pipe.

Fig. 12: Finished Torsion Cloudbuster



Cloudbusters can draw DOR from the sky from many miles away. What “powers” or “energizes” cloudbusters are the quartz crystals which are placed at the base of the pipes.
To give them stability one can wrap them in rubber cut from a hose, wrap them in electrical tape, or even pour a little resin about them in the pipes.
Cloudbusters sometimes are referred to as CBs. Related to CBs are the so-called TBs.
A TB is commonly about the size of a muffin, and indeed the most common mold for constructing them is a muffin tin. It consists of metal shavings, a quartz crystal and fiberglass resin. The crystals used in TBs are usually smaller and radiate less qi than those placed in the pipes of a CB.

Fig. 13: TB (with tip of crystal showing on top center)



What Reich called DOR and what he called POR appear to be two types of qi, polar to one another in some sense. Karl von Reichenbach has discovered this polarity much earlier, in the first half of the nineteenth century, and he called it “od”, as the original meaning of “od” seems to have been connected with “primary force”. What Reich called POR Reichenbach called “negative od”, and what Reich called DOR, Reichenbach called positive od. Furthermore there are various Chinese names for these polar opposites. Since they occur often in the sequel, we shall need terms for them. Reichenbach found that POR, or negative od, is associated with the north pole of a magnet - and that DOR, or positive od, is associated with the south pole of a magnet. For this reason, in the past I have referred to POR as “north qi” and DOR as “south qi”. However the Chinese have the by far prior claim to have studied and used these concepts. Reichenbach stated that his negative od came from the sun and his positive od came from the moon (and the planets).
The Mandarin name for the sun is “tai yang” and the qi coming from the sun is called yang:
the Mandarin name for the moon is “yue liang” and the qi coming from the moon is yin.
In the sequel we shall usually refer to Reich’s POR and Reichenbach’s negative od as yang
and Reich’s DOR and Reichenbach’s positive od as yin.


1. Almota Vortex, Summer of 2003

During the spring of 2003, while making daily observations of the effects of my new CB, I noticed curious behavior to the southwest. The CB was located in Pullman, Washington (USA), which is near the Idaho border, about 70 miles south of Spokane. There was apparently a source of sha qi to the southwest, and the CB was attracting qi from there, some days more than other. In early summer my curiosity at length impelled me to drive my pickup in the general direction of the source to try to locate it. Three quarters of an hour later I was down on the Snake River, and a location known locally as Almota. There was (and is) a grain elevator there, and the source of the sha qi was partly in the river, and partly on the ground near the elevator.

I placed some TB ’s and HHg’s on the source, and found upon returning back to Pullman, that the negative source had become positive. However the change did not hold, and sometime in July after the wheat harvest had begun, the source changed back to negative. Several times that month I returned to Almota, adding more TB ’s, but the positive effect in each case was of increasingly shorter duration, and at last there seemed to be virtually no effect. In the course of harvest more and more wheat accumulated in the elevator, and when the storage capacity inside the structure became filled, the grain was heaved in to a huge mound on the ground nearby. Carol Croft suggested to me that this increase of sha qi might be related to pesticide residue on the wheat. This may or may not be true. But what I do know, is that as the wheat was gradually loaded onto barges and towed downriver on its journey to Portland, the strength of the sha qi correspondingly diminished and, by the end of the summer, the qi of the area was once more positive.

The source on the river was actually a vortex, as I found out later, but at the time I had no idea that vortices existed, or what a vortex was. Later in December of 2003 the source turned negative again. My guess is that the problem had something to do with the fact that the exact point where qi from below the earth reached the earth’s surface was on the river bed, and could not be treated with a TB directly. Shortly before Christmas a friend of mine named Mike and I took an "earth pipe"to the opposite side of the river, burying it where it would be out of the way and unseen. This had the effect of turning the qi positive, and to date it has stayed that way.

On the long trip home in the December night we had a bizarre accident. The rear wheel of our pickup truck caught on a train rail, flipped over on its side, and was “totalled”. That it happened was a freakish enough, but even more strange was that both Mike and I saw an auto speeding directly at us from the opposite direction just as the pickup flipped – and there was neither a collision, nor sign of the other vehicle afterward.

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2. Steptoe Butte Vortex, Summer of 2003

The vortex at Almota on the Snake was not typical, in the sense that the first time I saw it, it was emitting sha qi . The typical vortex is nearly dormant, in that it is seemingly “clogged up” and emitting no qi .

It was in the hot part of the summer of 2003 that I discovered my first typical vortex. One of the two highest of the the Palouse Hills is Steptoe Butte, the other being Kamiak Butte. While riding to Spokane with Don one day, he informed me that he and Carol had placed TB ’s on Steptoe, but that the hill was still somewhat negative. It was covered with towers of various sorts, including microwave towers, and these were a greater than usual source of sha qi .

I could feel the sha qi even from my home about 25 miles distant, and so one night after work, I jumped into my pickup and drove up there. There is a road to the summit, and I arrived about a half hour before dark. There was only one other party on the butte at the time, and I was able to wander about pretty much unobserved. There was strong qi beneath the surface, and I found two places near the summit, where the qi below actually touched the surface, and placed a TB in each of these points.

By the time I reached the main highway on the way home, it was dark, but to my surprise, I could already feel sheng qi _I swirling up from the summit. By next morning the action was much stronger, and clearly perceptible from my home about 25 miles away. It swirled up in the shape of an inverted cone, with its vertex on Steptoe’s summit. Viewed from above, the direction of the swirl was counter-clockwise. I have since found, with no exception, that the flow orientation of an opened vortex is always in this direction. Now, in the spring of 2008 as I write this, the Steptoe vortex is just as strong, if not stronger, than it was then. Furthermore it is the strongest in the Palouse country, which may be the reason that it was the first one of which I became aware.

At the time I was much impressed: that such an effect could arise from precise gifting of two spots, when the general area had already been gifted, was astounding. In those days I was only beginning to learn how to charge TBs to make them more powerful, and the potency of the two I buried on Steptoe was only slightly better than a simple TB with no extra charge. It seemed to indicate that precision of TB placement could be quite powerful.

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3. Moscow Mountain Vortex, Summer of 2003

In 2003 Don and Carol Croft were living in Moscow, Idaho, which is right on the border of eastern Washington, in the Palouse country. Though hilly, it is is a rich agricultural region, producing wheat, peas, and lentils. The University of Idaho is in Moscow, and 10 miles away in Pullman, is Washington State University. North and east of Moscow about 10 miles lie the so-called Moscow mountains, the largest of which is Moscow Mountain.

On one of the Moscow mountains is a large array of cellular and radio towers. During the winter of 2002 Don and Carol had deposited some TB ’s on its slopes to try to diminish the effect of the sha qi emanating from the cellular towers. In modern parlance, they “gifted” the mountain. But snow had been deep at the time, and they had not been able to reach the summit where the preponderance of towers were located, and one could still feel sha qi on the mountain. At their suggestion, I drove up to the place in the summer of 2003 to finish the job.

On the way I noticed that on Moscow Mountain, there was a “clogged” feeling reminiscent of that which had been on Steptoe Butte, and so I took a detour to it. I found a critical point (where the qi from below touched the surface), and buried an HHg there. This was an HHg a la Don Croft, made with a single crystal. A vortex then opened up similarly to the way that the Steptoe Butte vortex had opened, but it took several days to reach its maximum strength. Four years later it was still pouring forth sheng qi into the sky, but not so strongly as the Steptoe vortex.

The day after gifting it, I took Don to the lumber store in Moscow to get some plywood for a building project he had at the time, and we experienced a rather sensational storm. I have now forgotten the details, but Don was sufficiently impressed that he has written about it several times since.

During this summer of 2003, I was also making CB ’s: some of which were distributed to friends in the area: one living in Troy, Idaho, and another living on Texas Ridge near Kendrick, Idaho. Along with the original near my work place, there were also two new ones near my home. Some of these were of a new design, with the pipes placed to more accurately match the movement of the sha qi as it is pulled into the CB ’s: these are called “torsion CB ’s”. I mention these things here, because with the CB ’s as the Crofts’ place in Moscow, Idaho, there were now more than a half-dozen such within a region of perhaps 20 by 50 miles. What came of this concentration will be related in the sequel.

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4. Autumn Gifting, 2003

In early September a friend of mine and I drove over to Seattle to attend a lecture, and coming down Snoqualmie Pass from North Bend, it became clear that there was a latent vortex in Seattle. By the time we reached Lake Washington, it appeared to be somewhere on Capitol Hill. We had brought some TB ’s with us, and before the lecture started, we found it (in Volunteer Park actually), and turned it into an active vortex. Later that year, while visiting family and having more time at my disposal, I found the only other strong vortex in Seattle, and activated that one as well (near Green Lake).

Don had told me earlier in the summer of a run-in they had had with some well-to-do foreigners who were apparently renting a posh place on Paradise Ridge, several miles outside Moscow, Idaho, and I had subsequently driven by the place with him to to give it a once-over. What I recall most clearly is that there was rather strong sha qi exuding from the house.
Later I had noticed that there was a latent vortex on Tomer Butte, several miles north. Don and I hiked up there and opened it up. It turned out to be quite strong, considerably stronger than the vortex at Moscow Mountain, but not quite so strong as that on Steptoe Butte.
One of the critical point ’s (where the qi touched the surface) was in a clearing near the summit of the Butte, on a spot containing an ash pit of some size. Evidently the place had been used numerous times for burning over the years. Later Carol told us she thought it had been a site for Satanist rituals.
By the time we had descended the Butte and reached the car, the sheng qi was already strongly swirling up into the air.
A week or so later, I happened to drive past the mansion on Paradise Ridge where I had observed the sha qi . Now sheng qi was coming out of the same place, and the feeling of this sheng qi was identical with that coming out of Tomer Butte. Somehow there was a connection between the two locations. Furthermore, the house seemed to be abandoned.

In early October I took a trip to the Southwest to visit some relatives, who were then living in California. I took the coast route.
There is a strong latent vortex on the summit of Mount Rainier. I had neither the time nor skill to reach that one, but was able to activate a lesser latent vortex located on one of the lower peaks.
The summit of Mount Shasta in northern California also has a strong latent vortex, but again I could only reach one on one of the lesser peaks of that mountain.
Reaching San Francisco I found several dormant vortices within the city proper, one almost in the center (but fortunately on ground which was not covered by asphalt). The other was quite near the huge tower that now dominates the skyline in that city. The social part of my trip took me down as far as Pasadena. Carol had told me that Sedona, Arizona, was special, and so I decided to return home by an inland route, passing through that town.

There were many dormant vortices in that place, and during the space of one day I was able to visit about 7 of them, as I recall. The last one was several miles out of the city limits, and coming back over a ridge, just before dark, I was surprised and awed to see the clouds in the sky arranged in a spiral shape, above the swirl of sheng qi from the opened vortices. That was one time I wished I had carried a camera.

On October 27, I made another foray into Mount Rainier National Park, this time out of Paradise Lodge, and managed to open a number of vortices in that area. If one would look at the seismological charts of Mount Rainier on the day previous, the day I was there, and the days following, he would find a radical increase of seismic activity beginning about 4PM (when I left the mountain), only lessening gradually in the following days. These graphs were linked on EFF at the time, but the data seems no longer to be readily accessible.

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5. Sylphs, Spring 2004

The material of the preceding posts is mostly of “Earth” and very little of “Heaven”. This is partly due to the fact that until early 2004 I had no knowledge of the spirits of the air. There had been a discussion of sylphs on the clouldbuster forum back in 2002, but having joined in March of 2003, I did not know about it. In early 2004 however, sylph activity apparently increased, and it began again to be discussed on the forum: notably by an unusually acute clairvoyant whose forum name was Cbswork. Many of his sylph comments were collected by Jon Horrocks in his blog, which comments can be be found on John Scudamore’s excellent “whale” site here .

On Sunday, February 8, my friend Ryan McGinty visited, and we spent a good part of the day together doing orgonite experiments in my shop. Next day I got the following email from him:

Hi Kelly,

Today at 5:00pm I saw my first Sylph. I wish I had my camera with me. It was directly over your town. It must of been using the POR from your CB’s. One interesting note, there was a wall of clear blue sky around it, 30 miles in diameter. On the edges you could see the chemtrails disappearing. It seemed to be watching the sunset with me while I was driving down HWY 195. It was a very beautiful sunset too.

I sure had a lot of fun yesterday I hope you did too,


Several days later, driving down the same highway from a business trip to Spokane, I observed my first sylph. It was not far from Steptoe Butte. In my mind I wished it a merry hello, and immediately the good feeling came back to me several-fold. I have since found that instant reaction in kind from these creatures to be quite normal – and that they seem to love to abide near potent sources of sheng qi .

At a suggestion from Don and Carol, I took a byway through Dulce, New Mexico on a trip down to Pasadena, where family was living at the time. There was sha qi observable in the direction of Dulce from as far away as southern Utah. I arrived at night, found and treated a few latent vortices, and continued on into Arizona. Passed through Sedona on the way west and found that the vortices there were acting pretty much as they had been after their opening the previous fall. I set up a torsion CB in Pasadena, and while there, made the acquaintance of Cbswork. He was suffering from a newly broken tooth, but treated me hospitably. In his back yark he showed me how sylphs could make the wind come up at their will. It was quite an experience.

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6. England, Sweden, and Scotland, June 2004

Though married for over twenty years, my wife and I had never had the right opportunity for a honeymoon, so we decided to take it that June. She had never been to Europe, though I had been to the British Isles with my parents many years before. We decided to spend a couple weeks in England and Scotland, with a few days out for a quick trip to Sweden. She wanted to spend a few days in London to begin. I recalled that Westminster Abbey and Saint Paul’s Cathedral were two of the more interesting sites in the city, from the etheric point of view. The sheng qi in the Abbey was somber and solemn, coming from deep below: here is where coronations have been held for many generations. The Cathedral is light with sheng qi : there is where royal weddings are often held. We visited both, and climbed the stairs in the latter to the outside gallery which gives a good view of the city. From there was observable a strong latent vortex, and we were fortunate, for it turned out that in that city of stone and concrete, the surface contact points of that vortex were such that we could gift it. I will not identify it precisely, for then it would not be difficult to remove the TB ’s. Looking back on the train north to Stansted, where we were to take our flight to Sweden, the open vortex was plainly “visible”.

Our stay in Sweden was hectic, due to social obligations, and we had no chance to chase vortices before our last night there, in Göteborg. We had dinner in a modest vegetarian place in the old part of town, with a young man who was destined to become a good friend and valuable asset in vortex gifting. This was Cesco, who had come down on the bus from Oslo to meet us, and who had camped out the previous night in the woods. From his capacious backpack he extracted a notebook.
At the beginning of the year he had taken a twelvemonth vow of silence, and he kept that vow. So that night we spoke and he wrote. The conversation was more fluid than one would expect however, for his English was good, and his writing legible (and beautiful). I had known him from internet communication, his “little secret coil” having excited my admiration.

After dinner we decided to take a walk. Upon leaving the restaurant, I became aware that there was a latent vortex on a hill not far away. So we walked off in that direction, and found a point where the sheng qi of the vortex touched the surface. After gifting it, we were approached by a bird, which seemed to desire our attention. We followed it until we came to a second critical point , at which point the bird flew off. After a bit, Cesco accompanied us to the hostel where we were to spend the night, and we had a good “talk”; during which he tried (unsuccessfully) to teach me to make his coil. He caught the bus back to Oslo in the wee hours of the morning.

The next day my wife and I took the plane back to Stansted, whence we set out by auto toward Leeds, where a meeting of British “orgonauts” was to take place several days later. Coming into Leeds we were “welcomed” by an impressive display of sylphs in the sky. This was neither the first nor last time I’ve had that experience. It is almost as if they sense when one needs encouragement. We made it to the city, and two days later attended the meeting. There were representatives from Ireland and Wales as well as England, and a good time seemed to be had by all. One of the participants Marcus, who will appear again in this narrative, had come all the way from Switzerland.
The group planned to go the following day to Ilkey Moor, on which was located some interesting stones with prehistoric writing. My wife and I had to leave early, but decided to visit Ilkey Moor on our way. The weather turned bad, and I came down with a fever (which persisted for the remainder of the trip), which is my excuse for forgetting to bring some TB ’s when we visited the moor. We regretted the oversight, because there was a strong latent vortex at one of the stones. We however left markers at the critical point ’s, and I telephoned the information back to the group at Leeds, so that they could gift the places on their outing the following day.

From there we headed west to the spectacular Lake District, and spent the night on a sheep ranch. From luck (or design), there was a strong latent vortex up on the hills above the farmhouse, and our hosts gave us permission to go hiking. It was a bit of job to get to the vortex, but the climb/walk was quite picturesque, and we managed to return just at dark (accompanied by a host of midges).

Next morning we drove north into Scotland, and eventually ended up in a Bed & Breakfast on the isle of Mull just across from the historic old monastery at Iona. Dunx, one of the British “orgonauts” we had met, had spoken to us of a serious experience he had had in Iona, and this had led us to visit the place. When we arrived off the little ferry the next morning, we found, sure enough, a strong latent vortex. We gifted it surreptitiously, and after a half hour or so, an array of sylphs appeared across the water over Mull:

Our next journey was north, to the isle of Skye, and up near the north end of that island we found another vortex. After spending the night in the neighborhood, we turned south again. Upon crossing over onto the mainland once more, and driving 20 miles of so, my wife had me pull over so we could take a photograph. For coming from the direction of the vortex was a singular array of wispy clouds: these were not sylphs, but still an interesting confirmation:

Thence back to England to the south, where our last stop before leaving was Avebury. It was only a couple days after midsummer, and we were told that there had been quite a crowd there on Midsummer’s Eve. When we arrived at the prehistoric site, the weather was stormy: such wind and rain that nobody was out in the open. This was good for me, for I was able to walk out to the site at the end of the old path, and unobserved gift the latent vortex there. It was actually some yards distant from the remains of the ceremonies which had been held on Midsummer’s Night.

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7. Discovery of the Positive Canopy

Some weeks after returning from Europe, I was helping a friend to construct a pole building up on a ridge near Kendrick, Idaho. Some months previous we had placed two torsion CB ’s on his property, about a hundred yards apart. Due to the success I had had extending sheng qi using TB ’s placed in a triangle, I was curious to see what the effects of a triangle of CB ’s would be. So I made a third, and brought it to work with me one morning.

There was a sheng line running through the ground not far from the building site, and since I had not tried placing a CB on such a line previously, I decide to place it on the sheng line overnight, to see the effect.
Next morning, early, I found that the CB was working more strongly than usual. A little later a helicopter appeared, which for a half hour or so, circled about the boundaries of my friend’s 400 acre place. He was impressed…

We removed the CB from the positive line, and took it down the ridge to where the other two were located. Now the three formed the vertices of an equilateral triangle, each side roughly 100 yards.

Several days later, on July 21, 2004, about a half hour before dark, just as we were finishing work for the day and picking up tools, I happened to glance up at the sky. I saw a sylph, and glancing around, saw a number more. Here are some photos:
image image
image image
image image

I saw that night, as I drove home, more true sylphs than I had ever seen before, or since, at one time, in one sky.

Next day they were gone, but on the 23rd appeared something which seemed to be related, but which was clearly different. High in the heavens (considerably higher than the domain of both clouds and sylphs) was a broad and long collection of sheng qi , and inhabiting that sea of qi seemed to be a great number of very positive beings .
Nearly two years later, while returning into South Africa from Zimbabwe, Georg Ritschl and I made a rough calculation, using elementary trigonometry, of the height of a similar sea or canopy of sheng qi , and found it to be about 30 kilometers (or 18 miles) above the earth’s surface.
It has been discussed elsewhere how sylphs seem to enjoy the presence of CB ’s, and perhaps use the issuing sheng qi as “breath” or “food”. I have no direct information on this, but it has been my experience that high-level positive entities seem to be attracted by good sheng qi . Perhaps the sheng canopy I first observed on July 23 offered a thriving habitat for these positive beings in the vicinity of earth, which they had not had before? I do not know for certain, but that is my guess.
After several days I was able to make a reasonable estimate of the extent of this sheng canopy : it was about 60 miles long by about 15 miles wide. It was roughly the shape of an ellipse and, interestingly, it was approximately the smallest ellipse which contained all of the previously opened vortices.

About 50 miles north of the northern boundary of the location of the canopy at that time, lies the city of Spokane, and on the southeastern boundary of the city was a latent vortex located on the top of a mountain called Mica Peak. I had frequently noticed this latent vortex on trips to Spokane, but had not known of an easy approach road. This vortex was perhaps the strongest I had observed up to that time, and so it seemed a good site for an experiment. My hypothesis was that the canopy was a result of the sheng qi rising from the opened vortices. To test that hypothesis it seemed reasonable to open the Mica Peak vortex, and to observe if the positive canopy would extend accordingly. On the afternoon of August 14, I drove to the base of Mica Peak. The main road up was blocked off, and so I searched for more accessible avenues. Eventually I parked the car by a trail entrance, and hiked up. About a half hour from dark, I found several men shooting “clay pigeons” not far from where the trail branched off in six different directions.
Fortunately one of the men was able to tell me the correct one for reaching the peak, and I set out at top speed to try to beat the sinking sun. Just before it was too dark to see, I reached the top, and was able to find the critical points . Coming down without a flashlight, I lost my way, and decided to on the ground in the warm summer night. But the insects kept me awake, and eventually I found my way back to the right trail in the moonlight, arriving back to the car at about 2AM. At that point I looked back at Mica Peak and observed that the sheng qi was whirling up into the sky.
Three days later I drove up to Spokane for business reasons, and sheng qi was swirling up out of Mica Peak at an even greater rate than that coming out of Steptoe Butte. Although the canopy had not changed perceptibly in size, the region between Steptoe Butte and Mica Peak had a lighter and more positive feel than before.
On August 21, just one week after the Mica vortex was opened, I returned to Spokane again to pick up a friend at the airport. The canopy of sheng qi had now extended up to cover Mica Peak. My theory was apparently correct.

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8. Extension of Canopy, September of 2004

In late September I decided to try to estimate the then extent of the sheng canopy . So I drove over to the Lewiston Grade, which has an excellent view of the valley of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers; then up US 95 (most of the way to Spokane), and back home on US 195.
The area in the red oval in the map above is roughly the extent of the sheng canopy when it first appeared in July. The area enclosed by black is where it was on August 24, after the vortex on Mica Peak near Spokane was opened. That part of the orange curve on the left, and the curve on the right indicated by the orange dots, indicate roughly the extant of the sheng canopy on September 27. The complete orange curve indicates the sheng canopy at a later date.

Don and Carol told me about a possible vortex in Clarkia, Idaho, so I decided to drive up there and investigate. On the way up, I found that the town was on the eastern boundary of the then sheng canopy . There was in fact a latent vortex about 9 miles east of Clarkia. It is now open.
On the way back, several miles north of town in the woods, was a pleasant tower of sheng qi . Hiking up into it, I found that the patch of ground out of which it rose was singular, in that qi was slowly flowing into it from all directions, and nothing seemingly flowing away.

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9. A Canopy Effect

I was still helping the friend with his pole building near Kendrick, Idaho, and early on the morning of October 12 I set out toward the work site in my pickup. About half way between Pullman and Moscow, my eye happened to catch the tip of a pine tree, which felt a bit out of the ordinary. Looking more attentively, I noted that within the tops of all the living trees, was a concentration of sheng qi . Depending on the tree, the depth of penetration was from a few inches to slightly more than a foot. This was true for the entire trip to Kendrick.
Two days later the penetration of the sheng qi from the top was roughly three times as far. There was no penetration into dead trees, telephone poles, or other non-living vertical objects. Furthermore, the sheng qi did not seem to be entering the tips of the horizontal limbs or branches, just the one highest vertical one.
By the following day, October 15, the sheng qi penetration was twice as far again. It was now more then a fifth of the height of most of the trees.
On the 17th it was roughly a third of the way down.
On the 21st, on a trip up to Spokane, I found that the sheng qi had penetrated about 45% of the tree trunks. There was some penetration back from these parts of the trunks into the branches. But not originating from the extremities, only from the trunks.

I was curious to see whether this phenomenon was occurring outside the area covered by the sheng canopy . On the 23rd I travelled to the west. Reaching the edge of the covered area, I observed that there was still sheng qi in the trees. Continuing west, I observed that the depth of penetration gradually diminished, until after a couple miles, there was none. Evidently, the phenomenon was a consequence of the sheng canopy .
On several trips to Seattle over the previous year, I had observed a strong latent vortex on a mountain in the central part of Washington State. This trip brought me close to that mountain, so I decided to treat the vortex while in the neighborhood. There was steep sandy terrain, and the jeep I was driving came near to getting stuck, so I had to retrace my route, and travel an additional 30 miles to reach the vortex from the other side of the mountain. After opening the vortex, being temporarily at a high vantage point, I looked around for other vortices. I became aware of a strong emanation of sha qi far to the southwest towards the Columbia River. This was later to lead to an interesting discovery.
Three days later sheng qi at home had reached 50% of the way down the trees.
Six days later, the sheng canopy had extended about a third of the way to the newly opened vortex, and at home sheng qi reached two thirds of the way down the trees.

Below is a photograph of a birch tree, taken on October 31. I have drawn red on the photo to show the sheng qi penetration the brown shows the penetration five days later.

By November 13 sheng qi had penetrated all the way to the base of the trunk.
As time progressed, the sheng qi eventually entered into the surface of the earth from the trees, although to date, not too deeply. Subsequent observation has shown that sheng qi entering any given tree, seems to come into only one branch, and that branch is almost always the upper central one that is most nearly vertical. Except for that single branch, sheng qi only reaches other branches from the trunk, and then only slowly moves out to the tips.

This phenomenon has turned out to be helpful when observing later extensions of this canopy, or other canopies, to estimate how long the canopy has been present in a given location.

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10. River of Qi

In early November of 2004, I had a knee operation which would seriously limit my physical activity for a week or so. It seemed a good time to make a trip to visit relatives in California. It seemed also a good opportunity to locate the source of the sha qi I had seen from the mountain in central Washington a week or so earlier.
I drove down from eastern Washington through the Tri Cities (Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick) and then across the Columbia River into Oregon. At some point, I drove under the sha qi , and crossed to the west side of it. That night I stayed at a motel in northern Oregon, and unfortunately the knee began to bleed. This meant that I could not get out of the car to walk the next day. However I did drive around the area for the best part of the morning, trying to find the sha qi source. I would get close to what from a distance seemed must be the source, and upon reaching it, could feel the sha qi in some other direction. It was quite frustrating, like trying to catch the end of a rainbow, and I finally decided I would give it up for the time being, to try again on the return trip back home.
Driving down through southern Oregon along Highway I-5, I could still feel from time to time the sha qi off to the east. I stopped paying attention after crossing the California line. Eventually I reached as far south as Pasedena. While there, I visited Cbswork again, the man who had showed me something about the sylphs on my previous visit. I mentioned something to him about the sha qi , and he suggested I take a look at a specific location near Mount Lassen.

While in Southern California, I observed that there was a second sheng canopy above Los Angeles. I attribute this to the CBs and the enormous number of TBs that Cbswork especially, and others, had deposited in the area.

I took an inland route back north, which would take me near Mt. Lassen. The road to the higher slopes was closed for the winter, but fortunately, just west of the closure, on a hill, I found the sha qi source. It required a hike across a mountain meadow, which ordinarily, would have taken about 10 minutes, but with the healing knee, and sometimes hip deep snow over a rocky terrain, it took about an hour to cross. The source was quite similar to a latent vortex, but there was already qi issuing from it. I treated it with TBs , as if it were a latent vortex. It again took some time to get back to the car, and by that time, the qi coming from the source had turned positive.
I drove back west to I-5 and turned north. A stream of sheng qi was observable from Lassen moving north. As I drove into Oregon, it was clear that the stream to the west was continuing north into Oregon as well. By the time I had reached into northern Oregon, I was convinced that this stream of sheng qi was identical in route to that of the sha qi which I had observed on the trip south.
Near Portland I turned east on I-80, just south of the Columbia River, and passed under the stream of sheng qi . It was quite narrow, less than a hundred yards wide, and not high. I could tell that it continued north, across the river, but I no idea how far.

After a few days rest at home, curiosity got the best of me, and I drove west to see how far the stream, or river, of sheng qi , reached. I took the route which crosses the Cascade Mountains over White Pass. I found that the sheng canopy had extended over that pass. In fact, it reached as far as the river of qi .
This was not to be the only river of qi I was to find. There were later to appear ones in Europe, in South Africa, in Malaysia, in Argentina, and elsewhere. They were all to be similar in the following ways:

  • they flow relatively low to the ground, normally below ground level, while the sheng canopy is above all clouds;
  • they are not wide;
  • they flow for quite long distances;
  • they tend to be negative until treated, and they then turn positive;
  • if there is a sheng canopy within a hundred miles or so, the sheng canopy will extend to a river of sheng qi , but not farther.

The date I crossed White Pass was November 17th. sheng qi had already penetrated into the trees about 40% of the way from the tips.
The river of sheng qi was west of I-5 when I reached that highway. I turned north, and found that the sheng qi river ended somewhere in the area of Centralia. I drove to the end point, and back tracked a bit, until I was exactly under the stream of sheng qi . Beneath it, I found that the trees and plants seemed to be filled with sheng qi .

I returned to where it ended: it just came down from above and disappeared into the ground at that point. I treated it here, just as I had at the source. Within a very short time, the stream ceased coming down into the ground, and continued on north overhead.
I drove back to I-5 and continued north. As I did so, I found that the sheng canopy to the east began receding back away from the highway. But then, nearing Lake Washington from the south, I found that the boundary of the sheng canopy approached again. It actually reached the eastern side of Lake Washington, just south of I-90, the main east-west route between Seattle and Spokane. My suspicion that this had something to do with the fact that Seattle at the time had two open vortices (on Volunteer Park and in Green Lake), and at least two CBs .

In early February I made another trip to Seattle. The sheng canopy had moved across Lake Washington, and now extended over the city, although it did not reach much to the west over Puget Sound.

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11. With Cesco in the West

Cesco, whom my wife and I had met in Sweden in June of 2003, was now living in Iceland, and had decided to see the US. He flew into Boston in February, and after a few days in New England, took a bus across country to visit me. I picked him up in Spokane, and brought him to my home.
After a few days rest, we decided to drive over west of the Cascades, and see what the situation was with the river of sheng river of qi. Reaching Seattle, we drove north, towards the Canadian border. I found that the river of qi continued all the way through Washington, passing into Canada over Vancouver Island, somewhere in the vicinity of the city of Victoria.
On the way up we found a latent vortexon a peak in the North Cascades and gifted it.

On my last road trip up from southern California, I had found that one could sense the presence of a remote latent vortex, using a part of the mind, the use of which I had previously been unaware. Sometime in early Fall, while visiting the Crofts in Moscow, Idaho, I spoke of this with Carol. During our discussion, I looked around in each direction, to see what, if any, latent vortices were remotely observable from there. There was a particularly strong one, off to the southwest. Referring to a map, it seemed to be in the general direction of Missoula, Montana. I mentioned this to Carol, and she remarked that she had soon to make a trip to Missoula, to visit some friends Steve and Dooney there. We decided to make the trip together, with the intention of trying to locate this latent vortex. We drove over Lolo Pass, and upon reaching the Bitterroot Valley, I found that the location was on a peak east of both Lolo and Missoula. Unfortunately, there was already too much snow in the area to attempt to it.
Now, in late February, it seemed that it might be accessible. So Cesco and I drove over. It was a sunny day, and we found a good road to the mountain, and a path to the top. We came into a certain amount of snow and ice: just enough to make the climb interesting, but not a serious impediment. On the way down again, my Norwedian/Icelander companion “skied” down on his boots, while I staggered down far in the rear.
This newly opened vortex was definitely the strongest I had seen up to that time, and still rates as one of the strongest half dozen I have seen.

We spent a week or so doing experiments with various etheric phenomena: some successful, and some not. But that is another story. When it became time for Cesco to continue his US tour, I decided to drive him down through Oregon, California, and Arizona.
We commenced our trip driving south out of the Palouse, through Walla Walla, over the Columbia River and into Eastern Oregon. Crossing into Oregon, we became aware of a strong latent vortex on a mountain southeast of the city of Pendleton. We could not see our object directly, due to the plentitude of high hills in the vicinity. The first mountain we climbed, was not the right one, but it took us high enough that we could view the correct location from its summit. So it was down again, and up again: over rocks, streams, meadows and steep slopes. We had all kinds of weather that afternoon, from sunshine (a little), to stormy rain, gusty winds, drizzle, and fog. We met a fair sized herd of elk, not far from the latent vortex, and they only fled upon our near approach. Eventually we reached the site and opened the vortex, at which point several eagles flew up, and circled about us for a time.
We were elated, but weary. About half way down the mountain, Cesco slipped, spraining his ankle: not seriously, but it prevented any serious vortex hunting for a few days, pending healing.

On this trip south I needed to deliver a CB to a friend Steve of mine who lived south of San Francisco along the coast route, so we took US 101 instead of the freeway. Somewhere on 101 I became aware of a stream of sha qi . Due to previous experience, I recognized this as a second river of qi. This one was also running north. We followed it through southern California, and found its source in the mountains, not far north of the prison town of Lampoc.
I had corresponded with a man Jon Horrocks in Lampoc concerning etheric phenomena, and so we made a point to look him up on the way through. Actually we met him for dinner in Ventura, where he was employed at the time, and told him about the source of sha qi . Cesco’s ankle was still not ready for serious hiking, so Jon agreed to accompany me, and to show me how best to reach the place.
Several days later I left Cesco with an acquaintance in LA, met Jon in Lampoc, and we headed for the sha qi source. That was the spring of the unusually heavy rains in Southern California, and it turned out that at the time the dirt roads into the mountains were all too sloppy to drive on. So we ended up hiking in along the railroad tracks. It was a several mile walk, and then a hike up through the hills. Eventually we made it to the source, after using up the better part of a roll of surgical tape on blisters. We enjoyed the view, as well as treating the source of the river of qi. Arriving back at the town, I realized that there was a latent vortex on a hill just a short distance off, but we were too weary, and there was not enough time to attend to it that day.

After a brief stay with family in Pasadena, Cesco and I continued on into Arizona. His ankle had healed to the point that we could pursue our vortex opening once again, and we worked our way up to the Grand Canyon, which he and I saw together, for the first time. We came there ready to gift, but the place was so spectacularly good, we decided any additions we could make might perhaps only “muddy up the fountain.”

From there we travelled on to Sedona, where we gifted a vortex in Boynton Canyon which I had missed on my previous trips there, and then back to Flagstaff, where Cesco boarded a bus towards the Southeast and more adventures.

While in Los Angeles, I had observed that the second sheng canopy was still over that city, but did not extend as far east as Pasadena. Since I did not travel below LA, I could not tell how far south it extended.

On the way back to the Palouse from Arizona, I took the inland route north through Utah and the eastern part of Idaho, nearly to Butte, Montana. This was to observe what effect the opening of the strong vortex near Missoula two weeks earlier had had. I found that the sheng canopy , which we had earlier found to have stretched as far west as Seattle, now was as far east as Butte. To the north at this time, it extended into British Columbia (Canada); and to the south, into the northern part of Oregon.

Going through Dear Lodge west of Butte, I checked the penetration of sheng qi into the trees, and did the same again in Missoula. In the first instance it was about 30% down from the top, and in the second, about 40%.

After a few weeks at home, fate led me back in Southern California again. I found out that the sheng canopy which I had observed over LA during the previous trip, had apparently extended up and to the west, and now covered highway 101 from somewhere south of Santa Barbara, to about 26 miles north of Buellton.

When my business was completed, I met again with Jon, and we treated that vortex near Lampoc mentioned above. It was on the top of a hill covered with a thicket of brush, which was as thick as continuous hedge. Jon led the way with his trusty cudgel, and we eventually made it through. Turns out the thicket of brush was poison oak, and I had worn loose shoes with no stockings. The effects did not appear until returning home a day and a half later, but then they made up for lost time. Jon was similarly hit, and we both know now, what poison oak looks like, and that it merits great respect. For the readers information,here is what it looks like in each of the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter:
image image image image

On this trip I had the opportunity to observe the course of the second river of qi (see the map here. This second river of qi was much more curved than the first.

In May I drove down to Las Vegas to meet an old friend Su Jingsong from Taiwan, whose company had a garden tool display booth at an exhibition there. I told him something about vortex opening, and he invited me to come to Taiwan for that purpose. He offered to pay my way there and let me stay in his home while there.
When the exhibition closed and Mr. Su returned home, I spent a couple more days in the city, in the home of Lilly and her husband, the “Count” (he and she are from Romania). We planned to open a strong latent vortex on a mountain on the outskirts of the city.
Lilly and I made an attempt on a Friday, but the terrain was rougher, the sun hotter, and the approach longer that anticipated. We found that we were not appropriately dressed. I had to lie down from incipient heat exhaustion, and I am obliged to Lilly for sharing her water with me. We decided to give it up, and try again the next day. On the way back to the car, Lilly had to jump over rattlesnake that appeared in the path before her, and we were both glad to get back home in good condition.
Next day was Saturday, so the Count was home from work, and he accompanied us. We set out early in the morning, and were better prepared. When we eventually reached the top, we were rewarded by a spectacular view of the area, and sat down to rest and enjoy it. That was likely where I picked up a mess of sand fleas and some spiders.
By the time we arrived back at the car, it was nearly noon, so we went to a local restaurant for lunch. Waiting at one of the tables for our food to arrive, I felt something crawling in my hair, and instinctively reached up to bat it off: I saw some little spiders scurry away. But the time we had finished our meal, the diners at a nearby table were scratching and batting at their heads. I did not feel proud of it, but the old adage “It is better to give than receive” popped into my head.

After lunch I headed north through Nevada towards the Idaho border. It was a long drive, and I soon found I still had plenteous company: sand fleas. It was a jumpy ride back. Just over the Idaho border near Twin Falls I became aware of a strong latent vortex to the northwest. Continuing on, I could eventually identify the part of the mountains where it was located. It seemed to be still in Idaho, just south of Western Montana. But was still too much snow on the mountains to attempt reaching the vortex, so I had to leave it for another day.

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12. Back in Time a Millennium

That spring (of 2005), while visiting the Crofts in Moscow, Idaho, I met an American sojourner in Japan named Ed, who was on holiday in his native land. We hit it off at once, and before I left that day, he had invited me to come to Japan to open vortices. Also during that spring, I had become acquainted via the “web” with John Scudamore and Rich Fosh in England, and they both encouraged me to visit them in the UK. And I had made friends with several members of Georg’s German language forum. Availing myself of these opportunities, I decided to visit England and Germany in August, and Japan in October. Cesco, my Norwegian friend, was willing and able to join me for the European trip.

Cesco arrived in England the day after myself. Rich picked me up at Heathrow, and we opened up several latent vortices on our way to John’s place on the Welsh border. John’s land has been in the family since the Norman coming nearly a millennium ago, and a significant part of it must look much as it did back then. The ancient and majestic trees (with their Devas ), the woods, fields, and red deer are wonderful. John was out mowing when we arrived, and he showed us around the place. The next day he drove to Stansted to pick up Cesco, who who had flown in from Iceland, and so Rich and I spent the day opening latent vortices in the neighborhood.

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The following day, when everyone was rested and up, we made some CBs and did some experimenting.
I had known about sha lines of qi in the earth (as well as sheng lines ) for many years, but had assumed that there was no effective way to change them. I had seen evidence in China that sheng lines had turned into sha lines over time, but not vice versa.
On our first day at Kentchurch, during our tour of the place, we entered a field through which ran a sha line . John asked if the qi in such a line could be changed. While discussing this, someone came up with the idea burying a CB on the line. But next morning, before going to Stansted to pick up Cesco, he transferred a CB he already had, to the line, and when we four checked it out that evening, the line had turned positive (at least as far I could perceive in either direction). The following are John’s words:

“Timely and inspiration visit from Kelly and Cesco. Kelly discovered that a CB placed on a black energy line would convert it to positive, which a TB, HHG and Earth Pipe wouldn’t do, not to this nasty line anyway. It remains to be seen if this is lasts. This, incidently, is the holy grail of geopathic dowsers, who seem to rely on a copper rod up to no.
This line passed through the corner of the cellar where two nasty demonic type spirits were in residence, one in this corner by the window, taken 2-3 days after the CB was placed on the line: (photo unavailable at this time)
When the CB was put on the line they changed from being like hissing alley cats into grim silence, and the last time Kelly looked they were crying , so I hope the line was the reason they were there, or the anchor for them. Also that, IMO, is another holy grail of house/geopathic dowsers, being able to remove nasty spirits (and I don’t see how you can clear a house effectively without dealing with negative lines) One friend refused to go in the cellar, so not something to have in your house.”
Since then, we have made other tests placing CBs on sha lines , with the lines turning positive afterwards. At this time I cannot answer the question of how far from the CB the effect extends. However we do know that when another negative line crosses such a line, not far from the CB, it also will often turn positive. Later we found another, and easier way, to change a sha line to a sheng line , using 6 TBs .

Cesco and I owe many thanks to John and Rich for their wonderful hospitality during our brief sojourn in England, and for picking us up at the airports and driving us to vortices about Herefordshire.

John’s place is like no other I have seen. It is as if it were taken out of an illustration of a fairy tale book, or as if one were taken back to the England of the early 11’th century.
Besides our experimenting, John took us around the region in which he lives, discovering and opening latent vortices. By the end of our visit, we had covered quite a fair piece of territory, but our stay was too brief to see if our work would bear fruit in the sense of igniting a new sheng canopy . Creating such always takes longer than extending one. It would be the better part of a year later, until I would have an answer.

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13. The First Petal of a Flower over Europe

Our plan was to induce a sheng canopy in Central Europe, which might subsequently be extended in any direction. We flew from Stansted into Frankfurt-Hahn airport in Germany, about 120 kilometers west of Frankfurt, and drove south to Heidelberg, where we were to begin. Von Grauenstein, who lived there at the time, kindly invited us to stay in his (and his mother’s) apartment for the night. Next day he drove us to several latent vortices in the neighborhood, and to the remarkable holy mountain Heiligenberg, which is situated within the city. One can drive up to within several hundred yards of the summit, and near the parking area is an amphitheater constructed by the Nazis, back in the 1930s as I recall. When we got out of our car, I could clearly feel a very positive presence up on the top of the mountain. We climbed up above the amphitheater to the remains of an old cloister, or monastery (dedicated to St. Michael), which had stood abandoned since about 1500. It was easy to see why the monks had originally put their cloister at this place, because of the strong holy presence there. It was a place of power, which is why, perhaps, the Nazis used it.
Lower down, in the focal point of the seats of the amphitheater, was a nasty feeling negative entity . Cesco asked me if there were any lines of qi in the ground, and sure enough there were two. They were negative, came down from the left and right sides of the amphitheater in a symmetric manner, and crossed at the focal point, or speaker’s place.

Von Grauenstein invited two other German gifters in the area, Hunting-Vegi and Rainer, to dinner with us, and we had quite a pleasant and informative evening. Rainer lived not far from Stuttgart, which was the next good-sized city on our route, and he graciously invited us to spend a night at his house.

When we visited Rainer, he showed us a CB planted in the ground just outside his house. It was on a sha line . Given our experience in England, this seemed quite strange, so we decided to remove the CB and see what, if any, changes would occur. Rainer began to remove the soil from about the CB and found four very strong magnets which he had forgotten he had placed in the ground about the CB to increase its power. As soon as he had removed the magnets, but before he removed the CB , the line turned immediately positive.
There was another sha line in his house, through his living room, but there was nowhere outside on that line which was suitable for placing a CB . Cesco suggested that we try placing TBs in a circle on the line. After some experiment we found that 6 was the optimal number – indeed, with this number, the line turned positive. It did make a difference what the diameter of the circle was, as to how strong was the power of the TB-configuration. In this case, the optimal was about a foot, as I recall. Just putting the 6 on the circle in the house helped somewhat, but the line remained a bit negative. So we went outside and buried them in the ground on the line, in the circular configuration, and with the proper diameter. The result was a sheng line .

Rainer took several days off from his job and drove us about the region hunting vortices. It was then that we learned about Germany’s excellent road system, and that if one knew the way, he could drive to within about a quarter mile of nearly anywhere he wanted to go. This of course speeded up our progress. Several of our targets were old castles on mountains, and many of latent vortices were in quite picturesque locations. We gifted quite a few places in the few days were were there, and were both surprised and elated, to find that on our last day there, a sheng canopy had shown itself. I say elated, because it meant that we now had only to extend it, and so did not need to gift so densely (frequently).

On our own again, we travelled east from Stuttgart, staying with the hospitable Roland and family in Munich, and eventually reaching Salzburg in Austria. We then turned back west, driving along the southern boundary of Germany. We stayed a night near the Bodensee with our friend Grey Owl, who drove us to a vortex nearby.

When I first began posting on Georg’s forum, my German was even worse than it is now, and one Swiss member Hans took pity on me and sent me an electronic German dictionary. When Cesco and I reached northern Switzerland, Hans very graciously hosted us at his home near the town of Äsch, in the vicinity of Zürich.
Not far from Äsch is a monument honoring the Swiss soldiers of World War I. It is on a pyramid shaped base, and there is a metal sculpture resembling a flame standing on the middle of the base.
Hans thought it was a bit strange, and so brought us to take a look at it. He was correct. It was strange. At right angles to each of the sides of the base were sha lines running through the ground. From each of the four sides sha qi was moving toward the center. Furthermore sha qi was entering into the metal sculpture from above. And there was a sha being within the sculpture at the bottom, seemingly absorbing all this sha qi .
So we buried six TBs, in the shape of a circle of the proper radius, on the worst of the sha lines leading into the monument. Not only did that line turn positive, but so did the others, and sheng qi began flowing into the monument from all four directions. Furthermore, sha qi no longer flowed from above into the flame.
From the base I saw a latent vortex off in the distance, so we left to attend to it. After about an hour we returned. By then there was sheng qi entering into the top of the sculpture, the sha being had gone, and there was a sheng being there.
It was now becoming late, so Hans led us through Zürich and set us on our way toward Bern, where we hoped to find the town where Marcus lived, and to see the Continental CB (or CCB) he had built.

We found Marcus’ house, not without a bit of work, and next day he took us to the farm where the CCB is located. There was a sha line through the farmhouse, which we treated with the 6-TB method. There was a latent vortex on a hill not too far away, to which Marcus later led us. But of course the most interesting thing was the CCB. There is a group of four CBs , with huge crystals in the center. It did not seem to be working quite as well as it should. After we arrived, we looked at it carefully, and noticed that in each CB the six pipes were connected at the top by copper bolts. This was interfering with the operation, so Marcus and we removed the bolts, and the structure became considerably more positive.
Our trip had been undertaken to create a sheng canopy over central Europe. But although the canopy had now been created, it had not yet extended to the area over the CCB. However, when we left the premises that afternoon, there was a disk of sheng qi high in the air above the CCB. Thus the CCB, after being slightly altered has produced an independent sheng canopy in a very short time.
Marcus and his family had us to their home, and his talented wife gave us our best meals of the trip.

From there we turned back towards Germany, passing through Basel and Karlsruhe, completing a circuit by returning to Heidelberg.
On this leg of the trip, in Southwestern Germany, we found and gifted a third river of qi. It flowed west toward France, and we were to pass under it later in the month.
We rested a day in Heidelberg with von Grauenstein and his mother. Due to our rapid pace, we were getting low on TBs , and so we made more with von Grauenstein’s help, along with a couple of torsion CBs . Rainer drove over for an afternoon to assist. We had accomplished what we had set out to do in half the expected time, so we decided to make a second circuit, north and back to attempt to spread the canopy over the heavily industrialized Rhine-Ruhr region.

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