Zapper Testimonial Request

Dear Etheric Warriors,

The WBAI radio station management has decided to use Don Croft’s Terminator Zapper as a premium during its Spring fund drive.The premium would essentially be a thank you gift sent to listeners who pledge to support this station. Most listeners will probably not be aware of what the zapper is and what it can do.

I wanted to put a call out to EW members who might provide a Zapper testimonial either written or via phone interview. The testimonial will be used (read or play audio interview) during the fund drive to help familiarize the listeners. The phone interview would be about 5-10 minutes.

This can be done anonymously. If interested, please personally message me with your contact information and we could set a time to record the phone interview in the coming days.

thanks again very much,


Congratulations are in order for Geoff because not long ago there were elements in the station’s management who campaigned to get him removed Cool so this is a sign to me that he prevailed.

I’m also excited about it because this is another first for our business. Carol and I have been interviewed many times, including a couple with him, but I don’t think zappers have ever been advertised in any of the media besides the internet. Geoff’s New York audience is our favorite because they always have the most insightful questions and comments when they call the show. Who isn’t fascinated by that New York accent, too? They get the best pizza, too. I met him twice in a restaurant in Brooklyn that my daughter, Nora, who lives, there recommends.

Late last year, an American MD, Dr Sircus, who has a reputable internet presence began promoting our zappers from Brazil. He had been promoting an inferior device that costs twice as much and after he got one of ours he was impressed and, I think, pleased to be able to promote something more affordable and better. A few other MDs in South America are using zappers on their patients, even in hospitals.

Then, last month, an MD in Chicago who had used our zapper began ordering them wholesale from us (24 in the first order). We’ve been in this business 21 years and have sold a lot of zappers to MDs since the start but they typically never shared them with their patients, before Wink. It’s kind of like selling zappers to missionaries–they never share them with their sick congregations, even in Africa. In the case of doctors, though, there’s an inherent risk of imprisonment or worse at the hands of the drug cartel’s operatives and puppet governments but that risk has evidently dissipated, lately. I believe it’s because people in general are becoming more accountable and less tolerant of the Old Parasite.

Thanks for this opportunity, Geoff!