Conflicting advice on design of orgonite and density of application

I am only just beginning. I made my first small batch of TBs, making several novice moves, apparently.

I am finding much disparity in the advice on device construction, even among the archived orgonite materials by the respected orgonite “pioneers.” It would be great to know I am not wasting my time, money, and efforts by making certain design choices. I am not “energy sensitive,” and I find the advice to just “assume” you are making a difference, or to just “watch the weather” to be a bit vague, in confirming that one’s efforts at this are indeed effective.

I utilized chopped up aluminum soda/beer cans. I unrolled cans and ran them through the paper shredder. This was after seeing an affirmative post somewhere by Don, after someone questioned if this was acceptable metal source. However, reading other info on appropriate source materials, it is said that curved metal pieces are the best. And of course, the size of the metal pieces produced by chopping up cans this way cannot be small enough to achieve the 1:1 metal/resin ratio that is said is needed.

While on one hand, Don insisted on keeping the tactical dispensing of orgonite simple, and claimed it was “forgiving” in that one needn’t be precise in the materials (such as his responses in this thread: The Advice Needed ), it really does seem to need precision:

Swarf (though he suggested also tiny BBs were okay) is really the only thing that will render the 1:1 ratio. Larger material, such as cut up can pieces, will result in too much resin. And specifically curved metal is also seemingly needed.

Another account of Don and Carol was about how they were at someone’s house, helping him cut up copper pot scrubbers. Apparently, Carol got a message from spirit that they needed to cut up the pieces more finely, to make it effective. This necessity for a precise metal size seems counter to his replies in the above linked thread, that virtually any swept up metal junk is okay.

I used tumbled rose quartz bead chips, from the craft store. Don says that any type of quartz is acceptable in devices (amethyst, rose quartz, citrine); and that, in an HHG, you can sprinkle any additional crystal pieces you feel like in a (personal) HHG. Laozu’s articles say putting crystals close together can cause negative energy. And of course, Laozu disagrees generally with the use of coils in devices, unless you are indeed energy-sensitive and know what you are doing. As well, I read another established leader in this movement stating that only clear quartz was really acceptable as the primary crystal.

And then there is the question of how much is needed to neutralize a target.

Don’s instructions say one TB for a small tower, and perhaps two or three TBs for a larger one, and one HHG for three towers that are close together; but I also found advice on the whale orgone pages here: Is there an honorable place in the work for blind imitation? by  Don Croft that say that three triangulated HHGs are needed to fully neutralize a large tower.

I wonder if other factors are at play, if supposedly “sensitive” people have arrived at different views on acceptable practices. As much as we would want results to be replicable and scientific, do one’s intentions and personal energies have something to do with the the effects of various materials used?

I will be proceeding, regardless, of course. …I know these things have been probably talked to death, in the earlier years of this. Prolific gifters have seemingly each created their own treatises, manuals, and websites about the methods they use; …but it would be great to get some experienced opinions of those who are still into this.

The entire thread here is worth reading through: Grounding CBs

In general, having resin, metal and quartz is fine, especially for functional orgonite to be used outside.
Metal ideally should not be large pieces (shredded drink cans may be slightly too large, and may need additional cutting, or run through the shredder again), and benefits from having a range of sizes/densities and irregular/curled pieces - possibly due to the Casimir Effect.
Any quartz is fine, I like rose quartz and amethyst quartz and they are abundant and low cost, but any quartz will function OK.

Its important to make the distinction between what is acceptable for field orgonite, and what is optimal for personal pieces, as well as everything in-between. Don has wise words on this (from the above mentioned thread):

Meanwhile, please, please, please don’t angst over whether your orgonite is ‘good enough,’ okay? If you’re not an energy sensitive but are gifting and are following basic, simple instructions (rather than trying to compete onstage with Zubin Mehta with your fiddle) you’re not a rat, so whatever you mix up will be more than sufficient, don’t worry. Focus on your efforts’ confirmations or lack of confirmations: those are ultimately more valuable than anyone else’s specific observations.

I’ve already been getting emails from experienced giftger ‘out there’ who now wonder if their orgonite is any good, based on Kelly’s comments. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone felt their efforts had to pass muster with a single energy sensitive before they could proceed? That’s the kind of herd dynamic I’ve been fighting tooth and nail against for six years. This is why I say, ‘Put your main focus on your own confirmations!’

Most towers are OK with a couple of well-made TBs, though larger towers and groups may require HHGs and/or TBs in arrangements such as the 3 or 6 pattern. But as before, any is better than none.

A lot of this is best learnt from experience, when you have made some you’ll come to realise what works well, the main thing is starting.


Adam, thank you so much for the thoughtful and helpful reply. I am grateful that you are maintaining this platform, and in integrity regarding the original findings around orgonite, after these many years, so that us “latecomers” might still join in the action. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, in paractice if your orgonite has more room for packing as much metal as possible in any shape but small metal is good for the same reason that it makes more use of the mix of the resin poured. There is no need to use large pieces of quartz, I used to employ clear quartz and additional variety like reose quartz or amtysth, now I used quite a bit of rose quartz grains bought in acquarium shops that is really convenient at about 6 euros for 5 kilos, so I abound a bit putting about a spoon of it in the mix, In general I also tend to make tbs at about 170 grams sometimes bigger. Bear in mind that is not always possible to make a triangle or hexagone around a tower or target, nevertheless that should not stop you to attempt to gift the best you can.
The observation of effect can vary and it produces more marked effect in areas that are far from gifted areas and more afflicted energetically.
Orgonite can clear sky, lift wind, make sudden rain, or also create small puffy clouds over the gifted place, the reaction can be generally repeated but not 100% ot times and vary, watch for interaction with birds, animals, and wathever can occour in the sky, if there are chemtrails monitor if they disperse quickers. If you are doing this around your dwelling area consider the installation of a CB on your balcony. Use earth pipes as well they have a larger radium of effect for what I saw, you dont necessarily need expensive copper, iron is strong under the hammer, aluminium works also. The bore with fine metal is that you have to rinse other wise the resin would be stopped to flow underneath fully.
Feel free to post some photos of your experiences.

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120 to 170 grams weight for tbs, 1 or 2 level teaspoon of aquarium quartz grains works. There are deeper moulds for big muffins for these fatter TBs, otherwise use PP plastic drinking glass or cut out the bottom of water or other drinks bottles to a depth that you prefer and is workable and use them or paper cups.

Two teaspoon maybe safer than only one.