Grounding CBs

My name is Dan and I’m the ‘new gifter in Bali’ that Don mentioned recently.

This is my first post and concerns some unusual observations of Grounding a CB.

A couple of months ago I built myself a CB to see if it would clear the hazy skies above Bali.

This isn’t the smoke haze from forest fires that Hari mentions in his Malaysia reports but just the indistinct cloud cover that generally prevails here.

Initially I just left the CB in the bucket in wich it was cast, set it up in the garden and within an hour the sky had cleared and beautiful cumulus slowly began to form.

From reading around I learned that it is popular to bury the orgonite block so I removed the bucket and buried mine too.

The sky became a deeper blue but after a day or two I noticed that the clouds had receeded to the horizon which I understand is known as the Blue Hole effect.

In addition to this, the whole family started to feel constantly tired and developed mild but persistent headaches.

I tolerated this for a couple of weeks but found its unnatural stability increasingly alarming and finally laid my CB down in an attempt to disable it temporarily while I figured out how best to proceed (and to check that it was indeed the CB that was causing this).

The hazy cloud cover returned and the symptoms abated.

Seeking guidance on the net, I chanced upon an article written by Jon Logan in which he recommends grounding the base of the CB but not the pipes because: “if you ground the pipes, the device will appear to work more rapidly but what it is actually doing is dumping the excess DOR into the ground rather than cleaning it”.

Had I grounded the pipes then this would explain both the increased speed and the negative effects we all experienced but I had only grounded the base which, according to Mr Logan, was supposed to be OK.

My findings seem to suggest that grounding the block may also cause the device to dump DOR into the ground.

I set the CB up on an area of concrete slabs with the intention of avoiding grounding altogether; the sky cleared and the cumulus that formed remained in the area.

I wrote to Don Croft in his capacity as designer of the CB to ask him for his recommendations on grounding and he seemed interested in my observations.

He suggested that I return the CB to the goround to see if the previous conditions returned which they did (blue hole, headaches and fatigue just as before).

I moved the CB to the concrete slabs and the blue hole was quickly replaced by cumulus floating by in a clear blue sky.

After a few days observation I noticed that although the CB seemed to be working ‘purely’, converting DOR to POR by means of the orgonite base, it wasn’t working as fast as it did when it was buried and I had the idea of adding orgonite to increase its speed.

As a temporary measure I sat the CB on a layer of TBs and piled still more on the top around the base of the pipes; the sky turned a deeper blue and the air in the garden became clearer somehow.

A couple of days later I needed the TBs for busting a couple of towers I discovered nearby and when I returned, the sky was a paler blue just as it had been before I added them.

I found a larger bucket and cast more orgonite around and under the existing base increasing its mass by about 50%.

The next morning we had the first rain shower for two months.

The CB now operates every bit as strongly as it did when it was buried but the clouds remain in the area, the sky is a clear deep blue and there are no ill effects felt by any of us.

Early on in this story, I made a second CB and sited it at my Father-in-law’s house in Java and buried the base (as I thought at the time that this was the thing to do).

In direct parallel to my observations in Bali, they too experienced the blue hole, the headaches and fatigue which all similarly abated when the device was exhumed.

Coincidentally rain fell for the first time in months as soon as this ‘correction’ was made.

Had I built just one CB then these negative effects of grounding could be dismissed as an isolated anomaly but the exactly similar experiences in Java seem to suggest that this may be a consistent effect.

It must be noted though that both CBs were constructed in a similar manner (same resin and metal particles) and this could be a contributory factor in what appears to be an unusual effect.

It would be interesting to know whether any other CB user has experienced anything similar.

Interesting post Dan. Could you post a photo of your CB?

Is there anything non-standard in the CB (different than just the basic Don Croft model)?

Just a standard Croft CB.

Thx for posting that, Dan. This is an effect that nobody’s noticed, before, but now that you repeated the experiment on another island and got the same results, it has to be considered empirical evidence. I think it’s valuable but will wait to see what it means after more data comes in.

When you first told me about this, I speculated that the headaches might be due to assimilation challenges but now I don’t think so.

YOu’re on an island where not a lot of gifting has been done, yet, I think, so it’s a good test bed, same as Java.

I hope the psychics will look at this phenomenon and Kelly is likely to have some good observations to post in this thread, especially if you can take a photo of the CB while the base is buried so that he can see a comparison. We’ll see him this afternoon and I’ll mention it.

I’ve never personally felt compelled to bury a CB base and I think the entire grounding issue was a red herring, years ago, which never caught enogh attention to become a dogma. We don’t like dogma, much Cool , and a lot of what used to be recommended was done so in order to obfuscate confirmations and to otherwise confuse the unwitting.

We’ve routinely seen forest fire smoke disappear after erecting a cloudbuster and the field effect is clearly seen as a ‘wall’ of smoke beyond a couple of miles around the CB. Gert in Namibia achieved the same effect in sandstorms, which raged all around his CB beyond a few hundred meters while the air right around it remained still and clear. We also blew a hole in the dense, morning coastal fog nearby. That’s not to say it will always happen but let us know what results you see if that comes up, okay?

I’m very happy to see you applying a scientific approach to this newly discovered phenomenon.


Thanks Don.

In my original post I mention at the end that although this might turn out to be a consistent effect, both the CBs that I made are constructed in a very similar manner and there may be something unusual in their ingredients that lends itself to this DOR-dumping effect.

For instance; if Logan is right that grounding the pipes causes DOR to be dumped into whatever it’s grounded to and if the metal particles were arranged such that they could channel DOR from the pipes into anything that touched the outside of the block then burying the base could have the effect of ‘short-circuiting’ the pipes to the ground.

Another CB using a different configuration of metal particles may not dump DOR into the soil at all but at present it’s beyond my limited scope of experience to verify this.

Hari has asked me to expand on the way I constructed mine which is easy as they were both made so simply.

Basically I just followed a standard CB tutorial with regard to the size, number, spacing and orientation of the pipes and the dimensions of the bucket in which it was cast.

I used standard fiberglass resin and the metal particles were all chopped-up pan scourers (spiral-form stainless steel not steel wool).

I followed instructions as to the choice of crystals but could only obtain ST Quartz of about the thickness of a finger and an inch or so long and each pipe has one (pointing up) in its base.

The second CB was built the same with the one minor deviation that I set another slightly larger ST Quartz crystal (pointing up) dead centre of the block between the pipes and just below the surface for no other reason than I happened to have it lying around and it struck me as a good idea at the time.

If anything, I feel that the first one works slightly more powerfully than the second although with the exception of the seventh crystal they are identical twins.

I’m hesitant to return my CB to the ground for fear of disturbing the beautiful feeling that surrounds it in its present position but in the interests of science I shall do this later and take a photo of it to post here in due course.

For the time being, this is a sample of the orgonite that I make using the stainless pan-scourers:

This piece is 4 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick and has a ST Quartz crystal standing vertically at its centre.

I look forward to Kelly’s assessment of my data and it may turn out to be of interest to others in deciding how best to deploy their CBs.

Thanks Dan for the photos of the CB and TB, and description of construction.

I don’t have any good answers at this time, but I will offer some observations (albeit from long distance):

(1) the qi in the TB seems neither as positive nor as strong as I expect to see in a normal TB;

(2) I do not see the qi transformation taking place in the CB that normally occurs;

(3) I feel something negative in the middle of the CB base.

Problem is, I cannot explain why this should be, nor can I square it with your observations, in particular this one :

I’m hesitant to return my CB to the ground for fear of disturbing the beautiful feeling that surrounds it in its present position

Not that I doubt your description – I am just puzzled. If you still have examples of the crystals you are using, will you please post a photo of one – also a photo of the pan-scourer metal by itself?

How did you affix the crystals inside the pipes?

What is the dark material around the base and the lower parts of the extruding pipes?

I am just trying to think of anything which might explain what I am observing.

Hi Laozu.

Thanks for your observations.

I also can’t explain why you see no transformation taking place but then I cannot see the way you see and find it truly amazing that you can tell so much from looking at photographs.

The dark material around the base in the first photo is the plastic bucket I used to cast more orgonite around the original block.

The dark material around the lower part of the pipes is nothing more sinister than duct tape.

With all this burying the CB and digging it up again, laying it down and standing it up, I taped the pipes in their couplers so that it didn’t fall apart when I moved it.

It has one ST Quartz crystal sitting dead centre of the base just beneath the surface with it’s terminal pointing upwards.

I secured the crystals in the base of the pipes by casting a collar of orgonite (less than half an inch thick) around the unterminated end of the crystal using a very short section of pvc pipe as a temporary mould.

As the internal diameters of the plastic pipe and the copper pipe were the same, this collar fitted tight inside the bottom end of the pipe, effectively sealing it from any leakage of resin when the block was cast.

The result is that the bottom section of the pipe is empty but for a crystal sitting with its base in an orgonite plug which is in direct contact with the rest of the orgonite block.

This just seemed more logical than messing around with sections of plastic hosepipe and glue.

Here is the picture you requested of the stainless steel.
(the crystal is from the same batch I used in the CB):

Don suggested that you may be interested to see a photo of the CB when buried in the ground (with its bucket removed of course).

This one was taken immediately after burying it earlier:

and this one two hours later:

I hope that this will help you solve the puzzle.

Many thanks


Thanks for the usual fast response Dan. I am somewhat embarrassed to have occasioned all this work for you without any payoff.

The buried CB does have a worse feeling than the unburied one, that feeling being strongest about 2/3 of the way up from the base. I suggest you take it out again if you have not already done so.

My suspicion is that interment is not the cause of the problem, but that it does exacerbate it.

The crystal in the photo looks quite good, and I see no grounds for suspecting those already in the CBs should be any different.

I see nothing wrong with your means of emplacing the crystals in the pipes – seems like a good idea in fact.

The problem is not the plastic bucket, for you removed the bucket before placing the CB in the ground. I don’t suspect the duct tape. I have used both duct and electrical tape before without negative consequence.

The only constituent part which evidently has some negativity in it is the stainless steel. It feels bad in the CB, in the TB, and even worse by itself. Can you tell me the brand name, or anything else about it?

The brand name of the stainless pan-scourer is ‘Polytex’ but I think it’s an Asian product (certainly such writing as there is on the packet is in Indonesian) and I tend to agree with you that it doesn’t feel good.

As you can see from the photo, it’s just long spirals of stainless steel and looks similar to machine-shop tailings but I suspect that this is not a neat use of waste but purpose-produced for pan-scourers.

There’s no decent alternative here unfortunately and I dream of finding sacks of aluminium shavings in a scrap yard or wherever.

The CB is now back on its concrete paving and the area feels a lot better for it.

The general advice on producing orgonite was that pretty much any small pieces of metal did the trick but that curved ones worked best and I don’t understand why this isn’t ideal for the job.

You appear to be suggesting that the orgonite produced with it and the CB in particular doesn’t work but this seems to contradict my findings.

Anyway thanks for your observations and I’ll make renewed efforts to find an alternative to stainless steel.

“You appear to be suggesting that the orgonite produced with it and the CB in particular doesn’t work but this seems to contradict my findings.”

Not at this point.

Dan, thanks very much for being so systematic. I doubt there’s much we can conclude at this point except to say that more experiments, perhaps by more people, is needed in order to get some consensus about this effect, though I don’t doubt your perceptions at all.

You mentioned a fellow at the beginning of the thread whom you’d sought advice from in the past and, since that person developed a bad reputation for selling devices and equipment that slightly sickened people (very difficult to accomplish with orgonite) I wondered whether you had included some of his suggestions in your cloudbuster but I see that this isn’t so.

As I mentioned in another thread, Kelly’s observations are quite accurate but are subjective, which is to say that what might make him feel uncomfortable might not result in negative effects in the atmosphere or discomfort in anyone else. He’s simply stating his observations. My own orgonite doesn’t meet his personal standards, for instance, but I get a lot done with it. I continue to suggest that this sort of advice ought to be sought in the context of personal orgonite devices, which work quite differently from field devices.

In terms of cloudbusters, we’ve worked with Kelly quite and if he says something’s not right with a CB, I trust that it’s so, though since neither Kelly nor I are where you are, Dan, it’s really tough to get a feel for the cause.

Since nobody’s making an argument for grounding cloudbusters, these days, I’m not particularly interested in pursuing this but if your heart’s set on finding out more I certainly encourage you to do that and to continue posting your observations.

We visited with Kelly yesterday and discussed some of this stuff and he observed that some folks add any number of untested, even disharmonious objects to cloudbusters, based on faulty advice, and some of those cloudbusters creep him out quite a bit, though you and I might not feel anything wrong with them and they work on the atmosphere more or less as well as an ordinary cloudbuster does. Magnets slightly compromise a cloudbuster, for instance. In one case, Kelly had an opportunity to remove the magnets from a cloudbuster in Austria and the CB immediately worked better.

It’s tricky dealing with this subject, of course, because people are simply prone to accept irrational ideas and dogma more quickly than grounded, proven principles and recommendations. Dr Reich recommended that one answer irrationality with reasonable arguments and explanations, always. We’re content to leave our detractors to engage in character assaults and other dishonest substitutes for simple consultation.

As I also mentioned in another thread, we’ve found that absolutely any sort of metal is suitable for field orgonite and we’ve used the entire gamut over the years and have produced consistent confirmations in the atmosphere, land and seas. I hope you’ll take Kelly’s advice about the stainless steel in terms of your own personal orgonite, if you choose to explore that field. It’s important to consider the qualities of different metals when making interactive orgonite, as well as its’ important to choose the proper combination and application of gemstones and/or coil forms. The advice of sensitives is essential in this case, though Ryan McGinty has posted good combinations, Cesco has demonstrated applications for his coil form, Carol’s recommendations are generally known, etc.

I hope I"m communicating that my only concern is that we abide by some reasonable intellectual standards when discussing this stuff. I haven’t felt inclined to discourage creative exploration and Carol and I hold ourselves to the standards I’m suggesting.


A few observations (in black) on Don’s remarks (which are in blue):

“My own orgonite doesn’t meet his personal standards” Actually I prefer most of Don’s stuff to the common orgonite out there. In particular I like the simplicity of his HHgs. About the only thing I recall mentioning not caring much for is his “Mr. Skull”, and strictly speaking, that is not orgonite.

“Magnets slightly compromise a cloudbuster, for instance. In one case, Kelly had an opportunity to remove the magnets from a cloudbuster in Austria and the CB immediately worked better.” It all depends on how the magnets are applied. They may have almost no impact or even a positive one. The one Don refers to was actually near Stuttgart, Germany. The magnets were buried in the earth close to the base and, in this case, had more than a slight negative effect on the CB.

“I hope you’ll take Kelly’s advice about the stainless steel in terms of your own personal orgonite, if you choose to explore that field.” I haven’t given advice yet about that stainless steel: I would like to physically see some first.

“As I also mentioned in another thread, we’ve found that absolutely any sort of metal is suitable for field orgonite and we’ve used the entire gamut over the years and have produced consistent confirmations in the atmosphere, land and seas.” I pretty much agree with Don here, but if he is including me under the “we”, I should state

(1) I have never used radioactive metal, nor would I try to;

(2) I have tried chopped off pieces of copper wire (not shavings) and they did not have much effect;

(3) I have tried steel filings from the the local metal shop, and they were much inferior to shavings.

Virtually any kind of shavings or curlings or small balls of copper, brass, aluminum, or steel have seemed to work well. If those stainless steel scraping pads (from Indonesia?) are an exception, I shall be surprised, and interested. But I do not rule it out until I see it and test it.

Thanks Don and Laozu for your comments and interest in this thread.

For my own part I’ve quite abandoned the idea of burying the CB or grounding it in any way at all and I tend to agree with Don that the practice is irrational.

From what you say it also doesn’t seem to be that popular anymore which is perhaps a good thing.

I didn’t actually ‘seek advice’ from Mr. Logan directly; his article was just the only reference to ‘grounding’ CBs that I came across and was thought-provoking if nothing else.

The jury is still out on the value of devices made with the stainless steel material that i’ve used and I’m sending Kelly a sample of it to investigate at close quarters.

I have used no other material in my orgonite and have no evidence to suggest that I’m not the only gifter in Bali.

This photograph was taken five minutes ago and I will leave it to your superior judgements whether it can be taken as confirmation or refutation of my meagre efforts to date:

The CB is standing (ungrounded) behind the right-hand bouganvilia bush in the middle of the picture.

Thanks for the clarification, Kelly. In fact, a lot of what I recall is inaccurate and that’s why clarification and proper consultation is important, even when the process isn’t comfortable.

I think the main point I’m trying (unsuccessfully, so far) to get across is to distinguish between your valuable personal observations and what works in the field.

I remember that you were quite uncomforable with my CB because the plastic bucket was left on it. I usually leave the bucket on because it’s easier to move it around with the wire handle on the bucket. From a visual standpoint it’s probably fair to say that the blue hole produced by a CB with the bucket still attached is the same as the blue hole produced by a CB without the bucket attached. In Dan’s case, his reported observations indicate that his CB is doing the job, even though you say it doesn’t feel right.

Pedro offered photos of his TBs with broken test tube pieces, which you said didn’t feel good but his energy-sensitive wife felt was a little better than identical orgonite without the crystal glass. I tried to make the above point about the use of such orgonite in the field, as opposed to the interactive application of the same combo and I think Pedro misunderstood you, me or both of us and actually asked me to take him off the memberlist on account of what transpired in his thread, which rather shocked me. I sometimes don’t consider that some folks dislike this sort of discussion.

None of the psychics present their findings as authoritative and they seem to understand that, due to their earned reputation, there’s some risk that if they make casual observations they’re likely to be misunderstood. This is one reason it’s like pulling teeth to get my wife to post here.

Kelly’s earned a phenomenal reputation with his honesty, consistency, keen observational skill, energy sensitivity and hard work and I sense that his subjective impressions and subgsequent reports are likely to be taken as the Word of God by a lot of readers.

When I first started selling zappers on the internet I regularly got angry emails from electronics engineers because teh square wave generated by my simple circuit wasn’t perfect. I always mentioned to them that the circuit is obviously more than adequate, based on the results our customers were consistently getting. Lately, Karlis in Latvia developed a more efficient circuit for zappers and may have felt a little put out that I didn’t adopt it but in each case cost has been the other factor: more complex circuits would raise the price on our zappers without discernibly increasing their effectiveness. It would cost me another $30,000, too, to pay our broker to set up to produce the more expensive circuits.

I discussed the ‘interactive vs field’ orgonite question with Carol some more, today, and she leans toward Kelly’s side of the issue. I want Kelly to keep posting his observations when members post requests for advice from energy sensitives. I’m clearly more concerned about overall effect than energy sensitives are: whether a device disables a death tower or clears DOR from the atmosphere, underground and water. This is visibly confirmed, usually, so there’s no room for conjecture.

One of the things Carol and I discussed was whether the orgonite sold by the fellow Dan mentioned is suitable, at least, for busting towers, even though the people who buy the stuff are sickened by it. She feels strongly that this stuff isn’t even suitable for busting towers on account of the elementals, who are responsible for all energy exchanges. They’re kind of like Kelly–if something feels horrid they avoid it. At least, I believe that’s true and have occasionally seen the visual phenomenon that Carol says are elementals’s energy fields. I think they ARE energy fields Wink

That issue might be moot if the psychics’ impression that the orgonite sold by that fellow is specifically designed to sicken people and dissuade them from taking orgonite seriously. I guarantee that most folks can’t accidentally achieve that bizarre effect, especially if they’re not inclined to make inappropriate gem combinations. I think there’s only one other vendor who makes similarly sickening orgonite and we almost never hear about any of those folks any more, though they had dominated a couple of compromised forums, years ago.

I’m glad Dan’s issue has come up because when the wax issue starts getting discussed again, perhaps next month, we’ll at least we’ll have some momentum. I think everyone understands that no claims for new developments should be made, here, without also being reasonably substantiated.

I don’t have a clue whether anyone else feels that what I’m saying has any relevance, which has got to be delicious for our enemies and detractors, but I share Dr Reich’s attitude, at least, that the worth of something new is only uncovered by thorough research and discussion. He was quite afraid that any of his regarded findings would ever be found to be groundless and I think that’s a healthy form of fear.


I’ve got a more or less ordinary CB that’s working well, as Dan’s apparently is, and I’m going to bury it in the backyard and ask Carol, Kelly, Dooney, Stevo, Jeff McKinley, and Ryan McGinty to take a good look at the before/during/after effects around the device and in the atmosphere. I feel really fortunate that all of these energy sensitives and psychics (except Jeff, who will be visiting from Florida in a couple of weeks) live not far away and that we get together regularly. I’ll report their observations in this thread, probably in January.

Meanwhile, I think it’s up to the readers to have enough discernment not to take Kelly’s candid comments out of context and broadcast an altered version.

He saved our butts, 3 1/2 years ago, after a concerted effort was made to discredit orgonite in general with some unfounded claims about a specific version of charged water (that was combined with an ineffective application of mobius coils). He did so much experimentation with the water in question, also with other forms of charged water, that readers and gifters were able to put that very clever sabotage effort into perspective and move on. If memory serves, he dismissed the extraneous addition of unpowered mobius coils out of hand.

During the time when lots of vociferous and even aggressive people in the compromised forums had blindly tagged along with the sleepless Pied Piper who was promoting the water issue and were drowning my ‘small voice’ with a cacaphony, we gifted the City of Atlanta, which was the most degraded, polluted city in the Southeast, to demonstrate that simple orgonite was, indeed, valid and lives up to our claims for it. We went $10,000 into debt to do it, during a time when the feds were severely sabotaging our business, which shows well enough how much we care about living up to our own claims Cool and the city, inside the ring of interstate highways that delineate it’s limits, is still quite lovely and nice and is in sharp contrast to the larger suburb area, which we left mostly ungifted for a comparison.

What I’d like for people to recognize is that Kelly performs a unique function in his globe trotting, as his reports indicate. He’s so good at surgical gifting that the Sylphs made an appearance in the sky over Hiroshima, for instance, and he accomplished that with a small number of ordinary TBs, placed around Hiroshima in strategic vortices. The psychics agree that the sky over that city had been profoundly degraded due to the atomic blast and the associated human suffering.

I’d like the readers to consider that discussing the dynamics of orgonite with Kelly is sort of like discussing fiddles with Zubin Meta. He’s not going to lower his standards or vision, so it’s up to the rest of us to raise ours, perhaps.

Meanwhile, please, please, please don’t angst over whether your orgonite is ‘good enough,’ okay? If you’re not an energy sensitive but are gifting and are following basic, simple instructions (rather than trying to compete onstage with Zubin Mehta with your fiddle) you’re not a rat, so whatever you mix up will be more than sufficient, don’t worry. Focus on your efforts’ confirmations or lack of confirmations: those are ultimately more valuable than anyone else’s specific observations.

I’ve already been getting emails from experienced giftger ‘out there’ who now wonder if their orgonite is any good, based on Kelly’s comments. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone felt their efforts had to pass muster with a single energy sensitive before they could proceed? That’s the kind of herd dynamic I’ve been fighting tooth and nail against for six years. This is why I say, ‘Put your main focus on your own confirmations!’

I’m deeply sorry that we lost Pedro and I hope he’ll keep gifting and will come to recognize that even heated discussions can be beneficial as long as the focus is on factual information, which is certainly the case here. I think my long post in his thread triggered his reaction. As a ‘newbie’ he had the impression that he was getting hammered. REally, I was trying in my clumsy way to help readers put Kelly’s comments into a broader perspective.

I don’t generally invite newbies to post here and I hope it’s evident that all of the other members of EW for whom English is a second language are confident about posting, nor has anyone been personally attacked on this board for any reason, including misunderstood English usage. We Americans actually enjoy reading the idioms in reports made by these terrific gifters and blasters. Anyone with white skin in N America is essentially a foreigner, after all.

Also, we’re all peers–nobody’s ‘the’ authority and everything’s up for discussion, assuming people are aware of applications that are proven to work. I’m glad the other energy sensitives didn’t jump in with contradictory observations at this point, too, because I’d tear out my hair if EW turned into a p!$$!ng contest.

Dooney introduced the dodecahedron technique for handling predators last spring. I waited and watched for three months before trying it because I wanted to see whether the predators who get caged that way would be able to find a way to circumvent the tactic. The dodec has proven to be durable and dependable and, kind of like Chinese handcuffs, the more the sewer rats struggle, the less able they are to escape those cages.

If it weren’t for the fun that we’re all having we probably wouldn’t keep doing this and working together. As vo Joanna observed, the reason our chatblast sessions work is because the participants don’t bring our egos into it. I want the same standard to always apply to our forum discussions, even when opinions are opposed. As they say, ‘The spark of truth is often produced by the clash of differing opinions.’

Thanks for initiating this discussion, Dan, and I assume that anyone can see that the gorgeous sky in your photo is abundant evidence that your CB is doing it’s job, based on what you told us the conditions were, before.

Thanks, again, for participating, Kelly. I know this discussion will produce valuable data and I’m sure that we’ll eventually figure out why Dan’s CB gives you the slight willies. I suspect that his situation is kind of unique but that will probably be cleared up, too, thanks to your involvement, Gramps. We often get very good intel this way. Carol agrees with your assessment of the device, by the way, also agrees that the slight imbalance is heightened when the base is in the ground.


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Great post. Don.

I look forward to the results of your ‘CB Grounding’ experiment as an appropriately scientific end to what has turned out to have been a very interesting topic.

Thanks, Dan. Kelly, Carol and I will look into this more & will get help from the others I mentioned but I’ve been getting email that indicates that your situation has generated an inordinate amount of attention and even caused some doubt and confusion among gifters who haven’t yet observed or achieved the requisite confirmations for their work.

If this were a discredited board, your little problem would completely dominate the discussions because every saboteur and their entire peanut gallery of MKids would have posted about nothing else–a terrific way to spread doubt and confusion.

I was pretty sure that your report would challenge some but it will ultimately be shown that anomalies like this are not representative, after all, but are only a way for us to get to a deeper understanding and appreciation of orgonite’s dynamics.

When that concerted effort, four years ago, was fielded on a now-defunct forum to destroy orgonite’s credibility with charged water, for instance, the following research, done almost entirely by Kelly, led us all to understand water’s relationship to orgonite better and I think that’s what initiated the water-gifting campaigns.

So, nothing’s wasted when we present our observations, even challenging ones like yours in this case, D. Maybe this will show us something new about orgonite’s relationship to the earth. It feels to me like a new realization is right around the corner.


We’ve all only scratched the surface of orgonite’s potential and the variety of possible applications in six years of gifting, etc. One of the EW members might have conceived a free energy device, by the way. I’ve always felt that this development is more or less inevitable, though I doubt it would come from my head Wink. I believe Dr. Reich had an orgone-powered engine and I know for sure that there are dozens of ready-for-market free energy devices that use a variety of technologies to get that result.

I was concerned that our discussion in this thread might generate some unfounded doubt but email from gifters in the past few days has indicated that I needn’t have been so concerned. Here’s a typical response–this one’s from Virgil, a prolific gifter in Quebec City:

Hello Don, the Edostar topic had doubting a little bit about my orgonite
since i have used scrubs like these from time to time. The same day my
mother called and gave me a great confirmation. Her garden is full of
orgonite and we had great results, i will put the numbers together. Anyway
she harvested her tomatoes september 15, she gave a lot and kept her
tomatoes in a big bowl with a tb under it. She called two days ago and said
she about to eat her last tomatoe. that tomato is three months old and still
fresh. go figure. ~Virgil

Carol and I have used metal scrub pads when no other metal was available and this stuff worked as well as any other metal might for environmental gifting. As time rolls on I’m going to keep coming back to the subject of field orgonite versus interactive orgonite, which I think is the heart of this thread’s concern. When we put coils in HHgs for field gifting it doesn’t seem to make much difference whether the cone-spiral coil is clockwise or counter clockwise, for instance, and the coil itself is an essential feature of an HHg. For orgonite worn on the body or kept close at hand, though, the direction and position of the coil is quite important.

Just got this from Peter in Maui, who is the guy who recently gifted Pearl Harbor on Oahu and other sticky sites:

hi Don,

very interesting thread you've got at ew re: the cb. but it's really good that
you hit the nail on the head when you say it's the visual confirmations you get
that counts especially for energy insensitives like me. i never reported this to
you or anybody but two of my cb out of the three i have put up in maui are
majorly modified.

since i didn't want to use too much resin, i experimented with just the floor of
the bucket using ordinary tb's and then i stand up the tent tubing (not copper)
pipes. then i put in alternate layers of plastic shavings/powder from a
plaque/sign company and layers of shredded aluminum. at the top i poured some
resin to harden it.

the confirmations i got was quite good although the energy was initially quite
raw even for an insensitive like me coz i was bucking around like a wild bronco
while asleep when the cb was still at my garage undeployed. it woke me up a
couple nights before i deployed it.

when i did deploy it the confirmations have been numerous lo this past 2 years.
the trees around one were much straighter and taller than neighbor's trees. the
cloud confirmations were there as have been our weather. the 6 year drought of
maui had been broken since i started gifting here 2 years ago.

so yeah, my cb xperiment is funky, cheap and probably wouldn't pass muster with
the psychics (which is why i'm only reporting this now) but the confirmations
made me confident that it works. if i saw major negative weather results or the
people living near the cb are chasing each other with bolo knives, then i know to
remove it. but it's been good so far.

just to let you know.


I’ve contemplated posting on this thread for some time now and feel it is right to add my feelings.

In terms of grounding I must say I do bury my CB’s. I have made 20+ CB’s and given almost all away, with consistantly outstanding results, nearly all of them are buried. I am not saying people should ground theirs, however unless a compelling case is found and agreed upon, I will continue to do so. Here in the UK we do not suffer with the adverse weather conditions many areas do, so the concept of keeping them bucketed to allow ease of repointing is largely mute for me (also many of the CB’s are with people who let me place them there, rather than actively wanted them, so should I ask them to point them in a direction to stop an impending weather/haarp front I can only imagine what the response would be!).

It feels correct to me that, like TB’s HHg’s et al. if buried, some DOR would also be drawn out from the surrounding ground. Conversly it seems odd to me, that there is not a debate over the whole ‘burying’ issue, or, am I missing something that is different about CB’s to other field pieces? (beyond the obvious of course)

Please understand this is in no way a claim that Dan is wrong in his observations.

The thing I don’t recall being mentioned is the resin, sorry if it has, is it definately an ‘organic hydrocarbon’ compound?

As Don said, often debate leads to advancements.

It just seemed that, as my opinion was different regarding grounding, I should voice it rather than keep quiet.

Hope this post shows differing opinions can sit side by side, and, hopefully both be valid [Image Can Not Be Found]

Best Wishes


Thanks for the post Rich. I don’t mean to ignore the subject, but I wanted to find out something about the metal problem before I went any further.

Dan sent me some of the metal scrubbers he was using for orgoite metal. I made a TB out of some of them, and didn’t much like the feel of it.

Last night Don, Carol, Ryan, Jeff, and Linda stopped by and had a chance to look at the TB. Carol and Ryan agreed with my assessment, and we discussed what might be the problem with the metal. I don’t think we came to much of a concensus about what exactly was the problem, but Carol had quite a good idea. She suggested we cut the metal into smaller pieces.

I took out a pair of metal shears and we commenced. Once we got down to about a centimeter in length, the metal began to feel quite a bit better. I made a single TB out of the cut pieces, and when I went to the shop to look at the cured TB today, I found it quite good. When I get my camera battery charged up, I will take a photo of the metal and TBs and post them.

Dan told me he also cut the metal, but in this particular case, something about the winding requires it to be cut rather small. This is the first time I have seen this phenomenon, and though I cannot fully explain it, I am pleased to find there is a practical solution.