Has anyone heard of making the orgone bubble?

Has anyone heard of making the orgone bubble? a man called Mike Emery explains what he can do with this, he super charges his devices with something called an Violet Ray Tube utilising Tesla technology to increase the out put of the device.

Thanks for sharing the video.

This is just my opinion, and it must be remembered that experimentation with orgonite is essential for finding new applications and advancements.

Croft-style orgonite towerbusters, cloudbusters, etc. have been in use and very effective (as evidenced by this thread and the huge amount of other discussion on other forums), for nearly 20 years.

They are made with metal shavings (not exclusively powder), catalysed resin and pieces of quartz crystal.

Different versions, with some of these three materials changed or substituted have come and gone over the years, and none have been proven to be any more effective than the original materials. Some have produced quite bad results.

Adding small pieces of other materials can give good results, such as certain gemstones and minerals. It doesn’t necessarily make the piece function better, but helps to shape or “colour” the orgone, and enhances the properties of the gemstones/other materials.

Sometimes when materials are added, the piece still manages to work in spite of the added material, not because of .

In terms of stimulating orgonite with other forms of energy, like the violet ray or infra-red heater - this has been known for a long time, and is effective.
Typically coils of wire are wound in mobius fashion around the crystal(s) before the crystal is set in the orgonite, and a pulsed signal or frequency is ran through.

These types of active devices, like the succor punch, are excellent for use for protection, thought amplification, manifestation, programming, etc.

Better results are generally achieved by stimulating the crystal with this other source of energy or frequency, rather than the matrix of orgonite itself.

It would be easy for the orgonite movement to become derailed by someone claiming that their new “version” of orgonite is better than the original.

In my view, until there are a significant number of independent reports, as well as several independent reputable energy sensitives explaining in detail with reproducible results of why a certain version is better, or an improvement, such versions are valuable as research but are just alternatives or work-in-progress.

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