Cloudbusters and black lines

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Timely and inspiration visit from Kelly and Cesco. Kelly discovered that a CB placed on a black energy line would convert it to positive, which a TB, HHG and Earth Pipe wouldn’t do, not to this nasty line anyway. It remains to be seen if this is lasts. This, incidently Very Happy , is the holy grail of geopathic dowsers, who seem to rely on a copper rod up to now.

This line passed through the corner of the cellar where two nasty demonic type spirits were in residence, one in this corner by the window, taken 2-3 days after the CB was placed on the line:
(image missing)

When the CB was put on the line they changed from being like hissing alley cats into grim silence, and the last time Kelly looked they were crying Very Happy, so I hope the line was the reason they were there, or the anchor for them. Also that, IMO, is another holy grail of house/geopathic dowsers, being able to remove nasty spirits Very Happy (and I don’t see how you can clear a house effectively without dealing with negative lines) One friend refused to go in the cellar, so not something to have in your house.

Here is the 28mm CB on the line looking in the lines direction
(image missing)

Kelly first discovered this on a black line in the park that a dowser had previously found, where I had dug a 3 ft deep hole and filled with high quartz pebbles, plus 4 TBs, to no effect. I also burnt my ass on it some years back when I was experimenting with psychedelics, similar to a chemical burn right through my trousers, where the trousers were unscathed apart from a flattening of the cord. Shocked I thought, first, that I had been given a metaphysical kick up the backside! Perhaps I had.

He also discovered that a 15mm pipe CB also did the trick, with the pipes being about 2ft long (also, no good with just the base). Here is a 15mm one in front of the house, being to the right of the bush, line goes through double doors:
(image missing)
(image missing)

It was also a great luck to get Kelly and Cesco to make some coils and tortain CBs, this one is pride of place by the house, on a crossing point for two bad lines
(image missing)

and this is a 22mm tortian pipe one (due for London) near my first CB:
(image missing)

So this is CB Country at the moment, 7 around at the moment Very Happy

Kelly did some work on a few trees which was an experience, found a chi waterfall nearby, as well as some vortexes which he opened, I’ll leave him to talk about that if he wants, or Rich who was responsible for their visit here. Quite an honour to get Cesco to do the coil for my Big Secret and Kelly to tune it Very Happy


It was a wonderfilled few days. Johns, Court, the grounds, and the area in general is a stunningly beautiful part of the UK, an area which shows that all the bloomin’ rain we endure has some value to our countryside!

I will leave the Votex stories to Laozu, as he and Cesco are currently on a major jaunt and dont want to steal any thunder, however I will say the whole experience was amazing.

(text regarding using two crystals in one CB pipe was removed because it was proven to give negative effects)

Good Times. Much thanks to John and his family for putting us up.



Cesco and I owe many thanks to John and Rich for there wonderful hospitality during our brief sojourn in England, and for picking us up at the airports and driving us to vortices about Herefordshire.

John’s place is like no other we have seen. It is if it were taken out an illustration of a fairy tale book, or as if one were taken back to England of the 10’th century.

When Rich and I arrived the first day at John’s place, he took us on a short tour of the place, and toward’s evening we got to the field with the negative line. John asked if the qi in such a line could be changed, and I don’t recall which of us thought of the idea of burying a CB on it. But next morning before going to Stansted to pick up Cesco he transferred a CB he already had to the line, and when we four checked on it that evening, it had turned positive (at least as far I could see in each direction).

As reported above, a smaller CB turned out to do the job as well.

A little over a half week later Cesco and I were in Germany visiting CB-Ray, a member of the German orgonite forum. There was a negative line through his living room, and there was also a CB planted just outside the house on that line. Given our experience in England, this seemed quite strange, so we decided to remove the CB and see what, if any, changes would occur. Rainer (CB-Ray) began to remove the soil from about the CB and found four very strong magnets which he had forgotten that he had placed in the ground about the CB to increase its power. As soon as he had removed the magnets, but before he removed the the CB, the line turned immediately positive.

There was another negative line in his house, but there was nowhere outside on that line which was suitable for placing a CB. Cesco suggested that we try placing TBs in a circle on the line. After some experiment we found that 6 was the optimal number. However it made a difference what the diameter of the circle was, as to how strong power of the TB-configuation was. In this case, the optimal was about a foot, as I recall. Just putting the 6 on the circle in the house helped somewhat, but the line remained a bit negative. So we went outside and buried them in the ground on the line, in the circular configuration with the proper diameter. The result was a quite positive line.

We applied the same treatment on a negative line through the farmhouse near the Continental CB in Switzerland about a week later. And with the same positive result.

In Switzerland near the region of Zürich, and in Heidelberg, Germany we applied a similar solution to some special places of power. But this is another story.

Coincidence control was working overtime, good to get something come from finding that line with the dowser years ago. And I just happened to have two CBs handy Very Happy Then the right man turned up with the knowledge Very Happy

Just wanted to say I had 4 TBs on the directions NESW, on that line, not sure of the diameter, but under a foot. Can’t wait for you to see if the CB works if buried in clay pipe, and how small we can make it, but if 6 TBs does the trick that is a great discovery.

I can send 6 Tbs to some dowsers and see what comes of it, but not going to hold my breath on that one.


For some time there has been a negative entity in my workroom at home. I warned him last night to vacate, but of course he ignored me. He was always hovering over a negative line in the ground, and this evening I moved the CB in my front yard so that it now is planted on that line.

But the line is no longer negative. Right after the move, the negative entity became rather upset and angry. It is now nowhere to be seen.

Here is the Zürich story.

When I first began posting on Georg’s forum, my German was even worse than it is now, and one Swiss member Hans took pity on me and sent me an electronic German dictionary.

Cesco and I were making a circuit through southern Germany and northern Switerland, gifting vortices, and Hans very graciously hosted us when when got to his neck of the woods near the town of Aesch in the vicinity of Zürich.

Not far from Aesch is a monument honoring the Swiss soldiers of World War I. It is on a pyramid shaped base, and there is a metal sculpture resembling a flame standing on the middle of the base. Hans thought it was a bit strange, and so brought us to take a look at it.


He was correct. It was strange. At right angles to each of the sides of the base there were lines of qi running through the ground. These lines were negative, and from each of the four sides negative qi was moving toward the center. Furthermore negative qi was entering into the metal sculpture from above. And there was a negative entity within the sculpture at the bottom, seemingly absorbing all this negative qi.

So we buried six TBs, in the shape of a circle of the proper radius, on the worse of the lines coming out of the monument. Not only did that line turn positive, but so did the other one, and positive qi began flowing into the monument from all four directions. And negative qi no longer flowed from above into the flame.

From the base we saw a vortex off in the distance, so we left to tend to it. After about an hour we returned. By then there was positive qi entering into the top of the sculpture, the negative entity had gone, and there was a positive entity there.

It was now getting late, so Hans led us through Zürich and set us on our way toward Bern, where we hoped to find the town where Markus lived, and to see the Continental CB.

We found Markus’ house, not without a bit of work, and next day Markus took us to the farm where the CCB (Continental CB) is located. There was a bad line through the farmhouse, which we treated with 6-TB method, and there was a vortex on a hill not too far away.

But of course the most interesting thing was the CCB. There is a group of four CBs (featuring 4" pipes), with huge crystals in the center. Here is a photo when first constructed last year:



But it did not seem to be working quite as well as it should. After we arrived, we looked at it carefully, and noticed that in each CB the six pipes were connected at the top by copper bolts:


This was interfering with the operation, so Markus and we removed the bolts, and the structure became considerably more positive.

Our trip had been undertaken to create a positive canopy of qi over central Europe. But although the canopy had been begun at this point of our journey, it had not yet extended to the area over the CCB.

However, when we left the premises that afternoon, there was a disk of positive qi high in the air above the CCB.

Can’t fault the weather since you have been, and felt good in Monmouth which is a first Smile. Since I put my first CB up, 1-2 years ago, the weather has been great, none of those whiteouts that we used to get for weeks in summer, what Bill Bryson called like living in a tupperware box Smile. Depressing day in day out. Now if we get cloud in the morning I know it will be gone later in the day. Most days we get nice puffy white clouds, plenty of blue bits, even no cloud days, I had 3 in Cornwall which is like a minor miracle! And the sky/clouds look truly beautiful, although you have to be something of an aesethic to really appreciate it (a minor enlightenment). Also, there is always a nice breeze that you could just sit in all day, exquisate feeling in other words. We have had numerous rainbows, more in one year than I can recall over a lifetime, and more noticable thunderstorms, one very recently was a 2 hour job that was better than any film.

Is 4 CBs a CCB? I wonder what 6 would do. I took the use of wood in the CB to be an indication that they shouldn’t be connected by metal, but was going to ask about perspex. I wonder if they construct those monuments to generate negative energy.

Great discovery of 6 TBs dealing with lines, dowsers have used copper wire, stones, copper earthing rod etc, to not much effect. And removing nasty entities is a great bonus, as they can’t do much for your mood especially if you are prone to depression, agression or an alcoholic, where I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they could possess you to carry out some nasty deed.

I presume powerlines churn out DOR, and was meaning to ask what is your recommendation to the big ones–24 cables I counted in one, not sure about voltage? Also the average place where they have all of those what look like transformers, where the power lines come into, near the towns.

Pic of two 22mm Cbs, one on left is one you made (2 galls), one on right Rich made, ended up with 4 galls! Going to Manchester soon. Didn’t take long to attract local wildlife Smile Pic of clips as well, not ideal to look at but didn’t want to lose your tuning. Can you see any increase in output with double the orgonite?, although crystal/coil may be different, and centre pipe not tuned exactly. I was wondering if it was a good idea to add another gallon or two to the other one. My first CB, by the way, had only ferrous/steel metal in it, no aluminium that I can recall.



Great work Laozu & Cesco. That CCB is a piece of Art, I recall you saying though Laozu, that if you have two in close proximity the POR seems to pass from one to the other, somewhat diminishing their combined effectiveness, do you feel that is the case with these multi-CB’s or numerous CBs in general?

Strewth John that 22mm one for manchester is now a beast Smile ! Just to add that they were just under 3Gallons when I poured them initially, but when they were taken out of the buckets the templates were showing in patches as I hadn’t patted the mix around them sufficiently, hence John has repoured that one.

Since the CB’s went in around the bournemouth area (especially since the 3rd on monday) there has been a great deal of activity in the Sky, lots of trails, but now quickly being transmuted, more smooth looking elemental clouds, hopefully sylphs. My job is multi sited, so I drive around the borough a fair bit, and often there seems to be a wall of spew-cloud all around the horizon with a gaping hole over this area! My boss, who has the 3rd, is delighted with the weather when he came in today, and, when hearing this, another colleague from Weymouth also now wants one Smile (if his wife is okay with it).



I don’t know why 4 were chosen for the CCB John, though I am guessing it was one per direction: north, east, south, west. I believe it was designed by some German psychic or psychics. From what I know now, were I to try something of the sort, I would probably try 6.

And removing nasty entities is a great bonus, as they can’t do much for your mood especially if you are prone to depression, agression or an alcoholic, where I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they could possess you to carry out some nasty deed.

I don’t know about possession, but I strongly suspect their presence can influence one to be more prone to follow his or her lower instincts.

As to the two CBs in the photo: My experience is that after a certain point it does not help much to add more orgonite to the base of a CB. I think for a normal CB, two gallons should be sufficent. The one on the right isn’t working as strongly as it should. Is the center pipe high enough? It is difficult to tell from the photo just where the bottom is.

Rich, the CCB is one of a kind, due to the huge crystals in the center and its special design. It is impossible for me to say how it would have turned out were it constructed differently.

I have forgotten what I have said about two CBs being close together. I don’t recall having tried that, but my memory is notoriously defective. I have CBs that are about 70 yards apart that are working quite well together.

I probably did say something about quartz crystals being too close together, in a TB for instance, through four in an HHg placed in the approved manner work pretty well. One just has to be careful when working with multiple crystals.

Our host (and friend) in Heidelberg took us to nearby Holy Mountain (Heiligenberg). Von Grauenstein is his name on the German forum. One can drive up to within several hundred yards of the top, and near the parking place is an amphitheater constructed by the Nazis, back in the 1930s as I recall. Having reached this point, I could clearly feel a very positive presence up on the top of the mountain. We climbed up above the amphitheater and there were the remains of an old cloister, or monastery (dedicated to St. Michael), which had stood abandoned since about 1500. It was easy to see why the monks had originally put their cloister there, however, because of the strong holy presence there. It was a place of power, which is why, I suppose, the Nazis used the place.

Lower down, in the focal point of the seats of the amphitheater, was a nasty feeling negative entity. Cesco asked me if there were any lines of qi in the ground, and in fact there were two. They were negative, came down from the left and right sides of the amphitheater in a symmetric manner, and crossed at the focal point, or speakers place.

We gifted one of the two lines with 6 TBs. Both lines turned positive, and later, when we left, the negative entity did not seem to be there anymore.

Many of the old castles and churches were constructed on high ground, mainly for defence I presume. But it is also the case that vortices of qi coming up from below tend to surface on high ground. And so one sometimes finds both in the same location.

The old churches and monasteries were frequently placed on places of power as well, and this power commonly manifests itself where two lines of qi cross. In a cruciform church, the longer member was called the nave, the shorter member the transcept, and the place where these two crossed was called the crossing. It was not unusual for one line of positive qi to run along near the middle of the nave and one along the middle of the transept: thus the crossing was the place of power. One sees this at St. Paul’s in London, for instance, and in the great cathedral in Cologne.

The second leg of our search for vortices was somewhat circular, from Heidelberg up north and east towards Hanover, north and west into East Frisia, and back south again along the German border. The plan was to circumvent the great industrial cities of the Rhine-Ruhr region. On this leg we came upon the ruins of one of these old churches – built on not such a grand scale as the two mentioned, but neither was it small, and the plan (with respect to the earth lines) was executed quite nicely.

At this period of the trip we were trying to find a vortex every 40 kilometers or so. It was a gray overcast day, and we were coming down towards a village, having just visited a vortex about 10 kilometers back. Behind the village was a small mountain and it was plain that somewhere on the mountain was a vortex. Normally we would have passed it up, since it was so close to the previous one, but for some reason we decided to look for it anyway.

Cesco found a road behind the village leading up the mountain, and we were able to drive up quite near to the vortex apex. Near where we parked the car was this grand old cruciform church, with roof still intact but with no glass in the windows and obviously long abandoned. While I was tying on my boots preparatory to finding the the exact location of the vortex, Cesco walked up to inspect the church. He told me later that, after he had entered the structure, a positive entity within approached him asking for help.

As I walked up the incline I found to my surprise that the vortex was somewhere in the church. Upon entering I found that the apex was, in fact, exactly at the crossing. Furthermore there were lines of qi running along the nave, and along the transept, crossing at the vortex apex. This was the first and only time on our trip where a vortex happened to be on the crossing of two qi lines.

The local Lions Club had erected a sign on one of the walls of the church telling of its history. From earliest recorded times (in this case the times of the Romans), there had been a building at this place. At the beginning of the Crusades there was a castle, apparently owned by a robber baron, which was torn down by the King Frederick Barbarossa. I have forgotten when the present building was established, but it was abandoned early in the 18th century.

The paving stones or bricks on the floor were gone, and the floor was dirt, but the walls and ceiling were still in good condition. Normally at places of power whereon religious edifices are built, the qi is of a positive nature. And the qi running along the transept here was so. But that running along the nave was not. It was negative, and so we walked outside to investigate. Someone had placed a stone on the qi line, just outside the main entrance to the church, and a date was engraved on it: 184?. So this stone had been placed there over a century subsequent to the abandonment of the church. We used the the 6-TB method to try to heal the qi line, and it worked. Now both lines were positive.

We walked back into the church to the opposite end of the nave, to look around. There, at this end, where I suppose in former times the altar had been located, was a picture of Jesus and two women, presumably the two Marys. Here were old and new flowers, showing that some pious people still visited the place for worship. Near the picture was a quite positive entity – perhaps the one who had appealed to Cesco earlier.

But between this positive entity and the crossing was a powerful negative entity. And it was quite angry. I ignored it, and with Cesco, climbed up the spiral staircase of a tower which led up to the roof. After we had looked around, we returned below, where the inhuman unpleasantness yet raged.

And then appeared another being, but this one had a much more human feeling about it. It was stern, strong, and yet showed reverence and respect for the positive entity. It took on the negative entity, and as nearly as I can tell, destroyed it – or at least removed all the qi from it, so that it was no longer detectable. It was to me the most interesting experience of the trip. But being involved at the time, and being gifted with a defective memory, I have by now forgotten most of the details. However, when it was over, and the stern entity had departed, the qi in the church had become light, and bright, and joyous.

And so we left to seek the next vortex.

hello, i’m now looking after the CB that john and rich made to go to manchester. It is now in place 2 miles from the city centre. LAUOZU said that it looked like it might need some adjustment of the vertical pipe? I have taken some pictures to more easily show where the vertical pipe ends i hope, comments requested!

this first one shows it in position the little horizontal stick sitting in the rosemary bush in front of it is a little lower than where the vertical pipe ends. ( it is level with it in reality but the angle of the camera means that it looks lower )

this close up trys to show the end of the vertical pipe if that is useful! you cn just about see the end almost in the middle of the picture. if you need other shots tell me and i’ll take them.

I think Lazou and Rich came to the conclusion it wasn’t working 100% because it had two or more crystals in the pipes instead of 1, I tried fiddling with the centre pipe but it didn’t seem to make any difference. I am not sure what % it has reduced it, it could be still better than the usual CB, Lazou hasn’t mentioned what efficacy it has in his opinion. I left it with them to figure that out and hadn’t heard anything back. It was kind of Rich’s CB but I should have mentioned the discussion.

I hope it is not less than a normal CB but I’ll make you a 28mm tortian one free of charge when Rich gets back from holiday, after all, Manchester could do with more than a few I would have thought. I want to finish off Manchester TB wise as well.


I believe John is correct about the problem with the CB is that there is more than one crystal in each pipe. We tried changing the height of the center pipe, but that was not the problem. The CB is still working, but not so well as an average CB, and it should be markedly better.

If a new base were made with just single crystals, and the old pipes put on the new base, I believe it would work fine. Another possibility which might save resin and filings would be to somehow empty the short pipes in the base, and put new crystals in them. But of course I do not know whether that is feasible.

Best of luck!

These are Laozu black/satanic line busters. Be great if the 666 arrangement was a real kicker. Yes, Manchester will take a few more to get the weather we have here, and towers busted.

Laozu-- I seem to recall you using ST crystals in all those CBs, in the 28mm they were needed as Cesco coils below, but wouldn’t DT be better in those 22mm (and 15mm) with no coils?

Having problems finding many DTs of the 28mm size. Lucky to get 6 when I go to my source.



Yes John, I believe the DTs would be better. But my experience is that if you don’t have them, it is better to use single STs rather than multiple STs, even if they are glued together. The fields of multiple STs can interact to impair the working of the CB, over time if not in the beginning.

I’ve seen numerous examples of this in my travels this summer.


When I made the previous post, John’s photos hadn’t appeared yet.

What I have used thus far is a single 6-TB arrangement on a line, and the optimal diameter of the circle though the TBs seems to vary from line to line.

I have not tried using more than one such arrangement on any one line, and cannot predict with any confidence how it would work ahead of time: good, bad, or neutral.

The sure thing seems to be a simple good-working CB on a line.


Have to ask Don and Carol about that, I seem to recall a HHG being enough for most jobs, but for the lines Lazou found, also called ley lines, only a CB or 6TBs seemed to turn it from black/negative/stuck energy to positive moving.

Someone has told me he has a friend who does that sort of work and they find two orgonite pyramids stuck together with a DT in the middle, clears lines.

If you could get a dowser or sensitive to find out what is going on there, and if there is a line or two you could bury a 6TB circle on it/them either side of the road. the dowser I used to use, probably the best in UK, died not long ago, we could have got up to no end of mischief! The two other best ones I sent some to never even replied!

Is that LaVey geezer still alive?


I tried using two, and then three 6-TB circles on a qi line outside this afternoon. They did not seem to interfere with each other or the qi in the line. On the contrary, two made the qi in the line more positive than one circle, and three more than two.